ZTE Blade A6 Max Pictures & user manual revealed by FCC

ZTE blade a6 max

After getting some huge success for ZTE by providing is Best Value for money devices, now some leaks suggesting that they started the production work of their upcoming smartphone Named  ZTE blade A6 Max. After the quick success of Blade A3, now they moved a step ahead which is nice.

Recently, we got an exclusive ZTE BLADE A6 Max details leaked by FCC Through which we got some Picture while it is getting certified. There is a new device which is manufactured by ZTE Corporation which has gone in the testing phase and at last, the FCC ID was “SRQ-ZTEBLADEA6MAX”, which suggests that the smartphone will be named as “ZTE blade A6 Max”.

By the way, you can take a look at some of the pictures provided below of ZTE Blade A6 max [click on an image to enlarge it]:-

So, above are the pictures in which you will get the sneak peek of the front side of ZTE Blade A6 Max, the inner side of it with battery and without battery, as well as a manual which is leaked at the time of getting certified.

What do these leaks say?

The manual suggests that the proximity sensor, front camera, earpiece and indicator light on the top front side of smartphone, volumes and power button at the right edge of ZTE Blade A6 max. The main antennas will be available on the lower side of the back of smartphone and WiFi antenna will be available on the top side of ZTE blade A6 Max. This is a strange thing because usually, the main antenna we can found on the upper side.

One thing which can be analyzed by looking at the pictures can be said that the front side of smartphone have the very fewer bezels display from the left and right edges, and as we can see that there is lot of space provided below the display, maybe there are the capacitive Navigation buttons available on the ZTE Blade A6 max. As we can see clearly in the picture, the capacity of the battery written on the cover of the battery is showing 3900 Mah.

Well, regarding its detailed ZTE Blade A6 max specifications and software information, there is not any special update as of now, but we are working hard to get it as fast as possible. So, you can stay tuned to our blog, we will update it :).

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So, above are the complete details about ZTE Blade A6 max we got till now. How’s the performance of ZTE in 2017? Is it good in your opinion? Let’s discuss this in the comments section. If you have any query regarding anything described in this article, then you can freely ask your query through the comments section provided below. If you want to recommend us anything, then you can contact us or drop a comment quoting your recommendation and I will take a look at it and be in touch with you.

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