Top 5 best Camera Apps That can click photos with DSLR quality, making your Smartphone like DSLR Camera!

All you guys want to capture images like DSLR camera and also you want to buy it, but some people can’t buy it because it is to costly for normal people so today i shall give you some cool application that can make your normal android phone into DSLR camera and also it will enhance your capturing experince. Here the top 5 cool camera applications.


Top 5 best Camera Apps That can click photos with DSLR quality, making your Smartphone like DSLR Camera!

1. Cameringo

Basically this application is good, from this you can capture photos, GIF, etc. In settings you can find manual settings of picture and also you can change it.You can find a lots of features in this application like immersive mode, white balance ,live editing, filters and lots more.

2.Camera fv-5

If any one want to capture manually images or videos then this is the right application for them because you can capture in cinematic style like DSLR. It is having blur effect option,white balance,motion blur and lots more. It also provides a more options to change the settings like you can change image format,shutter speed etc.

3.Google camera

i think this is best in our list and most used app also it is free for some devices. This application gives you a little options but the main thing is it has lens blur effect option that will makes a captured picture as a DSLR camera and it is easy to use.

4. After focus

if Google camera is not supported on your device then this application is good for them because this is photo editing software the name itself says after means after capturing the image. In this you can give a blur effect to a captured image. So the edited picture looks like a professional pictures.


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