Best earphones under 300 rupees – Top 5 headsets with mic in India

top 5 best earphones under 300 rupees

Looking for Top 5 best earphones with mic under 300 rupees? Don’t worry, we are here only for you. I did a complete deep research and now, providing you the Top 5 best earphones under 300 rupees which also have a mic. Everyone is not rich. That’s why that segment of 300 rupees to 500rs is very popular in the price category. Even I am using the Boat Bassheads 225 earplugs which costs 499rs. only.  As prices are fluctuating continuously, I can rather say that Top 5 best earphones under 500 rupees only for those ones which have a mic also.

Earphones are one of the main accessory needed for mobile. Many of the times, we need best-budgeted earphones which has the high-quality mic under 300 rs. to 500 rupees [5$ to 8$], which has good treble, kicking and impactful bass and strong build, so that they can be called as best earphones under 300 rupees.

So, let’s start our best-budgeted earphones list.


Top 5 best earphones under 300 rupees with mic

Here, I want to tell you 2 things:-

  • The prices of these earphones are fluctuating continuously. When I saw them, they all are priced under 300rs. but sometimes, I also observed that the price may be hiked to about 350rs. or 400 rupees.
  • Maybe, some best earpieces haven’t the mic, but I listed them because they are really good at listening music. Don’t worry, there is only 1 earphone which has not Mic attached to it.

1.) Portronics Por-766 Conch 204 In-Ear Headphone(Grey)

I have to say that these earpieces are one of the best earphones under 300rs. and the reason behind this is “it’s overall quality”. These are kind of complete earphones which I can even say “best earphones under 500 rupees” [yes, they are one of the best in 500 rupees price range].

portonics earphones- best earphones under 300 rupees

Coming to its details, then these earpieces have some kind of tough build quality, but a wire which is provided in these is very hard, not that kind of flexibility is there. It has a 1.2m Tangle-free cable which helps to give nice strength and length for comfortable use.

Bass is enough to feel that kicking beat, treble is very nice and yes, it has “mic also”. A Mic provided in these earpieces is basic and you can use it just for calling. A must recommendation for you.


2.) Philips SHE1405BK/94 In-Ear Headphone Headset With Mic

Second on our list is Philips SHE1405BK/94 earphones. These earpieces I personally used for more than 7 months, there is only one word for this i.e. “awesome”. Yes, this earphone is completely balanced.

Philips earphones- best earphones under 300 rupees

Only con which I found in these earplugs is that “wire”. Yes, quality of wire used in this headset is very good, but that wire is kind of “thin”. Other than that, I loved a treble and mic quality which are attached to an earphone. A special mention which I have to provide here is “bass”. Bass is very punchy in these earpieces, I simply loved them.

If you are a serious bass lover and searching for best earphones with mic under 500 rupees, you can surely check them out. It can be compared to the best available Bluetooth headset price below 300 rs. in the market according to it’s comfortability.


3.) HP H1000 In-Ear Headphone

Yes, these earpieces are manufactured by HP itself who is the main competitor in laptops and desktop computers category. Understanding the market of tightly budgeted earphone, HP made the set of earphones which can beat all earphones.

HP earphones- best earphones under 300 rupees

The main reason we kept on the 4th position is that of “mic” These earpieces don’t have that mic if you want, But other than a mic, in everything, it beat all earphones.

If you want the best earphones under 300 rs which have a strong build and branded ones, then yes, you can go for this HP earpeice.

Bass is punchy and doesn’t muffle if we increase volume, treble is on-the-point which is not less, not more, just required! Build quality s tough and strong so that it can’t break easily. If they also provide mic in this lead, then it beats all earphone at one time.


4.) Genius GHP-200A Noise Isolation Earphones

This earphone has also the same case as we saw in HP one. It is one of our best high-quality earphones under 500rs, but the point where it lagged behind is because of its mic.

genius earphones- best earphones under 300 rupees

I loved the color combination and bass in this earphone. They used an awesome set of color combination, that black wire, and colored earplugs, the bass are very high and we loved it as the impact is very deep. Other than that, treble is kind of average and build quality is superb.

If you want the best bass earphone and ready to compromise with Mic, then there is a must buy for you. Just check them out, you will love them.


5.) Mobilefit Wired Headphone/Earphone/Stereo Headphone (Multi-color)

These are one of the most stylish sets of earplugs you can find in this article. An eye-catching part in this earpieces is that wire.

mobilefit earphones- best earphones under 300 rupees

Other than That stylish and high-quality cable, every other thing is kind of average here except treble. Bass is not kind of punchy, mic quality is above average, you will get used to it. But bass provided in these earphones is very clear and you can hear every single string clearly. Well, for Working out, I will recommend the best Bluetooth headset price below 300 rupees.

If you want some stylish earplug with nice treble, then you can consider these ones.


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Best Earphones under 3000 rs in India – Main Notes

Note that the smartphone we used to check out its details and quality is Oneplus One. Audio Output of these above defines best earphones under 300 rupees might differ in your smartphone due to your mobile’s hardware.

So friend, above are our top 5 best earphones under 300 rupees that you can buy currently. I will also provide you best earphones under 1000 rupees soon! As I already said above, prices of these headsets are continuously fluctuating. Sometimes the price can be dropped to 250rs. and sometimes a price can increase up to 400 rupees. I just want to say that “wait for a right time. Whenever you saw price is going down, immediately grab that deal.

Second thing is that, if you are ready to compromise with mic, and just want the best sound you can get in best earphones under 500 rupees, then you should choose between 3rd or 4th earpieces in this list. Audio quality is superb in both of them.

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Any other query? Then comment box is only for you my friend. Just ask your question right below to that comments section and I will try to solve it as fast as possible. So, which do you think is the best set of earphones? Let’s discuss this in our comments section. If you find this article helpful, then you can share it with your friends and groups. Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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