Top 5 Best ROMs For Android Device

Top 5 Best ROMs For Android Device

Top 5 Best ROMs For Android Device – Android is one of the best OS we saw for our Smartphone. Android is filled with tons of features, customization, designs as well as variants which makes it unique from any other operating systems. In this Era, Android is Known for 2 most popular terms:- first one is rooting and the second one is ROMs.

As you know, mostly all android devices are running on the Android version+the UI which is designed by the manufacturer. So, for making the Android more simple and straight, they exclude some of the main and eye catchy features of Android, so there are some most popular UI and ROMs which provides the whole bunch of features to customize and add more features to Android.

So, today I am coming with the ” Top 5 Best ROMs For Android Device ” which defines all about the ROMs helps you to properly customize the Android.

Top 5 Best ROMs For Android Device

So friend, without wasting any further time, let’s get started with a list of Top 5 Best ROMs For Android Device.

Note:- Some of the ROMs described below are provided by the manufacturer as inbuilt in your android device, but you can easily get it for your device by searching according to your Smartphone brand and model and flash it manually.


Cyanogen is the most popular ROM for Android which is most popular because of the features they are providing ad unlocking. CyanogenMod provides you mostly all the features which can be unlocked easily by rooting and it didn’t install any bloat-ware to it. This ROM provides you the pure stock android feel, but some areas are enhanced enough by stuffing up the features to it. This helps to make your Android device fast, smooth as well as eye catchy.

CyanogenMod 13 on Oneplus One - Top 5 Best ROMs For Android Device
CyanogenMod 13 on Oneplus One – Top 5 Best ROMs For Android Device

Basically, you can get CyanogenMod on more than half of the Android devices, but if you didn’t have the same, you can search according to your smartphone model and download it, then flash it and done.

Features of CyanogenMod ROM :

1.) Privacy Guard: Control what your applications can learn about you and your contacts.

2.) Superuser: Manage root access to only the applications you trust, check access logs and revoke their access when you are done.

3.) Theme: With the integrated theme engine, you can change the look and feel of the entire OS.

4.) Trebuchet: Not only does our custom launcher Trebuchet allow for customizing the layout of the home screen, it’s backed by a comprehensive, built from the ground-up theme engine.

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MiUI is one of the most customisable ROM. The ROM which the developed and provided by Xiaomi is loaded with tons of the features, some of them are provided by Android itself and some of them are added through this ROM which is exclusive for MiUI users. If you want the stylish and lovely look and get all the features on your hand, then I am sure it worth the shot!

MiUI 8 - Top 5 Best ROMs For Android Device
MiUI 8 – Top 5 Best ROMs For Android Device

This ROM provides you the different feel and you can customize it according to your choice. Yes, this ROM is a bit heavy because this ROM not only add features, but some exclusive apps with you’ll get along with it, but trust me it worth the size according to its quality.

Features of MiUI:

  1. The home screen has always been the central place to switch between apps and enable or disable features.
  2. With MIUI 6, you can identify, mark or block unwanted calls with several detailed options.
  3. View all new notifications on your lock screen the instant you wake your phone up.
  4. Access over 5,000 beautiful MIUI themes on your phone, each artfully designed by renowned designers to customize your phone the way you want it to be.


3.) Emotion UI

Emotion UI is a ROM developed and distributed by Huwaei and you will saw this ROM on many f the Huawei and honor series smartphones. Emotion UI is heavily based on improving the overall looks and feel of your Android device. It doesn’t add too many features to your smartphone, but the killer looks will leave you stunned. The lock screen, UI, Homescreen everything will be customized perfectly and it is improving through continuous updates.

Emotion UI on Honor 8 pro - Top 5 Best ROMs For Android Device
Emotion UI on Honor 8 pro – Top 5 Best ROMs For Android Device

I am sure if you want the best looking ROM which makes the settings simple and rest of the things are automatically done by ROM itself, then Emotion UI is the best suit for you.

Features of Emotion UI:-

1. Home-screen Interface – The home-screen interface features subtle changes that, according to Huawei, give it ‘a simple, atmospheric elegance in terms of color, font, layout, and icons’.

2. Notification Shade –  EMUI 5.0 has everything in one section with a new black and blue color theme. You can now use features like ‘quick reply‘ right from your notification menu.

3. App Drawer- Emotion UI features the much-awaited App Drawer feature that lets you organize your applications exactly the way you want to. The App Drawer is just a tap away from the home-screen and categorizes all your applications in an alphabetical order.

5. App Twin – App Twin is an Emotion UI feature that allows users to log-in and use two different accounts at the same time on the same phone.

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ColorOS is a ROM created by OPPO electronics. This is a simple ROM which looks like “nothing had changed ” in the first look, but if you go deep into it, you will find that oppo added many features and options to it which gives you a pretty formal feel. Such features include gestures for screen off, a screen on, communication, a security center, lock screen magazines, options for a long screenshot, eye protection, and others.

ColorOS - Top 5 Best ROMs For Android Device
ColorOS – Top 5 Best ROMs For Android Device

Yes, it is not as much appealing as CyanogenMod or MiUI, but yes, it has its own place and is the best fit for that.


Features of ColorOS :

  1. Apps now install around 41% faster.
  2. Automatically clearing background apps, according to your habits.
  3. When using the phone, apps running in the background will be frozen to save both battery and data.
  4. Keeping up with the current trends and mainstream aesthetics, while adding a touch of artisanship, ColorOS has created a design with simplicity in mind.


5.) TouchWiz – [ Top 5 Best ROMs For Android Device ]

TouchWiz is the touch interface created and developed by Samsung Electronics with partners, featuring a full touch user interface. TouchWiz is not a complete ROM, but if you want to get TouchWiz, you have to opt for a complete ROM which has a bundled Android version for better stability. You can see TouchWiz on various low to Hugh end Samsung devices, but it can be installable on other devices also.

Touchwiz on Samsung Galaxy S8 - Top 5 Best ROMs For Android Device
Touchwiz on Samsung Galaxy S8 – Top 5 Best ROMs For Android Device

TouchWiz is not that much great as all of the above, and the reason behind this is:- the UI lags too much on most of the versions, and it takes a very large chunk of storage space to install and Run successfully. But TouchWiz provides you some premium rare features which makes your device special and different from other devices. The text formats, lock screen, features like always on display and much more makes it a powerful structured ROM. And as Samsung developed it, we expect that all the bugs will be removed from TouchWiz soon.

Features of TouchWiz:-

1. Always-on display – TouchWiz’s always-on screen is here to give you a time read-out even when you haven’t used the phone in a couple of hours.

2. Recording of your gameplays – This smart feature puts all the games you install into one neat folder, and lets you do all sorts of clever stuff [like recording] while you’re playing.

3. A unique Camera app – The camera app of TouchWiz just gives you a very simple and clear Auto interface. More advanced settings are put at your thumb-tips and the further you dig the more modes and settings you’ll find.

4. Disabling applications – One thing TouchWiz lets you do that a lot of other interfaces don’t is to effectively uninstall any app on the phone. What disabling apps lets you do is really cut back all that app bloat.


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So friend, above are the Top 5 Best ROMs For Android Device. Did you like the article and ROMs defined in this article? Please share your opinion below. If you have any other ROM which you suggest to our readers as well as others too, please drop a comment regarding your recommendations down below and I will add your suggested recommendation. If you have any query regarding anything described this article, comment down below ad I will try to resolve your query as fast as possible. Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool!

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