Pokemon GO update : It’s about Mewtwo, Eevee, Gym and GPS Fixes

Niantic labs release the new Pokemon go update in which we can able to see a new avatar of Pokemon Go Mewtwo and Eevee. Other than that, they also added some major features and fix many of Pokemon Go GPS glitches. Some New Pokemon Go Gyms are also added and we provide you all the details in this article.

This game is known for its uniqueness which is developed by Niantic Labs. It is a live action game in which you can capture pokemons from your place, fight with others and start a battle between two pokemons in one time and many more, making it an action cum adventurous game.


Why Pokemon go latest update apk is needed?

The main success of this game is:- it’s latest updates which are timely implemented leading to remove glitches. There were some popular bugs like:- sometimes, GPS not working properly, it can’t be to catch GPS signals, that’s why we can’t find the exact location of a Pokemon go Gym, stations, etc, which is not right actually.

That’s why we are continuously getting a new Pokemon go update every week or month through which they are trying to fix all these glitches at one time. And recently, Niantic labs throws out a new update which has a version of 0.87.5 for Android which really fixes some major problems for many of the users and gamers.

Well, I love this game and continue playing it while on the road, but sometimes, some problems lead to crash this app, but after receiving it’s latest updates, it seems that now it is working perfectly without any error. This thing I like most about applications developers. They are releasing new upgrades continuously which increases the overall quality of that application.


So, what’s new we will get in latest Pokemon Go update:-

Below are the main things which Niantic labs added in their app’s latest update, you can check them below:-

Bug Fixes

They tried to fix many of the bugs and errors in this update. Recently, there are some reports saying that most of the users can’t able to log in and register on its app, through which they can’t able to play it. In my case, the application is continuously crashing and Shown as “working stopped” which seems to be fixed as of now.

Pokemon Go GPS

Through this new version, what we will know that, they are trying to provide the fixed GPS location which is a nice step. There was a problem with some users that recent version of this game is can’t able to catch up GPS signals properly. I also experienced this thing that after updating to the latest version, GPS is working correctly.

pokemon go update

New Pokemon Go Gym

Developers added some of the new gyms from where we can train our pokemons easily and also have a battle without any hassle. In my area, I experienced that there were 2 new Pokemon gyms available which are also a nice thing actually.

A new avatar of Pokemon Go Mewtwo and Eevee

In the new version, you will be able to see a new avatar of Pokemon go Mewtwo and Eevee. These two characters now have a more detailing and powers through which, a tough battle is now being ore tough, making it an interesting action adventure packed game. Well, I love Pokemon go Eevee, it’s so cute.

Pokemon Go Gen 3 Update

Well, this is a good news for fans who love Seviper and Zangoose. As you know, previously Seviper and Zangoose are only available in some areas which are not a right justice with fans. Through Pokemon Go generation 3 release, now you can see Seviper and Zangoose in all areas. These both pokemons are very powerful ones, but previously, they are only available in Europe and Asian regions. Now, it is available for most of the countries which are called as the biggest update till now.


Pokemon Go APK update download version:-

You can get the latest version of Pokemon Go update Apk here:- 0.87.5 version.  Other than that, you can simply go to playstore, search for this game and tap on the update. Your latest version of Pokemon go Gen 3 update will be updated automatically 🙂

Note this thing that the latest version update varies from android phone model to other ones because of its software optimization. If you want to surely update to the new version of this game’s update, then you can search on google regarding the version I provided above [0.87.5], download it and update it manually.

How to manually Update Pokemon Go

1.) Tap on the link provided above [0.87.5 version]. You will be redirected to a playstore page of an official application.

2.) Simply tap on “Update”.

3.) Note that it will be released from device to device. So, if the “Update” tab is not showing on your Android Phone’s screen on App details page, then just wait for some days. Hope it will be released for you too as fast as possible.


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So friends, above are all the details about Pokemon Go’s latest update. I hope that if you were also encountered any error previously, now all your problems had been solved and able to play without any hassle.

Well, which is your favorite one? Is it Pikachu, Charmander, Mewtwo, Eevee or any other? Please leave your opinion below in comments section. Liked it? then please share it with this game’s lovers and users so that they will also get the latest version for android. If you still have some bugs or problems, you can send them mail or visit their official website for perfect info. Will meet in our next article, Till Then, Bye friend.


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