Reliance Jio News – New Amazing Jio Offer and Plans Launched

reliance jio new offer

Reliance Jio News covered with its new plans and pricing. It is kind of an amazing journey by them as they are providing us power-packed plans at very affordable rates. After a successful past year, this year, they are also on fire and going to launch new Jio offers and Jio plans. So, here are the details.

Well, we all already knew that they made up a huge success in 2017. They provided us 10-12 new offers, introduced their new plans and do everything which gives a benefit to their customers through any means.

This company touched a new set of milestones in 2017, biggest milestone they achieved was “India’s biggest mobile network”. Today, whole India is online and most everyone is using an internet and half of them are using this network to connect to the internet.

At each and every big occasion, they announce their new offers and plan which will benefit both a company and it’s customers. Recently we got Reliance Jio Diwali offer, and now, Now they are Planning to make a step ahead towards their new offers and plans exclusively for their customers and we will get the Reliance Jio New Offer which is called as a jio new year offer 2018.



Reliance Jio News – What the previous reports said?

According to the London-based open signal, they said that Reliance Jio helps to provide internet at very negotiable prices in India and started a price war between all telecom operators and companies through which at last, the benefit will be taken by their customers which is a very positive statement.

Andrea Toth from Opensignal said “This trend will follow up next year too. The growth in 4G users in India will be consistent as price war is already in pace. It is also said that after providing us tons of offers and pans which will provide 4G services at the lowest rate ever, They will increase their price later in 2018 due to price changes so that the telecom market can be balanced”.

“Jio’s widespread 4G access in India, provided a-first free and after than heavily discounted data and voice plans, quickly won many precious hearts and wallets of more than 100 million mobile users across the country,” Andrea Toth added.

During the second quarter which was ended in June 2017, total data usage by customers is standing at over 4.2 million terabytes, out of which 4G data accounted for 3.9 million TBs, according to TRAI data, which is really a huge growth. Especially the boost will be taken after introducing the last year’s Reliance Jio New year offer. This time, the same scenario should be speculated.

“LTE services have taken a leading role in the unprecedented increase of data users in past year, in a large chunk of telecom providers is taken by Jio,” a report said.

This is the exact reason behind cheap VoLTE phones. Today we can see then we can get many smartphones which have VoLTE support in 2500rs. only, which is a great offer for all internet users.

According to Crisil’s predictions, the current mobile data penetration is 40%, and predictions said that it will increase to massive 80% by 2022, means exactly double of current Mobile data users, which is really a great thing if considered seriously.

reliance jio new offer

Telecom operators are also doing their complete efforts to make LTE signal and reach stronger than ever. Andrea Toth said “The LTE availability in India is very accurate and remarkable. According to report, mobile data users can able to connect with an LTE signal 84% of the time. This leads India to be ahead of most of the already established countries like Taiwan, Sweden, Uk etc.” which gives it a boost towards technological development.

As LTE saw it’s growth all over India, there is one part in which India is still lagging behind, i.e. 4G speeds. Do you know that according to LTE report, they examined 77 countries and check out their average speeds according to the different locations and states of each and every country? Results we got are really shocking here. India is spotted at the last position among all of them by recording the average downloading speed of 6.1 Mbps which is about 10Mbps lower than global average downloading speed. India must have to work on it to provide higher downloading speed to each and every smartphone user.

Reliance Jio Offer – What’s new packed in these plans?

So friend, at last, Reliance Jio wishes us happy new year 2018 with 2 new prepaid plans offer of Rs 199 and Rs 299. With the Happy New Year 2018 plans, Jio aims to bring higher data benefits too which is a good news for customers.

Reliance jio happy new year 2018 plan

1.) The Rs 199 plan provides free voice, unlimited data (1.2 GB high-speed 4G data per day), unlimited SMS and subscription to Premium Jio Apps for all Jio Prime Members for 28 days.

2.) The Rs 299 plan offers free voice, unlimited data (2 GB high-speed 4G data per day), unlimited SMS and access to Premium Apps for all Jio Prime Members for 28 days.


Reliance Jio Plans – Previous Analysis

Well, if you know that reliance jio increase prices of their plans step be step by launching their new offer and provide same offer at the little higher prices by offering new plan every time, this time, a scene should be different from earlier if they provide a jio new year offer. Why? Let me give you an answer-

Previously, they provided us an offer which has a very less price tag. At that time all other telecom operators are providing that same plan for more than triple of their prices which is really high. So, they increase their price time by time and now, they are offering that same plan at double price rates comparing to previous year.

Recently, Airtel introduced this same plan which has the lower price rate than Jio Offer. According to some Reports, Jio smartphone is also on the way. Hope it will also create new records and provide us specs at very affordable rates. So, for keeping up their customers, now they have to decrease a price of their plans offer us something extra along with that plan so that users will be maintained.

Reliance Jio 2018 Plans and Offers – Our expectations

This new year, we expected that price will become lower of Jio’s 84 days plan and they will also introduce plan as well along with the new year offer at the end of December or in starting the week of January, maybe.

An increase of LTE and VoLTE users will also lead smartphone manufactures to produce a smartphone which provides is VoLTE support at a lower price point. And yes, now we will get a VoLTE supported Android smartphone in 2500rs. only [micromax Bharat 1].


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So friend, above are all details of their performance in 2017 and Reliance jio happy new year offer 2018 plans and offer, which maybe kicks the best start for 2018. According to my opinion, reliance may introduce a new offer and named it “reliance jio new year offer”. According to some Reports, Jio smartphone is also on the way. Hope it will also create new records and provide us specs at very affordable rates.

I hope they will provide us the same offer as they provided Reliance Jio New year offer in 2016 end. What do you think about the reliance jio happy new year 2018 offer which is announced at the month end? Let’s discuss this in the comments section. Have ay query? Then drop your question down below and I will try to solve it as fast as possible.

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