What is BTC miner? How BTC miner works? All About Bitcoin Mining

BTC miner

Want to mine bitcoins? Firstly, let’s understand what BTC Miner is and how Bitcoin miner works. Then you should choose some best BTC miners for Bitcoin Mining and earn Bitcoin for free in 2018. It is a complete guide regarding Bitcoin mining and how to do so along with its types and more info.

Bitcoin, this is a word which is now a very popular trend all over the world. In this case, we purchase some bitcoins and save them in wallets. If you want more Bitcoins, then you should start bitcoins mining. Now, you have to select the best BTC miner which helps you to mine them with full security.

I think you already knew that what is bitcoin? right? If no, then don’t worry friend, in short-term, “BTC is a cryptocurrency which is a digital currency and completely dependent on its popularity and its users. You can use them for transaction, payments and invest them for getting more returns in future.” For more details, today we will provide you full details of BTC miner and How Bitcoin mining works. Le’s move on:-


What is BTC miner?

Well, when you heard the term BTC, every time, there is a term attached which says “bitcoin mining”. If you know how cryptocurrency works in real life, then you should know about mining.

When you purchase or sell bitcoins, or do any transaction using Bitcoins, like- purchase anything from any online stores and doing the payment through BTC or any other cryptocurrency, then there is one gateway through which you can securely transfer it to any other without any unsuccessful attempt.

what is BTC miner and how it works

This payment will be done by bitcoin miners. Through BTC miner, you can easily mine bitcoins and complete all transactions of other and get free BTC as a reward for a successful transaction. Yes, this is the best way to earn bitcoin for free and proper utilization of your PC.


How does Bitcoin Miner work?

Yes, here I want to give you an example:-

Suppose you are doing an online shopping through Amazon or Flipkart or any other big service. There, when you added a product in the cart and going forward to select a payment method, there if you select a debit card, then you will directly be forwarded to a payment gateway of that bank whose debit card you are using for successful payment. And then, you successfully created a transaction for it securely. Right?

Yes, same is the case with BTC miner. As you know, this cryptocurrency has not any kind of bank or physical details itself, this means that the transaction process is divided further to any other mediums and machines so that the payment can be done securely and in a faster way.

Suppose if you are doing a transaction and want to pay the amount through bitcoins, then when you selected the payment mode and entered your BTC ID, then what system have to do is:- they are searching for the nearest BTC miner who is mining Bitcoins, and connect your payment gateway with that person. There, that miner will complete your transaction and your payment will be successful in this faster and secured way.

Bitcoin mining can be done in 2 ways:-

  • Solo Bitcoin Miner – If your computer is very powerful and you can keep your PC turned on 24*7 without any break, then you should choose for Solo Bitcoin Miner. As all the BTC transaction will be depended on you, then keep this thing in mind that the specifications of your computer should be very powerful, and you can earn Bitcoin for free too.
  • Pool Bitcoin Miner- If your PC is not that powerful, just a normal computer which has normal specifications, then you should go for Pool Bitcoin Miner. Here, what this will do is:- this will create a network containing all pool Bitcoin miner available near your area and create your kind of group. And you all will mine bitcoins and get free bitcoin in reward. Most of the users use the Pool Bitcoin Miner so that they can earn from their normal computer. In this, for more time you can let your PC opened, more you will earn.


Majority of the users will go for Pool Bitcoin Mining, and the main reasons are:-

  • You can use your normal PC for mining Bitcoins
  • You don’t have to keep your PC turned on for 24*7. Just the thing is, more time you keep your PC turned on, more reward you will get as a BTC.
  • It’s easy and reliable as the terms and conditions are more flexible here as compared to Solo Bitcoin mining.
  • You don’t have any kind of further restrictions or load for pool bitcoin mining management. Everything will be managed automatically.


What are the benefits of Bitcoin mining

So, first, we got information about “what is Bitcoin miner”, then we will learn “how BTC miner works”, now, it’s time to know that what are the advantages of Bitcoin mining. Let’s get an answer:-

  • First, you will get rewards after you completed the transaction successfully. This is dependent on for how much time you mine bitcoins and how many transactions you helped to be completed.
  • You will broaden your knowledge which is related to bitcoins which will help you in future.
  • As you know the value of Bitcoin is increasing day by day, the value of bitcoin you reserved today through mining will automatically be increased after some days. Then you can transfer them to your wallet which will give you further benefits.

Only you have to install a software, create your BTC account and done. You can easily do BTC mining without any hassle.


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So friend, above are all about BTC miner you need to know. If you the best BTC miner, then comment below and I will provide you my recommendation. Do you think that Bitcoin value will cross 50000$ mark in 2018? Let’s discuss this thing in our comments section. After watching its current trend, I think everyone should invest their money in bitcoins as the main reason behind the bitcoin value increase is customers itself. As the number of Bitcoins is limited, I think investing in BTC has its own advantages.

If you have any query regarding Bitcoin mining and how Bitcoin Mining works, then friend, the comment box is especially for you. You have to just comment there and our experts will try to solve your query as fast as possible. Sharing is caring, Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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