Whatsapp Backup Android – Take Complete Backup of Whatsapp Chats

If you want to transfer or re-install your WhatsApp app to or on your android phone respectively, then you have to take a complete WhatsApp backup on Android. But how? How to take complete Whatsapp Backup Android? Today I will provide you a best possible answer for that. You can take a complete Whats App android backup of chats, audio, video, and images easily and save it for preventing future.

Why is a complete Backup of WhatsApp needed?

If you know what backup means and why should we reserve a back up for everything, then you can simply skip this part and scroll down to our main heading regarding how to take a backup on WhatsApp. If you are interested to know about this, let’s move on friend:)

Backup is a very important aspect if you are doing anything related to any operating system and software. As we all know, future is unpredictable. We don’t know what will happen in future regarding our Application or OS. So for preventing from any kind of future circumstances, we will take a backup.

Suppose if you are in a conversation with your friend, sharing some important information or doing any work for which you send continuous updates to your friend through Whats App in the form of text, images or video. But suddenly, your WhatsApp app is crashed showing “working stopped” popup. Then you restarted it and it is crashing every time.

whatsapp crashed

For resolving this problem, you re-install WhatsApp application from playstore. You opened it and now it is working fine. But suddenly, you found that all your chats, conversations, media files and databases had been lost. At that time, you didn’t take any single backup. At that time, you will be like:- “what is this mess? Where is my all data gone? How to recover it?”.

For prevention of these type of cases, a complete WhatsApp back up is needed which will be saved to your Android system storage or google drive. We will further discuss this, later on, now, let’s get to our main content.


How to take a complete WhatsApp Backup on Android

So friends below is the complete step by step process of taking a complete back up of WhatsApp chats and media.

Step 1 – Tweaking some settings

Open your Whats App application. After then Tap on 3 dots which are available at the top right corner of the app screen. After then, a new menu will open. Then tap on an option which has a quoted name as “settings”.

Step 2 – Moving on to Chatting options

After tapping on settings, now, you will get a new window through which you can change DP, status, name, notifications, chat options, etc. You have to tap on “chats”.

Step 3 – Selecting Backup

Ater selecting Chats, a new window will be flashed up on your mobile screen. In that, you have to single tap on “chat backup” option.

Step 4 – Taking a complete Whatsapp Backup Android including chat back up

Now, you will get an option to take a backup of your chats. It will incuse all databases too. But there is a twist in this. You can generate and save back up in 2 places, one on your Android device storage and another one on Your google drive account which can also be called as Google WhatsApp backup.

If you want to save your backup on your cloud storage due to onboard storage issues, then I will refer you to save a backup on google drive. You just have to connect google drive account with WhatsApp using your Gmail ID and take a Google WhatsApp backup.

complete whatsapp backup of chats

If your device has lots of free storage and your internet connection is kind of “temporary”, then storage backup is a perfect option for you. You don’t have to teaks any settings for this 🙂

After setting up all these settings, just tap on “back up” button which is green in color. Congrats, your complete backup is in progress and will be saved automatically from here 🙂

Bonus Step – Reducing You Load

You don’t want to take a complete backup by following this process every time. It is a little time taking the process as when a back up is in the process, you can’t do anything on WhatsApp. In this case, for less interruption and reducing your workload, you can easily schedule a backup. It means that a complete backup of your WhatsApp account will be automatically generated and saved without any hassle. But how? Here’s your answer:-

When you are on the 4th step, where you are generating a backup, There, if you just take a look, you will find an option named “back up to Google Drive”. Only you have to do is:- tap on that option and select a duration. You can select daily, weekly or monthly. I will recommend you to tap into “Daily”. Through this, a complete backup will be generated on a daily basis and saved to your storage and google drive.


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So friend, above is the complete process of taking a complete WhatsApp backup android. I described all these things in detail so that if anyone wants to go through some basic info, then he/she can. But in case if you had encountered any kind of problem regarding taking whats app back up on an Android phone, then you can comment your query below and I will solve your query as fast as possible.

Well, according to you, is WhatsApp the best platform for real-time chatting? If no, then please share your conversation app or mode in our comment section. Liked it? Then please ht that share button and share it with your friends and groups. Will meet in our next article, Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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