Google Play Protect – What is it? How to install and use it? Why Google Play Protect is needed?

Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect – Android, which is one of the biggest platform for Smartphone users, was recently got affected by malware. Recently you saw a bulk of malware viruses and Ransom-ware attacked the whole world, Mainly on two Operating system Platforms:- One is Windows and another is ” Android “. Today we will get to know all about Google play protect, a new feature which google launched to prevent our device from Malware as well as just an introduction to the affect of malware on windows and how did they overcome from it.

So, before directly get into the detailed data of Android feature that google launched, firstly we will gather the information on how these Malware get into our device and why google took an action towards it, by launching a new feature. Let’s Find out.


Exactly How Malware and Ransomware entered into our PC and smartphone in recent time?


First, we will talk about windows. For devices running on a windows platform, These Malware and ransom-ware are installed only by downloading an image and open it, according to the latest reports and analysis of Wanna-cry Ransomware…Unbelievable ! Hackers played their Game.


Now, it’s time for Android. In android devices, the case was more complicated. In Android, first, hackers simply created an app and upload on Android app stores like Play store, 9 apps and more. At that time, there was no malware. Then after creating a heavy user database, they simply launch an update for that app and as the user update their app, BOOM! Yes, here also, Hackers Played their game!

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How users get rid of that Malware and Ransomware ?


For Windows Users, there had been many researches, testings as well has implementing phases, and all of these are done by windows specialists and software developer. They Thoroughly analyzed the situation, exactly how the malware injected? Then they found the exact way to beat that malware and bring back the trust of windows user. They simply crated a software and share it with infected PCs. A last, Software developer and windows Specialists Won.


Google Play Protect
Google Play Protect

Now, it’s time for Android. as you know, google didn’t share any kind of information to it’s users which is related to Back-end processes [coding in normal language]. So, google played a role of ” One Man Army ” here. They analyze the malware, and created and launch a new feature named Google Play Protect, which at that time helped infected users a lot. Basically Google launched a feature only for Infected smartphone users at that time, but now, it’s publicly available on play store.


So, now we will talk about Google Play Protect, it’s features, how to setup it and more

After the vast epidemic of malware shadow over Android smartphones, here’s the new hero, the Google Play Protect. Google Play Protect which is recently publicly available on play store, filled up several features that were completely separate until now. This small yet powerful app offers malware scanning, lost phone tracking and locking, and Chrome Safe Browsing.

The newly introduced anti-malware features is powered by the Google’s machine learning platform to monitor apps for any kind of suspicious behavior, and they are found any suspicious activity on any of the app installed, This app simply take n action towards it and remove them from your phone before they can cause damage.

You may be perplexed, wondering if Android had built-in malware scanning before. Yes, it did, but Google was very bad at making that known.

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Let’s take a Look At Quick features of Google Play Protect :-

Features of Google Play Protect
Features of Google Play Protect
  1. Automatically remove malware without any Hassle
  2. Continuously scan your device and secure it by running all in Background
  3. Keep your android device far from Anonymous person, they couldn’t get into it
  4. Never lost your Device, if lost, you can find it Easily now.
  5. Verify the app before you Install any new app, leading to scan 50 billion apps a day.
  6. Browse internet safe, if there’s any suspicious activity found, this app warns you at a time.


Let’s learn how Google Play Protect will work:

Google Play protect proved to be the best Anti malware for android device platform. If you are here till now, then i am 100% sure that you are very curious to know that exactly how Google Play protect works?

So, here’s your Answer.

After you download or update the latest Google play services, you will find Google Play Protect. Google Play Protect checks all apps available on your Smartphone and when you download new apps from play store. It also scans your device periodically through a already setup schedule.

In case If play protect finds a potentially harmful app, it stops the app from running, and may:

  • Warn you:- If an app is detected that may be harmful to your device, you’ll get a notification. These kind of apps can be a malware. To remove the app, tap Uninstall on the notification.
  • Automatically Remove the app :-  In some cases, if the app is detected to be a powerful malware, google play protect automatically removes them and you may get a notification saying the app was removed.

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How to Get and activate Google Play Protect ?

First, Google play protect will be pre-installed on the latest google play services update for your device. So, for get into the taste of Google Play Protect, please update the Google play services to the latest version [depends on android version].

How to turn on Google Play Protect Feature
How to turn on Google Play Protect Feature

After install google play services latest version, here you go:-

  1. Open your Android device’s Google Play Store app .
  2. Tap Menu [three lines on top upper left ] >>Play Protect.
  3. Turn Scan device for security threats on or off.

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So, my friend, Above are all the information you should know about how malware installed on android devices, what did google did for this and all about the Google Protect , from it’s installation to it’s features. If you want to add something in this article, simply drop a comment down below and we will take a look into it and add it along with your name as recommendation. If you have any query regarding google play protect, don’t worry, simply ask your query through a comment which is available below ad we will take a look into it and provide you a best resolution for your query. Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool!


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