What is TTY Mode? How to enable and use TTY mode on Android and iOS

Do you want to know what is TTY mode in Mobile phones and what equipments are needed for that? If yes, then you are exactly at a right place. Here, I will provide you the exact answers to:- TTY mode meaning, it’s functions, benefits and How to use TTY mode on Android and iOS and enable it.

Today, we are living in a technological world where the only thing which keeps everything running is – “Innovation”. Yes, Innovation is everything and that leads to providing us those features in real life which we can’t even expect. Today, most of the phone users are actually using Smartphones which is loaded up with tons of features.

In the bunch of features, there’s an underrated feature existing on our Android and iOS device which is named as a “TTY Mode”. What does TTY mean? How to enable it and why it is needed? Today, we will get some perfect answers to these simple questions.


What Does TTY Mean?

TTY which is an abbreviation of “TeleTypeWriter” is actually a device that allows deaf or hearing-impaired individuals to communicate via the telephone by typing text messages. If we take a flashback of technology and it’s gadgets, then you will find that TeleTYpewriter is actually an equipment, a different gadget which can be used only for TeleType Writing purposes. The original TeleTYpewriter machines contain an acoustic coupler which holds the telephone handset receiver and recycled teletype machines to transcribe the incoming messages easily.

But now, this scenario had been completely changed. Now, we don’t need any kind of particular device for using that feature. Today, most of the cell phones and smartphones are compatible with TTY mode which performs the same activity as TeleTYpewriter equipment did. You only have to play with some settings and done 🙂

As it is an accessibility feature [yes, it’s obvious because it is an extra feature which can be specially enabled for helping a hearing Impaired person, that’s why it can be called as an accessibility feature] it is not popular as of now. But in actual, it is really helpful and must have feature for each and every smartphone.


How to Enable TTY mode On Android and iOS

So friend, above I provided you some of the basics which are needed to understand what is TTY mode. But now, its time to understand How to start TTY mode on Android and iOS platform. So, Here’s your answer:-


How to use TTY mode on Android

Step 1 – For Enabling TTY on Android, firstly, unlock your device and tap on Dialer Icon [icon through which you will get a dialpad] or alternatively, you can open phonebook and swipe from left to right, that will also open this same thing.

Step 2 – Now, tap on 3 dots, you can able to see a new menu. In that, you have to tap on “settings” option.

Step 3 – Now, under the settings, tap on “call settings”. There, you will be able to see an option named “TTY mode”.

Step 4 – Just tap on it and select any of the TTY FULL / HCO / VCO options. Done! TeleTYpewriter mode is enabled on your Android device. Just use this feature and enjoy 🙂


How to start TTY mode On iPhone or any iOS device

Step 1 – Firstly, unlock your device and head on to Settings.

Step 2 – Under settings, choose an option named “phone”. Now, turn on the TTY mode just by toggling up that slider to “On” position [you just have to tap on that grey toggle button to make it colorful, simplest way 🙂 ]

Step 3 – Now, through an audio Jack or 3.5 MM jack Adapter, connect TTY device to your iOS device.

Step 4 – Done 🙂 You are good to Go!


Note – Just note this thing that after enabling TeleTYpewriter feature, you can’t able to make or receive any video call [if supported by your device]. Along with that, some of the settings will not work normally. If you want to roll back this feature and disable it, just follow the above-provided process and in the last step, just disable it instead of Enabling. So, just use this feature only when it is needed. If you are going to enable it for discovery purposes, then trust me, you are going to lost some features.


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So friend, above I provided some detailed answers to – TTY mode meaning, it’s purpose and uses, why it is needed and how to use TTY on Android and iOS device. I hope, now you will be able to get some info about this new feature.


Enable TTY Mode – Wrapping Things Up

Here, I will recommend you to use this feature only when there is an actual need for it. As after enabling it, some of the most important features regarding Calls will not Work Properly, it will be highly recommended to use it only when really needed. When I enabled it, the video calling feature had been disabled So, after testing it, I reverted everything back to normal.

Well, did you knew about this feature earlier? and if yes, did you used it? Please share your experience regarding this. Liked it? Then please kill that share button and share it with your friends and groups. In case if you had encountered any kind of error while enabling it on your Android or iOS device, then you can comment below your query and I will try to sort it out as fast as possible.

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