Awesome Pro Tips to Choose a Best Value for Money Phone for You

Do you want to purchase a smartphone for yourself but don’t know how to select your own choice? If yes, then this tie you need a perfect yet detailed guide which can help you out to pick the right Android Phone for you. So, here we are providing some special tips regarding that.

When you are choosing your favorite smartphone, it’s most important to not just go for a look and feel. It’s just a Gimmick to attract customers. There are many factors which help you to choose the right smartphone for you which suits you and helps to fulfill all of your needs and wants.

Every device have their own USP [Unique Selling Price], some have a stunning camera, some has most powerful performance, some has shocking Battery Capacity and some are the most Balanced Smartphone which contains all the features. No one is best among these because it’s technology and technology is crawling up time-to-time, So, after some time, the mobile phone which you like the most as of now will slowly become outdated and you will get more specs at the same price.

So, in this scenario, which phone is best for you? is it camera-centric, performance-centric, battery centric or a complete balanced? For answering all of these questions, today I am coming with the ” 8 pro tips to choose the right smartphone for you “.


Pro Tips to Choose a Best Value for Money Phone for You

So friend, here are the 8 pro tips to choose the right smartphone for you which helps you choose the right and favorite device of yours. Without wasting any further time, let’s move on:-

1.) Figuring out Your suitable Requirements:

While searching for a new smartphone to purchase, the first thing which is to be cleared is to properly figure out your requirement.  Your decisions here will affect everything that is to come. Analyze for which kind of purposes you are buying a new smartphone and which thing you needed the most in terms of hardware as well as its software.

If you are purchasing a smartphone for photography, then you need a camera-centric mobile (like moto z play in its price range), if you are purchasing a portable device to perform heavy task on it (like gaming, video rendering, etc.)  then you’ll need a performance-based high-end phone (like oneplus 5 in its price range). So, first thing is to clear your purposes, needs, and requirements.


2.)  Choosing the right UI and OS:

As you know, everyone has their own taste. Everyone wants to operate their smartphone in their favorite way. So, here the right selection of UI [User Interface]  and OS [Operating System] generated.

iOS and Android - 8 pro tips to choose the right smartphone for you
iOS and Android

First, figure out what kind of OS do you want. Basically, in our smartphones market, only 2 OS are rocking currently, Android and iOS. If you want an OS which provides you more customization options and vast canvas of Applications, Go for Android. If you want an OS which has their own luxurious feel and balanced performance, choose iOS. So, choose the OS according to your preferences.

After figuring out the OS, now choose the UI. In iOS, UI will remain the same. In Android, basically, every big mobile phone manufacturer provides you their own UI [on Xiaomi devices- its MiUI, in Samsung- it’s TouchWiz, in Huawei- it’s Emotional UI, on Google- it’s stock, etc]. All provide you their own set of features and themes, so choose the one you think it’s suitable for you.


3.) Choose the Right Screen Size & Resolution:

After checking out for requirements, OS and UI, it’s time for a screen size and the resolution they’re providing.

Screen size matters for the overall size of the smartphone and resolution matters for the depth (or you say pixels) available in the screen for better sharpness and display experience. Screen size analysis is needed when you analyze your hand’s size, the place where you keep it and your eyes. If you want a compact device which is easy to fit in a pocket, then I prefer a phone with 4 inches screen and if I want a smartphone for watching movies, want overall top-notch display performance, then, in this case, I will go for a 5.5 inches screen one.

different screen sizes and resolution - 8 pro tips to choose the right smartphone for you
different screen sizes and resolution

Now, after setting up screen size requirements, it’s time for resolution they’re providing. In this segment, I will say only one thing:- “More is better”. There are many resolutions using in a smartphone, like 480p, 576p, 720p HD(720/1280p), 1080p QHD (1080*1920P),2K, 4K and more. Here, P= Pixel. So, I prefer more pixels anyway as pixels are increasing, it is providing more quality and sharpness to your display.

4.) Checking out the CPU and Storage:

When we are checking out the overall performance of a smartphone, the CPU matters. Why? because everything depends on the CPU. It’s a heart of any tech gadget. While searching out for your favorite smartphone, prefer to choose the CPU part which is manufactured by the reputed brand and provides you the better set of specs. Today, mostly every mobile manufacturer is using either Qualcomm Snapdragon or MediaTek processor in their devices. I will prefer Qualcomm Snapdragon over MediaTek processor because of its stability and overwhelmed performance.

CPU, storage and other specs of oneplus 5
CPU, storage and other specs of oneplus 5

Storage is must if you want to save and transfer files to your device from any other device and vice versa. And if you are fond of playing games, capture videos through the camera and watching movies, then that term, “storage” converts into “Ample Storage”. In terms of my choice, I have the same advice for you as I provided you with Battery section- “More is Better”. I will refer you to go for at least 64 GB of storage, or if the storage is less than this, then there must be Micro SD card slot available to be future-proof.


