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Role-playing game and puzzle are two different game genres that normally separate from each other. However, Puzzle & Dragons (pad) latest APK 15.3.0 (15300) tries to embrace those different genres into a colorful gameplay. Due to this reason, the game can be enjoyed by gamers who like to play RPG or puzzle game. The game itself offers plenty features. The features included in the game will be explained in the following review. Those features are designed to satisfy players who want to enjoy the games from different genre. Despite different genres it combines, the game still enjoyable to play in order to spend your free time.

Puzzle & Dragons File Information

Developer: GungHoOnlineEntertainment
Version: 15.3.0 (15300)
File size: 35.2 MB
Uploaded: October 18, 2018 at 10:46AM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 4.0 and up
MD5: 41c6c3b664ae2fdbc9e9ddb558cbe2b0
SHA1: 9755a1322a3afd3d7418d473b4a62df76f900a73

Download Puzzle & Dragons APK 15.3.0

Puzzle & Dragons review

As previously mentioned, the game involves two different genres. The RPG genre can be spotted on how players need to evolve their characters of this game are inform of monsters. The monsters have unique appearance that can be evolved by leveling their up. A cute monster in the beginning can be evolved into fierce beast after evolving them. In order to evolve, a player needs to complete the puzzle. The puzzle is also used as the fighting mechanic in this game.

Fortunately, the puzzle gameplay in Puzzle & Dragons for Android can be completed by simple navigation. Players only need to tap on the screen. The screen itself is packed with series of icons in different colors. Players can perform combo by tapping on the icon with similar color next to it. The bigger combo performed will unleash powerful damage to the opponents team. By defeating the enemy, the players will get corresponding experience and rewards. The experiences can be used to level up, while the rewards can be used to purchase monster eggs.

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The game also has map feature. The maps are mostly in the form of dungeons. Those dungeons are used as the background of the game. The graphics of this game might not be realistic. However, it has nice layout. Simple animation added to the game makes it more attractive as well. The best graphics of the game can be spotted on the character design. Every monster has unique design corresponding to their elements.


  • Suitable for players of RPG and puzzle games.
  • Challenging puzzle gameplay.
  • Easy gameplay allows players to enjoy it.


  • Fighting mechanics using puzzle gameplay are less intense.
  • Monotonous feel of the puzzle gameplay.

How to Play

In general, there are plenty tips that can be performed in order to win every battle. The main tip is to gather large amounts of monster in your collection. Your collection grows as you hatch a new monster egg. It can be purchased from monster egg vending machine or by feeding the monster in your collection. Leveling up specific monster allows it to have greater power as well.

As you play the game, you will realize that the damage is calculated based on the combo you do on the puzzle gameplay. Waiting the icons of the same color to group up in big chuck will unleash plenty of combos at the same time. This allows you to defeat your opponents instantly.


  • New Awoken Skills (Skill Voice, Dungeon Bonus) have been added.
  • Compatibility has been revised to Android 4.4+.
  • Maximum Monster Box size has been expanded from 5,000 to 6,000.
  • The Privacy Policy has been updated.
  • Social Media Link feature has been added to the Others menu.
  • Matching Bonuses have been added to the Ranking Dungeon.
  • Bugs have been fixed.
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