Amazing Top 5 Best Discord Bots for Server you must try in 2018

what is discord bot_ top 5 discord bots

Top 5 discord bots- We all are living in a technological world where the need for machines are more than humans when there is a matter of productivity and software management. Mostly, for everything which is “digital” a server bot is included which handle all the requests easily without any hassle.

Humans created and develop the machines, but today, the value and need of the machines are more critical than human, and the reason behind this is “workload”. We, the human being can perform according to our maximum capacity after which we can’t do it otherwise the workload my harm us and give an overall bad impact.

So, we equip a machine which automatically reduces our workload and we can increase and decrease the capacity of performance according to the overall requests. Between all these things, The Term “discord bot” taken into consideration. This term is becoming popular nowadays which is really a nice way to connect with everyone.

So, let’s talk about it. We will come to know some basic info about this add-on, How it works and the Top 5 discord bots which really enhance server performance. Below are the Best discord bots you can try for your server.

Exactly What is “Discord bot”?

Today, we all use social platforms, play online games and do any online work which actually needs internet. We can’t stay online all the time, replying everyone and interact with each and every person all the time. So, in this case, we want some virtual person who can operate everything in an original way.

Everything you do on the internet, it is needed that your server should be more lightweight and streamlined so that it can work properly without any hassle. For this, we need a discord bot which makes everything smooth and steady.

How Does Discord Bot work?

Taking an example, suppose on your server, there is a member who continuously breaks your terms and condition, so you want to ban him. For this, you have to first visit their profile, then find the option by scrolling and opening options after that, you will find the ban option.

But Through Discord bot, it is much easier than your expectations. You just have to speak or write a command like- ban@name, and done 🙂 you banned him in just 10 seconds max. So, it reduces the workload by running smoother and perform quickly, leads to saving your precious time.


Top 5 Discord bots which are useful – Best Discord Bots

So friend, let’s take a look at some of the best top 5 best discord bots.

1. TypicalBot

If you want a bot which fulfills all the basic needs of managing a system, then yes, this choice is best for you. TypicalBot is a bot which is wrapped up with all useful moderation and utility features that can manage all the moderation tasks and operate all the commands smoothly.

Best Discord Bots - Best Bots for Discord - Top 10 Best Discord Bots to Enhance Your Discord Server

This bot is very easy to setup, and the main highlight in typicalBot is “you can easily add moderators to it and use them together at a time”, means if server base is very long, this bot can handle all the tasks easily.

Visit TypicalBot website here.

If we take a look at the moderation options and tools, then yes, typicalBot include options like – join/leave, join messages, ban/unban users and logs, a moderation log and queue. This bot can also send a warning message if you want to give a member the last chance.

Moving towards the utility tools department, then TypicalBot have the random user picker which is very useful while you are conducting any giveaway or giving a reward to members, a built-in straw poll creator as well as a public role system which gives users some permissions according to their usage and roles, just like a community member. For entertainment, TypicalBot includes dice rolling game, magic 8-ball as well as the quotes command for better interaction with the members.


2. Discord Dungeons

Well, this is not a simple bot which performs basic usual functions, it is something different. If you want a bot which interacts and engage all the members in one place, then this choice is right for you. This bot for server helps users to engage through role-playing game named “dungeon” which is a popular game on a server.


Best Discord Bots - Best Bots for Discord - Top 10 Best Discord Bots to Enhance Your Discord Server

Players can use commands to go on adventures, collect coins, buy items and fight or trade with other players. If you installed a discord dungeons bot on your main server, then you can also play dungeons game on your desktop [via the desktop client], on your mobile as well as on the official website, but the condition here is:- you can play on all these devices till your all devices are connected to the main server.

Use Discord Dungeons on your Discord server here.

3. Discoid

Discoid is my most favorite discord bot. And why did I like it? The answer is:- it has most everything we want to increase flexibility, interaction, and moderation on our server. It deserves to be in the top 5 discord bots list


Discoid is a bot which increases the flexibility of your server by smoothly performing tasks in moderation. You can add/leave users, ban them or even give them a warning message easily. You can also mute users get notifications as well as fetch the users and members information if you want easily on your server.

Visit the discoid website here

For interaction and entertainment, this discoid provides the commands through which we can get and send jokes and memes, streaming live music from SoundCloud and youtube and a complete support of media playback if you want to operate it manually, providing basic media playing buttons like:- play/pause, increase/decrease volume , rewind the media and create a queue of all your songs so that discoid will handle them properly and play one by one according to your desire..


4. YAGPDB [Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot]

YAGPDB - Top 5 Best Discord Bots

If you want a very basic bot which is lightweight and contains all necessary features just to handle the server properly, then you have this option:- Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot [YAGPDB]. This is one of the best discord bots due to it’s lightweight but powerful performance.

This bot is filled up with all the necessary and basic tools which help to make your server lightweight and perform smoothly while online. The main attractive feature which is included in this bot is the “dedicated control panel”.

Use YAGPDB on your server here.

You can do anything on the bot and your server just on one place which saves your time such as:- moderation of users and messages, add or remove commands, see server details and stats as well as you can set the moderation type to auto which helps to make an automatic moderation done by the bot, but I will recommend you to use manual moderation.


5. Septapus

Septapus is an all-rounder discord bot which is not only providing you basic tools, but you will get more advanced tools too along with the complete entertainment and utility tools package which helps to add more features on your server.

septapus- top 5 discord bots

This bot, Septapus contains not only the moderation features, but it also has the commands which help to make comic scenes as well as some charts which engages the server users as well as visitors at the same time. As simply communicating through texting is not a wise way to interact, as it is a bit boring, so, adding some infographics is a useful way to better communicating with members.

Use Septapus by visiting this website

You can also set reminders as well as create some lists regarding anything through this add-on. Along with that, You can do live youtube gaming streaming if you want to record gameplay. For every activity, You will easily get the notifications through this server so that all things will be up to date. A perfect discord bot if anyone wants a bot for discord server which can bo basic things as well as improvement engagement also!


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So friend, above are the complete details about discord bot and the top 5 discord bots you can use on your discord server. I hope you got to know something about best discord bots of 2018 through this article. Which one is your favorite? Let’s discuss this thing in our comments section.

If you are using any other best discord bot then please share your experience by leaving it in comments. I will appreciate you for your engagement.

If you found this article helpful, then please share it with your friends and groups. Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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