What is the full form of MI and Xiaomi ? Little shocking history

What is the full form of MI and Xiaomi? – We all are using Smartphones, especially, Android smartphones. So, it’s little familiar that we want to know more details of the company whose smartphone we are using, right? As you know, in smartphone budgets segment, 2 segments are most popular, one is tight budgeted segment [2000-5000rs.] and another one is the “mid-range” segment  [10000- 25000rs.]. You will be amazed to know this thing, but the complete analysis shows that over 50% of smartphone users are coming in these 2 categories, and 40% smartphone users are coming from mid-range budget segment alone.

Xiaomi is the of the top companies in India which are manufacturing smartphones. Mostly the smartphones manufactured by Xiaomi are coming in the mid-range smartphones budget segment and they are offering the top-notch quality and performance in that range, that’s why Xiaomi is ruling in India currently. So, why not we do the complete analysis of Xiaomi? So, let’s get to know that What is the full form of MI and Xiaomi?

What is the full form of MI and Xiaomi?

So friend, let’s  get deep into it and get the exact answer of What is the full form of MI and Xiaomi?


Xiaomi is able to win millions of heart because of its product, competitive price and overwhelming support. As you know, exactly 3 to 4 years ago, if you want to purchase high-end smartphones which have the top-notch performance and uniqueness, then you have to set the price budget of “40000 or more rupees”. But Xiaomi analyzed this market and set their decision to provide those features and uniquenc=ness to use in more than half of its budget. So, xiaomi made their first smartphone and provide all these features to it, named it as “MI 1”.

What is the full form of MI and Xiaomi? - MI logo
What is the full form of MI and Xiaomi? – MI logo

Complete origin and full form of Xiaomi

Yes, at that time, the Xiaomi company name is “MI”. Here I want to provide the “full form of MI”. The full form of MI is- “Mobile Internet”, as well as “Mission Impossible”. Means they want to provide the smartphone which connects you with the whole world in the very low and competitive [mission impossible] price.

At that time, they planned to launch only one smartphone. they have no any further plans at that time.  But after the spectacular success of MI 1, they planned to launch a complete series of smartphone. As they already added an “MI” in this series, they planned to change the company name from MI to Xiaomi and set the word “MI” to the smartphone series name.

Here, there is the reason behind the name “xiaomi”. Actually, the meaning of last 2 words of xiaomi you already knew [described above my friend], the thing which remained to know is “meaning of XIAO”. Well, the meaning of XIAO is “rice grains” which they want to mean that hey will provide you more options on smartphones, but the budget will remain same or near to their pre-planned motive, more feature, less price.

So, that’s why, this company is called as “xiaomi” and now, they are on the NO.1 as of 2017 in India, got the tag “India’s best selling smartphone manufacturer”.

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So friend, above is your detailed exact answer of “What is the full form of MI and Xiaomi?”. What’s your opinion on this? Did you get your answer to their company name selection and origin? Let’s discuss in comments. If you have any query regarding the origin of Xiaomi, then yes, the comment box is for you. Just leave your comment there. If you liked this article, then please share this as far as possible. Till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.



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