How to add Google Play Music Widget on Lock screen – Easiest Method

If you use google play music as a default music player, then I think you also try to add google play music widget on lock screen of android phone. Right? If yes, and don’t know how to do it, then you are at right place. Today I Will provide you full process of “add google play music widget on lock screen of any Android device”. Here we go.

Google play music is one of the best music players for android till now, and the main reason behind this is:- continuously analyzing customers need and introducing them be adding features through updates. We all want that we can add the widget of Google play music to lock screen because:-

  • It can give a new look at lock screen
  • You can navigate through next and previous music in one tap without unlocking
  • Play and pause music easily without any hassle.
  • Check directly from lock screen that “which song is currently playing”.

But the problem is:- in stock Android, we can’t add any widget to lock screen. For that, we have to use a third party lock screen app which will give you that features, but take off that simple look. In this case, we only have to trim all those features and use that app alone for the music player which is not a right way.

So, how to add Google Play Music Widget at Lockscreen? Let’s find out the exact answer and process of adding a widget on lock screen of android phone.

How to add Google Play Music Widget on Lock screen

So friends, let’s get started with our process of adding google play music widget to lock screen of android mobile:-

Things to be noted before adding widget to lock screen:-

  • Your Android device should be rooted so that we can get the privilege of adding a widget to the Android lock screen.
  • Xposed Module should be flashed on your device. In case if it is not installed, I will help you out. Don’t worry, just leave a comment below quoting your android mobile name.
  • That’s it 🙂 Let’s move on


Add play music widget on android lock screen

So friend, below is the complete step by step process:-

add Google Play Music Widget on Lockscreen
add Google Play Music Widget on Lockscreen
  • I hope your device is rooted and Xposed module enabled.
  • Now, open Xposed installer and tap on “add module/ download”.
  • Now, search for “lock screen widgets”. You will get an extension with this same file name.
  • Then tap on it and install it. After installing, it tells you to reboot your android device so that this module can be enabled.

I hope you followed above provided steps thoroughly. Now, it’s time to add Google play music widget on android lock screen. So, here we go:-

  • Unlock your device and open “lock screen widgets” app.
  • There, you can see many options, just leave all of them alone and scroll down, you will get an option to “add widgets” or “+ icon”. Just Tap On it.
  • ow, you have to select your desired size of Play music widget app. Basically, I will recommend you to use 1X4 one. You can add any size, but this one is perfect for the android lock screen.
  • Done? Now, you can see in that a widget is showing in lock screen widgets app. You can resize it according to your need.
  • At last, just save and apply settings and done 🙂 . You can see that a Google play music widget is added to the Android lock screen.


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So friend, above is the complete answer of “How to add Google Play Music Widget on Lock screen”. I hope you will get the exact answer and applied this tutorial successfully on your device by adding a google play music widget on lock screen of android mobile. Done? Congrats!.

If No, then you can comment by quoting a point where you had encountered a problem while adding play music widget at the android lock screen and I will try to solve it as fast as possible. If you find this tutorial helpful, then please share it with your friends and groups so that they can also apply this same thing. Will meet in our next article, Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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