Ublock Origin vs AdBlock – Which one is a Best Ad blocker for Browser

Are you confused which one Adblocker you should use, UBlock Origin or AdBlock? If yes, then this is a right place for you. Here, I am going to provide you a detailed comparison between UBlock Origin vs AdBlock so that you can select which one Ad-blocker you should install on your Device.

AdBlocker, this is a term which we heard in this tech world, especially from past few years because it is a fact that:- using any one of them became a huge discussion that “whether we have to use any one of them or not”. On the Internet, if we want to surf any content, and at the same time, suppose any Intrusive Ad Pops-Up, then think what the User think about the site’s services and management. It’s Kinda Awkward to handle these kinds of situations.

Yes, I have to accept the fact that there are some sites which are providing an awesome piece of content without filling up ads, and on the other hand, some websites are also available on the Web which is just like a “money making machine” by just putting some intrusive pop up ads, no matter what the User experience is.

So, to control and balance both kind of sites, we have to try AdBlockers by installing them and Activating on our Device’s Browser [it can be a PC, Android, or any other device].

Now, a new user just opens a browser, search for an extension for Blocking Ads and simply activate it. It’s just a wrong way as there are plenty of Softwares and extension which are acting like a “blocking ads Software”, but in actual, either they are doing nothing, or will be considered as a virus.

So, which one is best amongst all of them. In this market, there are only 2 very popular Ad Blockers – UBlock Origin and Adblock. Both extensions are powerful and compatible with some popular browsers like – Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and some others. So, let’s compare Both of them vs UBlock vs Adblock and Find Out which one is best for a daily use.


UBlock Origin vs Adblock – Which One is Best?

So friend, below is the detailed comparison which we separated according to different factors for your ease.


User Interface

User Interface plays a big role which defines that how much a user feels “Comfortable” by using any particular Application or software. UI is completely dependent on Styling, navigation, options, and settings.

So, coming on to AdBlock plus, here, you will get a nice big interface which just explains all stats, options and toggle tools on the main page.


You can do many things directly from the main page like – Enable or disable ad blocking system for any particular site, stats showing How many ads have been blocked till now, toggle some more option and play with settings along with providing feedback and report.


Moving on to UBlock Origin, here, you will get a simple looking User Interface. You will get a big looking button to activate or deactivate a blocking system on any particular site. Other things like – inspecting page elements or listing request logs are best for advanced users who have enough knowledge to play around. So, here, UBlock Origin loses the game.


Global Availability and Popularity

Global Availability matters a lot if you want a best after installing service from developers side. Suppose if any software is not available in your country and you downloaded ti using VPN and install it. Now if you had encountered any kind of error, can you get the customer support? Simply No. because it is not available officially in your country.

Now, coming on to AdBlock, here, I must have to say that it is one of the oldest and most popular extensions which is widely available worldwide and compatible with mostly every Operating systems and platforms. This extension is widely supported with popular Web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc. For Android, there is a popular ABP app, which is an official App of Adblock plus.

By default, it will only block pop-ups and intrusive ads, but you can activate other options too by just toggling up some settings.

On the other hand, Ublock origin is also a popular software which is being accepted worldwide, but the availability here is strictly limited. Well, the main reason behind this can be – they want to target any particular segment of this category for a wider positive response. That’s why, they keep their services limited to Firefox, Chrome and Apple Safari Browsers only. By default, they have all basic options enabled which make everything easier to handle.


Settings and Options provided by Them

Ok, what does a Particular software provide us in the form of some extra set of options to enable and disable them when you want? This can be easily Understandable by visiting “Settings” Tab of that extension. Same is here with our players of this game – Ublock vs Adblock.

How to visit settings page:-

  • Open your desired browsers where an extension has been installed.
  • Visit extensions Tab in which you can able to see all extensions installed on your browser.
  • Right-click on your extension and select “options” or “settings” [tab name varies from Browser or Browser].

AdBlock Plus uses one option list by default which further redirects you to another page defining preferences. On this new screen, you can normally enable or disable Non-intrusive advertising.

Ublock Origin vs Adblock - the Adblock Plus settings

Basically, these type of ads included some basic advertisements like – normal ads which are fixed and will not degrade the User experience. You can either turn on or off, but it is recommended to leave it as it is.

Ublock Origin is way ahead in this factor than another one as they are providing many valuable options which usually defines proper management. 
Ublock Origin vs Adblock - settings
It also provides you with 3rd arty filters like Enhanced Tracking, Daan Pullcok’s host file and tracking servers which leads to providing you an ample info regarding landing pages. But it leads to a massive increase in CPU and RAM utilization.

Well, as this situation defines, As one is providing only basic settings, on the other hand, the second one is giving you enhances option to play with. Here, UBlock Origin is a winner in this section of UBlock Origin vs AdBlock.



Ublock Origin vs AdBlock Plus – A comparison Table

Below I am providing you some basic stats which is showing some info regarding both competitors. It’s just a complete sum up of the overall difference between Ublock vs Adblock.

Adblock Plus UBlock Origin
Supported Browsers
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • IE
  • Firefox on Android
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
Tracking By Default Complete Basic
PC Resources Usage Low Low [when setting at normal]

High [when enhanced tracking options Enabled]

Pricing Info Free Free
User Interface and Experience Advanced options available Basic looking UI with enhanced features Available


UBlock vs AdBlock – Which one wins the Game?


Well, coming on to the main conclusion and my pick amongst Ublock Origin vs AdBlock, I must have to say that both are the good Adblockers, considering the fact that both are doing basic things in a right way along with tremendous support and availability. If Adblock is ahead in terms of User interface and Availability, Ublock Origin is way ahead in settings and option toggles.

So, as we are targeting basic PC user, I have to say that from my side, AdBlock Plus is a winner. Yes, we can use another one as an Adblock Alternative.


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So friend, above is the detailed comparison of Ublock origin vs Adblock. I hope you will get your exact answer here, and choose your desired one. Note that it is my opinion only. As everyone has their different opinions, it’s maybe possible that our opinion will not match. So, let’s create a discussion and refine it through your points.

If you have further any kind of query, I am available here to help you out. Just leave your comment below and I will try to sort it out as fast as possible. Liked it? Then please share it with others too. Will meet in our next article, till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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