About Us [BuildMeBest Journey]

Hi friends, Kunal Gola here, founder and owner of BuildMeBest. Well, I am hoping that you are in love with this Website [well, that’s why you dig into it and want to know more about this site]. So, what I am thinking is “why not should I share some of the experiences and history regarding this Website?” Yes, let’s discuss some of the interesting facts and details about BuildMeBest, How this journey was started, the Exact reason behind the name and tagline and much more.

So, let’s increase our pace and move on 🙂


How BuildMeBest Started?

There’s a very interesting story behind this. Basically, I was an employee who worked at some of the reputable brands and offices just for the sake of experience [yes, real-time experience]. So, there I saw that everyone is just performing as a rat race. Everyone is trying to be ahead with others. Some want promotions and some want incentives. Well, that’s looking nice according to the perspective of “Brand Performance” but according to human development and skills generation, No, everyone is lagging behind due to that rat race.

My main intention is to analyze overall environment [well, that’s why I am a proud “Introvert”]. So, everywhere I saw that no one is focusing on doing analysis and developing Technical Skills. At that time, I took a deep breath and thought “How about sharing some of my technical skills and helping everyone out from this amazing platform?”

And that leads to giving this Blog “BuildMeBest” a kick-start.


Why BuildMeBest and what is “Build Best, Stay Cool”?

Everyone wants to be best in their particular field. So, what I was thinking is “I should select a name which will benefit others and me too”. Firstly, I thought about Build Best. But initially, just for the sake of creativity, I changed the name and converted it to “BuildMeBest”.

The tagline “Build Best Stay Cool” defines that you have to make yourself better day by day and build everything according to their top-notch possible performance, but stay calm and cool [well, if you perform anything with a cool and stable mind, it will be beneficial for you and your work too 🙂 ]


Some facts about BuildMeBest:-

1.) This website was started on June 21, 2017 [well, the domain was purchased on 9 April 2017 but in actual, I started working on this site on 21 June].

2.) I got the Initial Push in 2018 [well, I am hoping to improve it further along with some major upgrades].

3.) On Alexa, yes, I crossed some of the major milestones too, but I don’t want to discuss them here because I believe in relations, not competition 🙂

4.) Previously, when I reserved this domain, I thought to create a motivational site. But as I am a techie and technology is my strong point, I focused on that only.


So friend, this I all about Build Me Best. I hope you will like it and love this kind of journey. Well, please share your experience and some scope of improvements in the comments section provided below and I assure you that I will consider all your feedback for sure. Will meet again if you liked this site, till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.