SONY H8266 – Specifications and Benchmarks Broke Records [Updated]

Recently, Sony’s new device whose model is named as SONY H8266 spotted on geekbench, and there we got SONY H8266 specifications and some benchmark results. After checking it in detail, we find that this is a new flagship device manufactured by Sony itself whose code is discussed as of now.

So, without wasting any further time, get into the details:-

It was heavily rumored that they are working on another flagship device and now, It is confirmed. They are working on a new smartphone whose model number is SONY H8266, let’s see what will be the exact smartphone name.



SONY H8266 specifications:-

Let’s get into some its specifications and benchmark details. Firstly, we will discuss it’s specifications, then we will move further to benchmark scores.

Operating System

This device is powered by Android, and the version which we will get out of the box is Android 8.0.0 which is very nice, considering that it will be a flagship device. I think when it will launch, at that time mostly all flagship devices will get an android 8.0.0 update.

Processor and RAM

In SONY H8266, we will get a Snapdragon 845 processor which included 8 cores in total. Each core has the maximum clocking speed of 1.77 GHz and GPU will be ARM8. The performance will be smooth and powerful too!

Moving on to memory details, by default, we will get 4GB RAM in which only 3677MB is available.

Overall, if we see the combination of SoC and RAM, one thing which is nicely done is:- Sony is trying to make hardware totally up-to-date. This will help to keep it alive for at least a year or two. Nice Job!

SONY H8266 specifications and benchmark
SONY H8266 specifications and benchmark


Storage and Battery

According to some reports, it is said that Sony H8266 is coming up with 128GB storage which can be further expandable up to massive 256GB through a memory card.

Moving on to battery department, then it is said that this device is packed up with 3240MaH battery which supports Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 for fast charging. Nice combo!

SONY H8266 specs- Android Version

Through complete info, we capture some details about it, and it will be said that this device is coming up with Android 8.1 out of the box, and we are expecting further security updates and patches.

SONY H8266 Benchmark scores

As I said, the performance will be powerful. And it is proved completely. This device got benchmarked on geekbench, and here are the scores:-

  • On single core performance, the score this device got is 2393
  • In multi-core performance, the score SONY H8266 got is 8300

These benchmark scores are higher than most of the flagships available currently in the market. Even Google PIxel 2XL benchmark scores are less than this one. I think this is a magic of Snapdragon 845 which is the latest processor manufactured by Qualcomm and especially available for High-end flagship devices.

Well, Samsung Galaxy S9 is also going to launch in February 2018 which almost have same specs and benchmark scores. In this case, it’is very interesting to see a perfect flagship battle between Galaxy S9 and Sony H8266. We hope that both will give a perfect competition to each other.


SONY H8266 Price Guess

Well, after looking at the overall specifications and benchmark details, it can be suggested that SONY H8266 price will be very high, I think it will cost above 900$. But if this device costs less than our expected price, then it will be a sure blockbuster as it is a branded smartphone.

They normally set the price their flagship devices above 700$ normally. Even their latest flagship smartphone Xperia XZ1 costs around 750$, let’s see how they set the pricing for this upcoming phone. Yes, I accept this fact that they will drop their smartphone’s price after a month of a launch date, but still, main pries should be decided smartly.


SONY H8266 Launch date and Exact name [analysis]

We are just guessing here that it will be a Sony Xperia XZ1 successor [after looking at some of it’ specifications]. It is also said that they are going to launch 2 new smartphones at MWC 2018. Maybe this is one of them. If yes, then it will be a nice guess actually.

If I recall, recently, we also provided you Sony H8216 details just some days ago. I think these two smartphones will make their debut in MWC 2018. Hope for the best here 🙂


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So friends, above are the complete SONY H8266 specifications and benchmark details which we got from geekbench. Regarding SONY H8266 price and release date, there is not any kind of confirmation as of now, but we will try to cover it as fast as possible. By the way, What’s your price expectations after checking out the specs of this smartphone? I provided you my price guess above. Now it’s your turn. Please leave your opinion below in our comments section.

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