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Want to be a Part of our Website? Sure, you can. Yes, now you have a chance to be an author at BuildMeBest. You can easily be a part of our website just By Submitting An article. We are inviting you to be a part of our roller-coaster kind of journey to learn and earn something easily.

What will you get from our side?

1.) You have a chance to add 2 links to your site [it must be in tech niche and should match with your article nature].

2.) We will give you a valuable Shoutout By adding your Name and details at Author Box. If you want it, you must have to share one para about yourself and your Profile Image. If you want to share your Social Profile Links, Yes, you can do it easily 🙂

3.) If you are a Beginner, you will get an immense experience of learning and Article writing.


Some things which you need to be Consider:-

1.) The article you are going to share with us should be completely Unique. We will verify each and everything about originality before Publishing your article.

2.) The Article should contain at least 700 words [1100 words is a benchmark on our website as of now]

3.) Your article should lean in a category of –

  • Top Tech Lists – In this, you can include articles which contain the list of best tech gadgets and Applications and software.
  •  Tech Facts and Info – In this category, you can define any particular Digital service, information about any tech gadget [Phones and Computers only] and some interesting facts about technology.
  • or How to Tutorials – In this category, you can define the process of achieving anything regarding software part. [For deep info, please check out this category articles which are already published].

4.) Try to be frank. As we are living in a world which is full of human beings like me and you, we should expect that the viewer is also a human being. So, try to write an article on a friendly nature [formal is nothing, just follow a pattern 🙂 ]

5.) Use images which are Unique [unique images, either you try to use it or created it manually is the best way to make a connection with the viewer, hence the chances of conversion to your site will be Increased].

6.) Copyright will be shifted – If you write for us, then this means that you give us copyright ownership of that article. It will be helpful to deal with any kind of DMCA issues.


What should you avoid?

1.) Avoid repeating any word more than 5 times. Yes, if the main keyword contains one word only, then the case will be little flexible.

2.) Try not to exhaust the complete article’s originality just by adding some advertising or promotional messages and info to it. Just be ORIGINAL 🙂

3.) Avoid Mis-spellings and errors. Be pure and Natural.


How to share your article with Us?

You can share your article with us through an E-Mail. Just send it to our E-mail ID – or [I will prefer the first one, for more info, you can visit our contact us page].

Try to cover below provided things to E-mail:-

1.) An article [in .doc or .txt format]

2.) A set of images [you can pack them in a compressed Zip file or attach them Induvidually]

3.) Your Info – If you want that your name and details should appear below the article when we publish it, then, for the sake of creating an author Box for you, try to share your profile details [a 50-100 words para about yourself, a picture of yours and some social media link if you want]. If we didn’t get your details, then a default author Box will have appeared without your Info.


What Will We do after receiving your E-Mail?

After receiving your Mail, we will:-

1.) Send you a reply which proves we successfully received it.

2.) Analyze your article and do some Keyword research [for SEO purposes].

3.) Add our Traditional Intro and Outro [don’t do this from your side, we will take care of it 🙂 ]

4.) Improve the overall structure of article so that it can be fit to BuildMeBest.

5.) Publish it and send you a Mail which contains published article URL.