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Piano Ear Training Pro v100 New Icons [Paid] [Latest]

Learn To Play The Piano by Ear and perfect your aural skills

• Suitable for beginners to advanced musicians. Games have different levels and you can program  and         focus on specific chords, intervals, progressions, scales etc.
• Progress Chart
• Each game has own help and tutorials to get most out of the app.
• Configurable piano to aid connection between aural skills and music instruments.
• No advertising

Exercises :

interval training
Given 2 notes, do you know how far apart they are? Being able to determine intervals between notes in the key skill to playing by ear.

You can change the base note to interval train in any key.

This is made easy as it associates an interval (e.g. Minor 2nd,Major 2nd, Minor 3rd, etc.) with a well known song. Select SongClue to use a well known song as a learning aid to identify the intervals by ear.

chord distinction
Can you distinguish a Major from a Minor for example?
100s of chords.
Select arpeggio mode to make chord distinction easier.
Select highlight to inspect the construction of the chords.
You can change the key of the chord.
Work your way through the levels.
Breakdown of chords listed on Help page.

higher lower
Develop your skill to recognise different pitches.
Given 2 notes, can you identify whether the second note is higher or lower in pitch than the first note? A beginners exercise. You can make the exercise more difficult by restricting the range ofthe 2 notes played.

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pitch training
Given a single note, can you play it back? This exercise allows your to zoom in on the note using relative pitch skills, and will record how many notes it takes for you to correctly identify. Make this more difficult by setting a time interval between listening and playing.

interval comparison
Given 2 intervals, can you determine whether the second interval is wider or narrower in distance?

pitch identification
A popular test that comes up in music grade aural exams. Given a chord can you identify a specific note/pitch within it? For example, given a C Major chord, can you find the highest note?

melodic dictation
Given a melody, can you play it back?

chord progression
Can you distinguish a I – IV – V – I progression from a I – V- IV -I? Contains all the most common chord progressions which you will find in nearly all the most popular songs.

scale identification
Given a scale, can you identify it as a Major scale, Harmonic Minor or Natural Minor for example?

absolute pitch
Given the same note played at different octaves, can you identify its pitch?



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