How to do Paytm eKYC? Paytm KYC Easy Process for Money Transfer

paytm kycp

Recently, paytm issued a notice to all of its users to complete their Paytm eKYC process before the last date of this month. What is Paytm KYC and how to do Paytm KYC online? We are providing you complete details about this. It is a very easy process and 100% working.


Why is Paytm eKYC needed?

RBI issued a notice to paytm that if you transfer paytm amount to a bank account, then KYC is needed. But why? Here’s your answer. So friends, some months ago, they opened their own payments bank and at that time, it is also said the amount which is available in your account will be automatically transferred to your bank account.

But now, they issued the notice which said that users have to complete their KYC process as fast as possible, otherwise, they can’t transfer paytm amount to a bank account.

You can send the amount to another account, receive amount to your account, get cash back, pay from it while doing online shopping, but if you try to transfer your e-wallet amount to a bank account and your paytm eKYC is not done yet, then you can’t transfer that amount to your desired bank account.


Why should we do Paytm KYC?

KYC is a normal term which is highly used while we have to do money transactions like transfer amount to someone or receive it. So, in this case, mostly every transaction platforms have to do their KYC [know your customer], means you are proving that you are the guy whose account is created by providing company your complete details.

1.) This will lead to making our account and details more secured as you added a layer of protection to your account.

2.) A company will authorize you and after paytm KYC, you will be a permanent member of their organization.

3.) You will keep yourself “future-proof” so that if any illegal transaction has been done, you can easily show that to others and get your money back.

How to Do Paytm KYC online? Full process for a successful Money Transfer

Now, the main point:- How to complete your Paytm eKYC process? There are 2 methods to complete it:-


Submit your aadhar details by sending them to paytm official support email-ID or find the icon provided above in the image and submit your details there.  This is little risky and time taking process, so, we don’t recommend you to do so. Your e-wallet eKYC is completed.




Take all your documents [normally only aadhar details are needed, but for more safety, take all your Identification documents including your voter ID card.

1.) Then Visit your nearest paytm store [in case you don’t know the nearest store, you can take help of google maps.

2.) Verify your details there and complete your KYC process easily.

3.) Be sure that they will automatically open your paytm payments bank account.

Note the point that the details you are going to provide for KYC should have the same name through which you created your account. If a name you provided and used while creating an account will be different, then there are very high chances that your account will be suspended. So, Please be careful and provide accurate and Original Info about yours.


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So friends, above are the complete details about Paytm eKYC and how to do paytm KYC online which you should complete before the last date of this month. I hope you will get to know all about it and complete your process as fast as possible. What’s your experience regarding it? Please, leave your answer below through comments section.

Well, which one is your favorite e-Wallet and how frequently are you using it? Please leave your opinion in the comments section provided Below. If you find this article helpful, then please shares this with your friends and family so that they can also now about this. We will meet in our next article. Bye friend.

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