Nokia 6 2018 / Nokia TA-1054 details leaked

Nokia TA-1054

Nokia 6 2018 / Nokia TA 1054- After the great success of their recently launched smartphone named Nokia 8, now, they are all set for the new upcoming smartphone production and testing. Recently, we got some details about their new device which has the codename of Nokia TA-1054, which is speculated to be the named as Nokia 6 2018.

So, while getting certified by TENNA, now we got the details officially provided by TENNA which gives the perfect picture design of Nokia TA-1054. So, what are we waiting for? Here they are:-


Nokia TA-1054 [ Nokia 6 2018 ] pictures leaked-


Let’s start with the front side. Here are the details:-

Nokia TA-1054 - front

After looking at the front side of Nokia TA-1054, one thing which is cleared is that the bezels will be decreased up to an extent, and maybe, it sports an 18:9 display which is kind of “in-trend” as of now.


Now, let’s take a look at it’s back:-

Nokia TA-1054- back

I think they want to make it a trademark regarding the design. Nokia 6, 8, 5, and each and every smartphone launched by them has this same kind of design at back. At the upper middle side, a camera, below hat a flash and right below, there is a fingerprint sensor just above the Branding. It is nice, but not that great. I think Nokia TA-1054 or Nokia 6 2018 have this same design.

Now, it’s time to look at its sides-

Nokia TA-1054- right

At the right side of upcoming Nokia 6 2018, we can see all buttons, volume buttons on the top right side as well a power button available right below the volume buttons. We can also see the camera bump which I don’t like much because it decreases the protection.

Nokia TA-1054- left

Well, if all buttons will be shifted to the right side, this means that the left side will remain blanked and simple.

After taking a deep look at all the images provided above, one thing that is confirmed is:- The design will remain untouched, but one thing which is nicely done is that they replaced the physical capacitive keys with the extra-large screen. That’s why the display ratio is suggested to be 18:9 instead of 16:9 in the old version of Nokia 6 2018.

Regarding specifications and colored images, just stay tuned to our website. We will get is as fast as possible and update you shortly 🙂

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So friends, above are the Nokia TA-1054 pictures we get from all sides. It is also said that this device will be called as Nokia 6 2018 which will be confirmed at the time of launch. We don’t any color details and Nokia 6 2018 specs as of now but don’t worry friend, we are working on it and reach to you as fast as possible. So friend, whats your opinion on it:- “Should a brand itself have to retain the same design from the back side for every mobile phone?” Let’s discuss this thing in the comments section.

If you have any query regarding Nokia TA-1054, then yes, you can ask it in the comments section and we will try to help you as fast as possible. Till Then, play safe, Build Best.

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