Meizu 15 Plus Price, variants and Live Images Leaked

Meizu M15 plus

Meizu 15 Plus price and variants- Finally, Meizu is all set to launch their new device Meizu 15 plus in the first quarter of next year, maybe in January 2018, and today, we got some valuable leaks which will give you a very deep idea about this smartphone.

Recently we got the Meizu 15 plus price and images along with its variants. According to the leaks, we analyzed deep into some more details about its pricing, all variants, as well as took the first look at it. So, let’s get into its details:-


Meizu 15 plus price and Images Leaked, here they are:-

So, first take a look at the live image of it, have a look:-

Meizu M15 plus live image
15 plus live image

According to this leak, there is one thing suggested that this device is coming up with the bezel-less display, and the blank area available right below the display suggesting that this smartphone maybe has the physical capacitive keys.

Well, when I take a deep look at it, Meizu 15 plus is looking exactly like the xiaomi MI MIX 2, because mi mix 2 also have a bezel-less display from all 3 sides except bottom side.

If you can see, there is a fingerprint scanner which is available right below the display panel on the bottom center side. Did you able to see it? Just tap on the image, then you can see it easily.


Now, let’s take a look at the Meizu 15 plus price and variants

First, please take a look at the image provided below:-

meizu M15 plus price and variants
meizu 15 plus price and variants

Well, if you take a look at the image and compare it with above picture, the smartphone print showing on the left side has the same look as of above live image which gives us an idea that the smartphone is same.

Now, let’s discuss it’s variants. Meizu 15 plus will be available in two variants:-

  • One will be a combination of 6GB RAM+ 128GB storage
  • second one will be 8GB RAM + 256GB storage

I think they should provide an option for 64GB storage also, which can decrease the Price of The 6GB variant.

Now, it’s time for the price discussion. Here the Meizu 15 plus the price of the lower variant is suggested to be 2999RMB [approx. 500$], and the price of the higher variant will be 3499RMB [approx. 590$], which will be increased or decrease according to the country, but the price revealed is for China.

meizu 15 plus box
meizu 15 plus box

Well, after taking a look at its price, it can be said that it will give a perfect competition to Xiaomi MI MIX 2 as well as Oneplus 5T. Will it perform better than both of them, this can be decided after the launch.

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So, above is the Meizu 15 Plus price, variants and live images. The thing which I liked the most is the variants. Meizu did a very good job by suggesting a variant and dividing both variants through RAM and storage provided. Well, what’s your opinion on it? Is it good according to the price and variants? Let’s discuss this thing in the comments section provided below.

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