Samsung Galaxy S9 to Launch at MWC 2018, S9+ pictures leaked

Samsung galaxy J2 2018- black

Few days before, many of us confused regarding the Samsung Galaxy S9 launch date as we don’t know actually when Samsung Galaxy S9 will launch in 2018. But now, it’s final along with some valid proofs.

Samsung Galaxy S9 to Launch at MWC 2018

Yes, you heard it right. Samsung Will launch their next flagship device named Samsung Galaxy S9 at MWC 2018. Recently there were many rumors regarding launch that it will release on CES 2018, but now. it’s proved.

Curious to know some details, here they are:-

Samsung Galaxy S9 to Launch at MWC 2018

Recently, even the Evan Blass, the perfect leaker also said that Samsung Galaxy S9 will launch on CES 2018, but now I think somewhere he wasn’t able to catch the right leak actually. Come-on Evan, you were, are and will be my perfect leaker for sure!

According to the upper-providing image, they are some smartphone which will give their first look, and if you can see the image thoroughly, you can see that the Galaxy S9 model name along with the launch date of 27 February 2018 is available at the last row of that table. Did you saw it? Ok, Just look for “S9”, as other words are written in different language.

They will launch this device in MWC 2018 in Barcelona, Spain. The world’s largest mobile exhibition. They unveiled it just a day before Opening of MWC 2018, ut will be official at the event itself.


Samsung Galaxy S9+ first look is revealed by On-leaks

Yes, first, take a look at some of the images provided below:-

Samsung Galaxy S9+ - from back
Samsung Galaxy S9+ – from back
Samsung Galaxy S9+ - from front
Samsung Galaxy S9+ – from front

Here, we caught it right! Yes, the previous leaks regarding Samsung Galaxy S9+ also showed off the same design and structure, provided the fingerprint sensor just below the cameras. For more details, here I will drop a link for you:- Samsung Galaxy S9+ 360 degree video.

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So, above are all details we got regarding the Samsung Galaxy S9 launch date and it’s successor’s design and first looks. Hope you will like them. Just take it as a leak and rumor and you will be fine. If we will get any further information in future regarding this, we will surely update you.

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