5.) Consider Big Battery Capacity:

I am 100% sure that on any device, either it is a laptop or a mobile, you need only one thing “MORE BATTERY”. Right?

I am also one of them.  So, always prefer a smartphone which has a more battery life or you can say that longer battery backup. Why? Because without an ample battery life, your device is a waste. When you can’t open it, it’s only a showpiece.

redmi note 4 battery capacity - 8 pro tips to choose the right smartphone for you
redmi note 4 battery capacity

Now, how to measure a battery capacity and backup it is providing? Well here’s your answer. When you open a back cover of any mobile and take out the battery from it, then you can see some numbers written on the cover of a battery (like 1800Mah). That defines the battery capacity of your smartphone.

Normally the new smartphones coming in a market already have a bigger battery capacity and backup, but I have one suggestion for you:- try not to consider purchasing a device which has less than 3000Mah battery life. Analyze the battery according to the specs and display size they’re providing. At last, More is Better!

6.) Analyse the Camera Performance:

The camera is also stated as one of the most important aspects while purchasing a new phone, especially for those who want to purchase the smartphone only for photography and videography.

You can’t judge the camera quality of any mobile you want to purchase only through reading out the on-paper specifications because it is seen that the smartphones which have high on-paper camera specs defeated through a camera which has nearly half of it specs. The reason is there are much more algorithms and terms connected with camera department which hampers the overall camera quality of a mobile phone.

So, I prefer not directly run out to decide camera by its specs. Judge the camera quality by checking out the photo samples which you can simply find on Google and search for the term ” camera review of ******** device”. After checking out the photo samples, your camera department is selected. Let’s move on to another factor.


7.) Checking the Build Quality and Design:

I am sure you want a smartphone which has the tough and rigid body which can’t be damaged easily, along with stylish looks. Right?

This thing you need to be cleared before purchasing a new mobile device. In overall build quality section, first thing matters are design and weight. You saw that there are some mobile phones available in the market which have a metal build, some with a plastic build and some with the glass coated build.

Build quality and looks - 8 pro tips to choose the right smartphone for you
Build quality and looks
  • So, if you want a mobile which is very tough to damage, then go for the metal build.
  • Want a more stylish phone:- go for a plastic build (first check out the plastic quality)
  • Want a smartphone which looks unique and luxury, go for a glass coated build (it’s very easy to damage, less durable, so be sure)

The only thing after setting up your design requirements in build quality is weight. So, you should also check for a weight of that smartphone. If you’re comfortable with it, then cheers! You’re good to go.


8.) Picking-up the Right Price or search for offer:

When you sort out all the tips provided above, then the last and most important thing you should consider is the price. If there is a smartphone which provides you near-to-equal performance, but the price is about half of another product, then which one will you choose? Obviously, for a wise consumer, he will choose the product which offers top-notch performance with less cost. So, choose the right price segment also and define your budget, then search for any smartphone.

Offers time in online platform - 8 pro tips to choose the right smartphone for you
Offers time in an online platform

Don’t worry, if you already set up a mind and beat with a few bucks, then please don’t change your decision. Offers are only created for you through seller my friend. Just wait for a suitable offer where you expect that price will go down, and when you get an offer, crack that deal and grab that offer before it ends.


A Pro Tip [For being Future-Proof]:-

Friend, if you already set it up and create a perfect mind related to purchase a new smartphone, check out the time slot. Why did I say this thing? Normally it’s possible that when you purchased a mobile, after a month, a new upgraded version of that device launched which provides you even more powerful specs for a few extra bucks. Then, you will get a feeling of Regret. How?

  • First, you will think that ” if I can wait for some time, I will purchase that newer model”.
  • Second, after the launch of a newer model, it’s noted that price of the older model goes down so that new model sells easily. So, it’s your loss.

So, before rushing out for purchase a new smartphone, first, surf the internet and check if there is any newer or upgraded model is to be launched very soon. If the newer model is coming in the next month, Just wait for it. A new bigger deal is waiting for you.

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I think now you completely understand how to choose the right and perfect smartphone for you through this article ” 8 pro tips to choose the right smartphone for you “.

Be sure to choose the smartphone which fulfills all of these factors provided above and before choosing a smartphone, first figure out the segment:-  a tight budget segment, budget segment, Mid-range segment or flagship segment [its dependent on price].

Well, which phone are you planning to buy? Please leave your answers in the comment section provided below. If this article helped you, please leave a comment down below and share this with your friends. If you have any query, drop a comment I will solve it as fast as possible. Will meet in our next article, Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool!

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