Do you know the actual reason behind marking L and R on headphones? Reality will leave you shocked

One day I was watching an HD movie on my laptop. I was not using headphone. I fee that I am not enjoying as much as I enjoy to watch on a phone with my Asus’s head-phone. It gives me different feel compare to watching a movie with my headphones. I realized that when I plug headphone, some sound are coming from left and some are coming from the right. Sometimes it’s come from both side but different speed and volume. That day i decided to find out the reason. after reading many articles i come to this conclusion. Please read below to know why headphones are printed L and R

headphones printed L R
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A big part of the audio, which are recorded, is recorded in stereo. This means that the left and right sound channel are likely to have slightly different sound in them. For example there are music where the guitar is only sounding in one of the channels.
This means that you have to wear the headphones the right way to get the audio as recorded.

Ergonomic and function

Some headphones has an ergonomic shape that just fit proper one of two ways. Regarding buttons and other adjustable parts, there’s always a “right” way to use the headphones.


Let’s Discuss This in Detail:-

It’s time to know why headphones or earphones are printed L and R in Grief

Why (R) and (L) is written on headphones! If this means Right and Left, then are wrong. You would have heard many songs and watched movies on your mobiles using headphones to listen the audio. You will be aware that there (L) and (R) has written on the headphone but have you tried to know what is the reason behind it.

You must be thinking that (L) and (R) for plugging to Left and Right. you put your headphones in your left ear if (L) is written and right ear if (R) is written. Have you ever noticed that what happens when you put L headphone in your right ear and R headphone in your left ear? It gives you the same music or dialog. Then why are L and R written?

headphones printed L R
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Headphone pass the sound from different channel

In fact, these are not unnecessarily written. There are many rational reasons behind it. One of the main reasons is ‘recording’. In stereo recordings, if the sound coming from the left you hear it in the Left channel of the headphone and will be louder and it will be lower in the right channel.
Having Left and Right channel in the Earphones is having another reason and that is it’s easy to make the listener hear the sounds by single channel one after the other rather in both the channels. Also, it makes easy to distinguish or identify between two different sounds. Several songs have Loud Musical Instruments (e.g.-dhol) and Soft Musical instrument (e.g.-flute) in one music. So in order to avoid the Loud music suppressing the soft music, they both are played on different channels.


headphones printed L R
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Headphones must never be worn the wrong way around, as this will cause a reversal in the polarity of your brain, which will eventually cause your brain to explode out through your nose and ears.

But seriously, what do you think will happen?

Most music is recorded in stereo, which means it has separate recordings for right and left ears, and this fools our brain into thinking the sound is coming from different places, rather than a single source.

If you’re listening to a band and these signals are reversed, then it will sound as it would if you were standing on your head, or standing behind the band. Seriously, what else do you think could happen?

In addition to recording the exact sound of the Left and Right channel must be taken care of. Have you ever seen a movie through your laptop or phone using headphone to listen the audio? If Yes! Then maybe you would have notice that the sound of the car in your headphone coming from your left will be more in the left channel and less in the right channel. This is to make the listener the sense of actually being present at that scene.
While I was writing this article. Inputs has been taken from various site such as wikipedia, quora and other resources. if you found any issue/ wrong information in this article, Please let me know. we will resolve soon.

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