What is Apusx? How to remove Apusx.com from Chrome and Firefox

When you open your browser on Windows, did you get apusx.com as a homepage? If yes, then please be alerted. Today I will provide you complete tutorial regarding how to remove apusx.com from Chrome and Firefox. This is an easiest and 100% working trick and permanently remove Apusx.com redirection at the homepage of a browser.

What is Apusx.com? Is Apusx a virus?

From some months [in my case, it’s November], I saw that whenever I open chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox, I saw that instead of Mozilla homepage and Google homepage, there’s a new homepage is showing which have a domain name “apusx.com”. Today, millions of users are suffering from this kind of problem.

The main twist is that I didn’t make any single change in my entire windows. No software install or uninstall, no downloads and no updates [as everything is perfectly updated to their respective latest version]. Just when I opened my browser, I saw that homepage is automatically changed.

What is Apusx Redirection?

Well, I go through a complete research regarding this as it is a serious issue. Anything which is done without our confirmation or Notice. So, I dig into it and one thing I find that:- There is a search bar given on this new homepage. When you search anything from it and hit enter, then sometimes it redirects to google search results and sometimes, it redirects to parallaxsearch.com search results.

This means that this site is working as a redirector through which you will be jumped to any random search engine automatically.

Is apusx.com a Virus?

Well, frankly speaking, till now, I haven’t heard any single case regarding data theft, online threats or data leaks which have a link to this website. But as it is automatically installed in our system without any confirmation, we don’t know it’s future. This means that it has all the privileges through which that developer can make any changes in our computer [basically, it’s obvious because we had not got any prompt or notification regarding this.]

As of now, I will not say that apusx is a virus, rather than I will say that it is a re-director only.

But as I previously said, all of us don’t know about future of this new thing. In this case, we have to be alerted and remove it as of now. In future when it is completely declared an official that it is not any kind of harmful thing or site, we can regain it 🙂


How to remove apusx.com from Browser in Windows

As I previously said, you need to be alerted and delete apusx as of now. But how? Below is the complete process to remove apusx from PC.

First things first, Some precautions and requirements

  • You must be logged in to your computer as an admin, not as a secondary user. As you need some admin privileges, this is a must step.
  • You must know how to remove a virus from computer manually without using any antivirus software. In case you know some basic info, that’s accepted.
  • You have a rich experience regarding registry editing and advanced computer operations, s that in case if anything goes in the wrong direction, you can recover it easily.

If you aren’t able to fulfill or agree with any of these precautions, I will strictly recommend you to now use this trick. Because moving further can completely be screwed up your windows and you will be liable for it.


First Step – Uninstall Apusx and all unknown software from Control Panel

1.) Open Control panel. [open it by clicking on windows icon and type “control panel” and then click on it. Or, just press windows+R key and type control panel, then it “enter“].

2.) Now, click on “Uninstall a Program“. A new window will open in which all installed software which is presented on your PC will be showed up along with their details like version, install date, publisher info, etc.

3.) Find for “apusx.com”. In case if you didn’t find it, then go through all installed programs and remove that ones which you didn’t installed manually or are completely unknown. Be sure that it includes all system apps too. If you uninstalled any system application, then your computer may be showing errors dialog box. So, before removing any software, confirm its details be searching on google.

Second Step – Remove Apusx from Browsers [We used Chrome and Firefox here].

1.) Open Your Browser. As we are using chrome, I will guide it. Click on three dots which are available on the top-right side of your computer screen [just below close button].

2.) Now, a new menu will be opened. In that, click on more tools option. Further, a new drop-down will be opened. In that, click on an “extension” option. If you are using any other browser, then you just have to open extensions menu.

3.) Now, a new menu will be opened in which you can see all extensions which are installed and activated on your browser. Just, go through all extensions and remove those which are unknown or seems harmful.

Final Step – Delete malicious files of Apusx.com from Registry.

1.) Open Registry editor by pressing windows +R key, then type Regedit in Run window and hit Enter.

2.) Find for registry files which contain this data:-

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionvirus name
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun ‘Random’ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionRandom

3.) After locating any file which contains above-written data, simply delete them and update reg file. It will replace all the affected cordings to a normal one in real-time. Note that you did everything right as doing it in a wrong way can ruin your User experience badly.


Precautions to take after removing Apusx.com from browser

Deleting this kind of thing is not an easy process. I hope that you also feel this. So, for confirming that this will not get back in future, you have to follow some precautions, here they are:-

  • Be sure that all your applications will be perfectly updated to their respective latest version and not any unknown file will be available on your computer.
  • Be aware of all spam emails and delete them continuously, as emails use cookies of your browser for your convenience.
  • Please try to stay away from porn and spam websites or websites which have continuous random redirection.
  • Only install software and download file which is trusted and is completely official.
  • In case if Apusx.com redirection will appear again on your web browser, try to follow each and every step one more time till you solve it. Well, in my case, I didn’t need to repeat this process anymore.


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So friend, above is your perfect answer to what is apusx.com and how to remove it. I hope you will be able to successfully delete this homepage and got that default homepage. Did your browser was infected with this redirection site? Please leave your opinion below. In case if you had encountered any problem regarding following these above steps, you can leave a comment and I will try to solve it as fast as possible.

If you liked it, then please share this article with your friends and groups and make them aware of this. Will meet in our next article, Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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