Nokia 9 specifications revealed by FCC – Seems Powerful !

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Nokia 9 specifications – So friend, finally Nokia 9 specifications revealed by FCC and now, we will provide you details Nokia 9 specs along with the CPU, android version, camera, display and battery details. Are you interested? If yes, then let’s move on to it’s details.

Some days before, we got some details about it which are not completely confirmed, But now, we fetched some information from FCC through which we got Nokia 9 specs and information.

Without wasting any further time, let’s discuss complete Nokia 9 specifications:-

Nokia 9 specifications and details

We will discuss it point by point, but firstly, let’s see some images which we got from FCC:-

Nokia 9 specifications

Yes, after looking these specifications provided by FCC itself in an image, let’s discuss them in detail:-


This smartphone is coming with a 5.5 inches OLED display which s manufactured by LG itself. Well, we expect that the display will be one o the best display we saw in all flagships. Well, if we look at its predecessor Nokia 8 display, it was crisp and nicely configured, we hope this one also has a same or upgraded display quality.


Nokia 9 specifications – Processor

Coming on to processor department We will get Snapdragon 835 SoC in it. This is a little bit disappointing decision by them to use SD 835 processor as recently, a new processor for Flagships Snapdragon 845 had been launched by Qualcomm which we will see in many upcoming flagship smartphones [according to some reports].

But on the other hand, Snapdragon 835 is also a nice and powerful processor. Today we can see this processor in Oneplus 5/5T, Samsung galaxy S8/S8+, Google pixel 2 and many flagship devices which are top notch in terms of overall performance. So, in this smartphone, we will get a Snapdragon 835 processor which is also great, but little old.

Storage and battery

This phone will be loaded with a 3250mAh battery which is kind of nice, but overall battery performance can only be analyzed after checking it’s real-time usage and software optimisation. Sometimes, 4000mAh battery also seems short, and sometimes a 30000mah battery seems powerful, all his had been optimised through software and processes handling.

In storage department, We will get 128GB internal storage in it, this is a very strong positive factor as a high-end device.


Nokia 9 specifications- Cameras

Camera specs of this smartphone really left me impressed. On the rear side [back panel], this device has a set of a dual camera which is now a trend, in a pattern of a 12mp primary camera and a 13MP secondary camera. Hope that camera performance will be optimum.

On the front side, we will get a 5MP camera which is kind of average, but overall output can’t be checked without seeing it in real-time. Camera megapixel number can’t define the picture output, there are many terms which are attached to a camera to justify the overall picture quality. So, don’t get depressed with numbers only. Just wait for a right time!


Android version

We will get Android 8.0.0 Oreo out of the box In Nokia 9, which will be normal because, at the time of it’s initial launch, Android oreo will be on mostly all flagship devices.

nokia 9 specifications
android version details

The main game in an operating system is hidden in updates, and as it is a very promising brand, we will expect further regular security updates and patches and aroid version upgrades.


Nokia 9 specs- Final Words

Looking at Nokia 9 specifications, it seems that this smartphone is powerful enough to beat some flagships. Nokia 8 is also an awesome smartphone which is also a successful journey for a brand, now, all eyes are moved towards Nokia 9 launch. We hope that it will be the best performer at that time after it’s launch. Let’s hope for the best and give it a shout!

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So friend, above are the Nokia 9 specifications and details which we got from FCC. Regarding Nokia 9 price, there is not any kind of confirmation as of now, but we will keep you updated as fast as possible. Regarding Nokia 9 launch date, I think it will be launched in an MWC 2018 event.

What’s your opinion on its predecessor Nokia 8 performance? Did you like it? Let’s meet with your answer and create a discussion in the comments section. If you find this article helpful, then please share it with your friends and groups. Till Then Build Best, Stay Cool.

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