Top 5 best apps that you should use to upgrade your Android experience

Everyone want to upgrade their experience with their tech gadget, and android smartphone is on the first spot. We want to upgrade android experience at the level we want. ​Each month, we see various apps coming to the Google Play Store; and now, while amongst them, there are many which manage to make quite a mark on us. The month has almost come to an end and with it numerous apps. But fret not, there are a few apps which have managed to win the hearts of many, right from the new users to the critics alike. Let’s get the best out of that list of 5 best apps to upgrade android experience, shall we??

List of 5 best apps to upgrade your Android Experience :-

 So my friend, let’s start with our short and sweet list of top 5 best apps to upgrade your android experience. 

WiFi Spy Detector – 

Frankly, all of us know that what haven’t we used to check out if our WiFi is being used by others, right? But now, you don’t have to do all that. Now, all you need to do is to download an app ‘WiFi Spy Detector’. This app will help you to check who is using your network connections without your knowledge. This app comes off more as a security tool, and this is your best bet if you want to check your home WiFi connection.

Photopills – 

Even though this is quite a new app, it has gained the love of many camera lovers. This is such an app which will let you calculate the position of the sun, moon and the milky way. In this way, you will able to figure out which is the best time of the day for you to capture photos. If you are a fan of photography and spend more time on capturing photos and selfies, then, this app is ideal for you.

Audvel – 

If you a fan of podcasts, then this app is for you. Even though this app is just like any other podcasts app out there, but it is free and has quite a nice material-design inspired user interface that is very easy to use.

GameSpot Now – 

If you are a fan of games, then, this app is for you. This app will provide you with all types of news relating to games and entertainment along with featuring many images of the current as well as of the upcoming games in which you will be interested.

Bark – 

This app has quite a following among the parents. It is an app which helps the parents to keep their children safe – you guessed it – online. This app links all the social media accounts as well as messages, and if any signs of cyberbullying or inappropriate behaviour show up, this app will send alerts to the parents.
So friend, now were at the end of our list of  ” Top 5 Android apps to improve android experience ” . Did you like these apps? Do you want to share any other best android apps from your side? Let’s meet-up through comment section and share your experience and drop your opinion there. If you played any of these apps discusses above, then please share our experience through comment section. We’ll love to hear your side my friend. Till then, Build Best, Stay Cool!

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