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If you feel that your smartphone does not come with sufficient protection you are in dire need of, then Private Zone – AppLock & Vault latest APK 5.0.8 (250), previously called LEO Privacy Guard, is probably the solution for you. In general cases, many people have started to rely on their own smartphone to do many things they want. Thanks to the versatility of nowadays’ smartphone, you can use it as means of storage and many other vital things, most of which are supposedly private. However, it is quite hard to keep your smartphone away from your nosy friends. In that case, this app might be just the one you need.

Private Zone – AppLock & Vault File Information

Developer: Leomaster (AppLock & Privacy)
Version: 5.0.8 (250)
File size: 16.4 MB
Uploaded: October 12, 2018 at 9:57AM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 4.0 and up
MD5: 1d75cdb1171dacae1bc5d8731e510d0c
SHA1: 5564bcba28afe0349d47468d1b1ac7406862577d

Download Private Zone – AppLock & Vault APK 5.0.8

Private Zone – AppLock & Vault review

As you might have known from its name, the app is specifically designed to protect and secure your smartphone, especially that full of private information no one but you can know of. Yes, it has also been designed to keep it off nosy eyes prying into your smartphone. Back in the old days, many people are afraid to leave their smartphone while they go to the toilet or something. Well, it is because the fear of your smartphone being pried by anyone who got nosy nose poking pretty much anything that attracts their attention. But with this app, you will not have to worry about leaving your smartphone without your eyes on it.

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Besides full means of security means provided by this app, it does come with effective anti-intruder means of security. As the name states, you must have known that this feature is designed with several tools to prevent potential intruder for breaking into your smartphone. In this case, whenever those potential intruders try to break into your phone by picking wrong password you have set up previously, it will automatically take picture of the intruder to be added to record. That way, you can actually detect who have tried to break into your smartphone.

Well, due to wide variety of security tools provided in this app, it can be quite of a trouble for pretty much anyone who does not understand this app well. In general cases, many Android users who happen to have installed it in their smartphone will find themselves confused on which tool you are supposed to pick out of all tools provided. If you pick the wrong tool and you do not know what it is for, then you will have a job trying to set it back again.


  • It has full means of security.
  • It has anti-intruder tool.


  • There are too many variations of tools.

How to Use the App

After installing and launching this app, you will be asked to pick the mode of protection you want to set for your smartphone. It can be password, PIN, or pattern lock to begin with. Afterwards, you will also be told to provide some questions alongside its answer just in case you forget the password you previously pick. Pick the simple one but be sure that only you who know the question and answer you pick for emergency. That is all for LEO Privacy Guard for Android as means of security.

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  • Optimize phone boost function, add super boost, greatly improve boost effect.
  • Optimize privacy scan, find privacy risk more effective.
  • Reduce package size.
  • Optimize stability, fixed some crash and ANR bugs.

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