7 Best Combat Car Racing Games for Android You Must Play In 2018

Here is the good news for combat car racing lovers. Many Android game developers have released their new combat racing car games or release new updates in 2018. In this article, we have discussed 7 best combat car racing games for Android, you should try this year.

Clash for Speed

Clash for Speed is nerve-wracking 3D combat car racing game that is designed to offer an enhanced gaming experience. It allows you to draw your own 3D track to race on most dangerous roads. Here, you can make more complex tracks to earn more trophies which you can use to explore more options in a game.

This is its unique feature that makes this game one of the best 3D car racing games. As you level up in the game more options will be unlocked for you to enhance your gaming experience. In other features, it offers upgradable cars & weapons, multiple game environments, on-road & off-road obstacles, original car stickers, upgradable tires and more. Here, you will get a guide for the game in the form of Speed Hog who is an intergalactic character who owns the planets in the game. Above all this amazing game is available for free!


Furious Death Car Snow Racing

This powerful car racing game brings you to the snow racing simulator where you will face ruthless enemies. While driving on off-road tracks you can use Gatling guns and fire missiles on enemies to destroy them. During the race, you will encounter with extremely skillful drivers who are trained hard to challenge you. It even offers bounty shooting missions during the game. Here, you will experience a zero-degree temperature environment to increase the excitement of the game. This game is simply defined by a straight rule to kill or get killed. During the race, you will find the nitro-boosted cars to drive on asphalt tracks. In other features, it offers a rocket & missile launcher, 8 rival cars, smash effect, realistic snow environment, powerful shooting simulator and more.


Death Racing Fever

Death Racing Fever is a free 3D car racing game that is designed to offer you maximum speed & power. To begin with, you get a car full of gas to attain the maximum power on asphalt tracks. While racing on these tracks, you will face ground bombings, road mines and more that are meant to stop you.

Further, you will encounter attacks from enemies with military trucks, armored cars, automatic shields and more. To defend yourself you will get a chance to drive an indestructible and upgradable car with advanced weaponry. It offers 10 thrilling racing missions to test your skills. Further, it offers stunning 3D graphics and realistic background sound.


Flying Car Shooting Battle

Flying Car Shooting Battle offers realistic HD robot cars flying experience while giving you the chance to fight. It gives you the opportunity to experience Jet flight simulator and real flight simulator at the same time. It offers epic military air combat experience where you can indulge yourself in dogfight battle. It gives you the opportunity to test your Jet flying skills to destroy enemies. It even offers numerous types of Gatling guns that you can use to beat enemies in seconds. In other features, it offers dynamic lighting, destruction effects, realistic sound, real military environment, advanced fighter cars, realistic 3D graphics, user-friendly GUI & controls and more.


Racing Combat

Try this multiplayer racing battle game to experience one of the best combat car racing games. It forces to put your best to win the race and stay in top position. As you start winning trophies, more options will be unlocked in the game for you. It allows you to upgrade power drivers to destroy enemies in real-time. You can even explore different cards with features like spells, gadgets, and weapons. You can enjoy this powerful game with 2-4 players in real-time from around the world. Here, you will find more than 25 customized cars that you can use to earn cards. In other features, it offers multiple device linking, 5 powerful race tracks, multiple language support, comment your opponent and more.


Death Racing Rivals 3D

This powerful game offers you realistic & thrill-filled shooting missions and fast car racing experience. Here, you need to drive at intense high-speed to win the race. During the game, you will face real destruction and damage. It offers high definition 3D graphics and realistic sound effects to improve your gaming experience. You can enjoy this amazing death car race with easy controls and navigation.

It offers powerful guns & ammunition and powerful cars for an adrenaline rush. You can experience this immersive physics gameplay while driving into different environments. You can enjoy this thrilling car racing game with death road simulation, powerful cars & weapons.


Cyberline Racing

Cyberline Racing offers ultimate car racing experience where you need to fight against numerous opponents to win the races and stay in top position. It offers you numerous weapon options which you can load in your powerful cars to destroy the enemies in seconds. During the game, you need to dodge the enemy cars with missiles and destroy the enemy to reach the top position. It will bring you back to the past civilization of discarded androids and murderers. As these demons have nothing to lose, they will be more vicious. Here, you not only fight to win but it is also for survival. In other features, it offers the huge arsenal of weapons, easy leaderboards, stunning combat cars, epic upgrades, 1000+ career events, 100+ upgrade levels, multiple unique game modes and more.


Best Android Games – Conclusion

While there are abundant combat car racing games available on Google Play Store, it was a tough job to select top 7 android racing games for you. If we have missed your favorite combat car racing game in the list, feel free to comment below.

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