Amazing Apps Like Showbox for Android to Stream free Movies Online

Are you searching for some best free movie apps for Android Like Showbox? If yes, then you are exactly at a right place. Here, I am going to provide you some of the best Apps Like Showbox through which you can watch free movies online easily without any hassle. So friend, below are some free movie and film Apps for Android.

So, let’s move on to our main point and get some Apps like Showbox to watch free movies online on Android.


Apps Like Showbox – Free Movie Apps for Android

So friend, below are some of the best Showbox Alternatives through which you can stream free movies online on Any android device without any hassle.



CinemaBox is one of the Best Alternative for Showbox. Through this app, you will not only watch any free movie online but along with that, you can also save them offline if you want to watch it later when there is no internet connection. CinemaBox is available for both Android and iOS platforms and you can also connect it with chromecast or any other screen mirroring device for the betterment of Visuals. For better accessibility, you can also enable kids mode in which you will get subtitles for any movie easily.




Movie Box

Movie Box is another top app like Showbox which helps you to stream your favorite movie online. Yes, we have to accept the fact that all movies are available in 2 languages only- English and Russian. If you are in a search to watch any regional language films, then sorry friend, we have to miss this one.

The overall UI of this app is smooth and perfect and contains thousands of free movies. Before watching any desired film, you have to watch its trailer [i think it will be available for better excitement or copyright issues removal, maybe]. Yes, it sounds little different, but this is how MovieBox app works.




Crackle is one of the oldest App for Android and topping the charts from years. It deserves to be a perfect Showbox substitute. Crackle App is not only to watch movies for free but along with that, you can also watch any web or TV series through this application alone.

Currently, Crackle is handling over 20 million users which is one of the largest databases in this department. This app is available for Android, iOS, windows and many more platforms. You will get a completely smooth and buttery kind of streaming due to nice User Interface.



Hub Streaming

Hub streaming is yet another app like Showbox which will not only help you to stream your desired content online but along with that, you can also download them accordingly if you want to watch it later with no net connection. You can set your desired video streaming quality, set other player settings too, enable subtitles, etc. which will provide you an immense user experience.

The only downside here is – this application is only available for Android Platform devices only. As of now, it will not support any other Operating System. If you are an Android user, congrats, you got a new Showbox Alternative.



PlayBox HD

Well, as the name suggests, here is an anther stellar alternative to Showbox Android named PlayBox HD which will not only help you to stream your desired content online but along with that, you can also set it according to your preference completely.

Through PlayBox HD, you can watch movie online in HD video quality too which is a nice feature considering the fact that most of the content is free. Well, Here’s a small recommendation for you – try to stream content on devices with larger display [like Tablet or use Chromecast] if you are playing it in HD quality for better Experience. I hope you will like this Application.



Tubi TV

TubiTV deserves to be on our list of best apps like Showbox. You will get a free platform to watch shows legally. The UI of this website is super smooth and clear. You will get every single option directly from the drop-down menus and dashboard.

You can also download their application for Android as well as for iOS platform. Only you have to install, open, login or signup and done. Now, you can watch any movie online, paid web shows for free including TV-series too. You will get 40000+ shows which give a great platform to browse your desired one. A nice substitute to Showbox Apk.



Newest Movie HD

So friend here is the new app if you are an Android user – Newest Movie HD. Yes, as of now, this Application is only limited to Android users only. Newest Movie HD will allow you to watch unlimited movies Online without any kind of Subscription.

You can also download free movies from this App in very high quality to watch it offline later in a day. In case if you are not able to confirm that which movie should you watch, then you can also confirm it’s reviews and ratings from IMDB too which is inbuilt in this ap and you can see IMDB Rating along with movie details and storyline. Just open the app, choose your desired film and start streaming.




Stremio is a kind of powerhouse which consists of different accounts handling. It is a video streaming and movies application through which you can use any video streaming services like Netflix, youtube, iTunes, etc. in one Place. Through Stremio you don’t need to install each and every video streaming app. You only have to install Stremio and everything will be automatically managed.

If you are in a search for using one app instead of a bundle of applications just for live video and movies streaming, then you should give it a try.



Why are Showbox Alternatives needed?

If you want to watch free movies online on any device, then either you have to visit any particular site or try any software/ Application which will help you to navigate towards free movie streaming. For this purpose, there are many services available which will help you to do so. Amongst all of them, one is Showbox App.

Showbox is an Android Application through which you can online stream Movies and watch shows online for free. You can watch everything in High-Quality HD version and download them too [from any third party service]. For that, you have to download and Install Showbox Apk.

But as we knew, everything can’t be 100% perfect for everyone till they didn’t develop or modify it themselves. Same is the case with Showbox. Yes, it is currently one of the most popular and best Application for Android to watch Movies Online but as you know, we miss some features sometimes and for that, we are searching for best Showbox Alternative.



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So friend, above are some of the best Showbox alternatives which are really nice and prove to be the best substitute of Showbox Apk. I hope you like and try any one of the above-provided Apps like Showbox. In case if you used any of the above-provided apps earlier, then please comment on your experience with it so that it can help others too.

Liked it? Then please hit that share button and provide this article to your friends and groups so that they can also know about these awesome Android Movie Apps. Will meet in our next article, till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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