Most Useful Discord Bot Commands for a Discord Server You Must Try

Do you have any exciting Discord bot? If yes, then Here, I will provide you some of the most important and useful Discord Bot Commands you must try on your any discord server [like Discord Music Bot]. These command and rules are the most basic task and rules which are applicable to any bot for Discord easily.


What are Discord Bot Commands for Server?

If you directly want to skip to the main content, then yes, please move ahead and scroll down my friend till you get this heading “best Discord Bot Commands for Server”. If you want to know about some basic content, then let’s move on together.

In today’s era, managing and handling any software and server is a very heavy task. As the audience is growing continuously and new members are adding to our main server, it is impossible to interact with all members or handling many tasks together in one time.

In that case, we want any virtual person which can handle all basic things and interact with members of our community. For that, we have to install a bot on our server and assign them some tasks through using Discord Bot Commands.

discord music bot command

Suppose you have a Discord Music Bot. You want to play a music playlist as regular or shuffle them to play all songs in a loop for 24*7. In this case, it is near to impossible for you to manually change music all the time and play/pause songs from yourself as it will be on for 24*7 for members entertainment. In this case, you will assign a task to your Music bot for discord by using a discord bot command and rest of the work will be done itself.

So friends, let’s take a look at some of the most needed Discord Bot Commands.

Best Discord Bot Commands for Discord Server

Below are some of the commands for a discord server which you have to apply to assign a task to your bot.


1.)  /giphy [search term]

You can use this command to Find and add some exciting animated GIFs to your conversation or send them to any member easily. Just use this command and replace “search term” with your desired term you want GIF image for.

2.)  /nick [new nickname]

If you want to rename your display name [or I can say, Nickname], then you don’t need to get into settings. Just directly type this command and replace “new nickname” column by your desired Display Name and rest of the things will be saved.

3.)  /tts [message]

If you want to send any voice message to any of the members, then you can use this command. This will led you to create a voice chat with any of the desired members easily.

4.)  /tableflip, /unflip, and /shrug

Through these commands, you can just excite your members and show them some new changes in any list or anything. Well, this command is for fun only and only use to grab an attention of members.

5.)  ?ban [user] [limit] [reason]

If you want to Ban any user from your server without visiting their profile and settings, then this command is perfect for you. This command will ban user directly from your command prompt. Just replace user with his name, limit by your desired time period of Ban and reason with some details behind banning that particular user and done 🙂

6.)  ?softban [user] [reason]

If you want to temporarily ban a user and immediately unban him too [if he did any wrong activity, so use this for giving him a warning], then you can use this command. It will be really helpful to warn users to maintain a discipline in your Discord Server community.

7.) ?queue list

If you want to see that which songs are available in your playlist, then this is a perfect fit for you. Instead of going into songs file and checking that list manually, just type this command and it will show you which songs are currently added to music player Queue.

8) ?role [user] [role name]

If you want to directly assign any role to any particular user or community member without visiting their profile, then just type this command, replace user with user’s nickname and “role name” with a role which you want to assign them, and done 🙂

9.)  ?mute [user] [minutes] [reason]

If any user is disturbing you or your community members by asking or telling some things which aren’t needed or important, then you can just mute them easily. This discord bot command will mute any particular user in just some seconds.

10.)  ?play [url]

If you want to listen to any song and at the same time, add that in your playlist, then just type this command and replace URL by the complete path of your desired music location and rest of the things will be done automatically. It will let the music play continuously and add it to your desired playlist in the background.


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So friends, above are the best and Most needed Discord Bot commands. I hope you like these command and apply all of them on your server. If you have a Discord Music Bot, then each and every command is perfect for you.

Well, which is your favorite command for your discord Server? Please leave your answer in our comments section provided below and let’s make a discussion regarding this thing. Will meet in our net article, Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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