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Here is the full version of Racing Rivals Latest Version 7.1.0 APK Download which is fully working and downloadable. You can easily download it by scrolling down below and tapping on the link.

If you are a fan of racing game in smartphone, Racing Rivals latest APK 7.1.0 (7102112) is probably the game worth playing. For some people, the variation of game racing available for download does not do much to their boredom. It is due to the fact that those racing games available for download do not come with new features the other games don’t have. However, you are probably getting more desperate on looking for new kind of racing game that offers such new features. But, you will find all things you have been looking in this racing game you can download for free.

Racing Rivals File Information

Developer: Glu
Version: 7.1.0 (7102112)
File size: 87.7 MB
Uploaded: October 18, 2018 at 9:41AM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 4.0.3 and up
MD5: 8841a7efda05c0b47cb4bab9aad4823f
SHA1: 7e6163a7901a31ebfce1ceae9709af74d4d6f251

Download Racing Rivals APK 7.1.0

Racing Rivals review

If compared to other types of racing game you have known before, it is actually more of a drag race. Meaning, it is like mockup to other types of racing game which comes in real time racing game. However, it does not mean that this game cannot be compared to those racing games on the same level. Thanks to its drag modeled race, Racing Rivals have good quality visual as its appeal. For some people who are bored of real time racing game, this one has what you need which is more playful and cheerful visual design.

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Besides, unlike other racing games that do not come with multiplayer mode, it allows you to play in such multiplayer mode in which you can challenge one of your friends to a race among other non-player characters or NPCs. Until now, many racing games only allow you in single player mode in which you are taken into a race to beat other NPCs singlehandedly. Moreover, this game takes you to one step higher by allowing you to take one person to do race with you and other NPCs. That way, you can soak up the amazingness of having a race with real competition.

But, there is one downside to this game if compared to other types of racing game. In this game, you do not have any different competition lying ahead of you after you beat certain level. In this case, you only get to play one type of race along the game until you are bored of it. Well, what do you expect? it is a drag race after all. However, there is no denying that this game can turn out to be quite boring after some time spent on playing this drag racing game along with other players.


  • It has appealing visual design.
  • It provides multiplayer mode.


  • It offers constantly repetitive mode.

How to Play

When you start this game, you will have two options of game model; single player or multiplayer. After choosing the game mode to play, you will be taken to sports car showroom in which you get to choose the car to be taken into racing. In this case, you only get to have three choices to be picked as your car. After picking the car, you will be taken to the arena where you will need to beat down all competition.

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  • Turf War Perks in each city are up for grabs EVERY week!
  • Turf Crushing now bonuses ALL team points not just yours
  • New Matchmaking: Reduces exploits, provides better matches and prevents chickening out
  • Tuner Challenge season 2: shorter season, better matchmaking – same awesome rewards
  • Sponsored video crates have dramatically increased rewards
  • CarDex: a guide to all Rivals cars. See car rarity and how exclusive your garage is

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