Samsung Galaxy S9+ Specs & Results- Specifications Seems Powerful


After providing a complete row of Samsung Galaxy S9+ leaks and first looks, now, Samsung Galaxy S9+ specifications are listed on geekbench along with its results and performance details. We got it and provide you these specs completely. Here they are.

So friend, let’s get started with the Samsung Galaxy S9+ specifications:-

First, here are the details captured in a picture:-

samsung galaxy S9+ specificationssamsung galaxy S9+ specifications
samsung galaxy S9+ specifications


Looking at the picture and its details, one thing which is confirmed that it will be a very powerful device. If you can take a deep look at its model name and analyze it thoroughly, you can get to know that this will be a Samsung Galaxy S9+.

It’s time to provide you detailed Samsung Galaxy S9 plus specifications:-

Thi time, we don’t get much out of it. After looking at its image, we get to know that this device will be packed with a massive 5GB RAM. Along with it, we will get a Qualcomm manufactured processor which is clocked at 1.77Ghz and will be an Octa-core processor.

We are expecting Snapdragon 845 here.

Out of the box, we will get An Android Oreo 8.0.0 as default in this, but it is sure that Samsung will provide monthly security patches and updates on time.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Tests and results

When it comes to Samsung Galaxy S9+ benchmark scores and it results, it was very powerful and enough to beat each and every flagship device available currently in its price range.

According to geekbench, in single core performance, this device scores a massive 2422 points which is WOW!

in multi-core performance, here, I have to say that this device is promising really. It scores 8351 points as a benchmark which gives us a hint that Gaming performance will be optimum in Samsung Galaxy S9 plus.

In-case if you want to know the complete details and benchmarks results, you can head-on here and visit this website.

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Regarding Samsung Galaxy S9+ launch date and price, it is said that the launch date is set at just before our MWC [Mobile World Congress] opening  i.e. on 27 February 2018. As of now, the price is not yet completely confirmed, but yes, it will cost more than 1000$ [70000 rupees].

Well, above are the complete Samsung Galaxy S9+ geekbench details along with  Samsung galaxy S9+ specifications. One thing which I have to appreciate is its performance. The new beast is coming soon. We are impressed with the geekbench scores of Samsung Galaxy S9 plus. Did you impressed with it? Please, leave your opinion in the comments section.

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