Latest Ad Blocker for Android to Remove Ads – AdBlock Apps You Must Try

Do you want to get rid of Annoying ads on Android Device by using Best Ad Blocker? If yes, then you are at a right Place. Today I will provide you some of the Best Ad Blocker Apps for Android Device which will remove ads while surfing the internet or doing anything. Here is the Best Ad Blocker for Android you must try.

Today, there are thousands of Adblocker Applications available on Playstore and most of them are FAKE. In this case, finding out the genuine and working Android App is a heavy task. So, for cutting off your work and make it easier, today, Here I am coming up with the Best Ad Blocker Apps for Android Device.


Best Ad Blocker for Android – Latest Top AdBlocker Apps

So friends, let’s take a look at some of the top adblocker Apps for Android devices. Note that some of these Applications need a Root access to perform properly. So, here we go:-


Adblock Plus

AdBlock Plus deserves to be on this list of best adblock for android. For a long time, this application is topping the charts continuously. The main factor behind its success is – simplicity and very easy to set up.

adblock plus - best ad blocker for AndroidPreviously, this app was available on playstore, but due to new guidelines, they removed this app from playstore and now, you can download it from their own official website. Well, it is a very good and positive step because on their official website, not only you will get app direct download link, but along with that you will also able to read instructions, process to enable ad blocking on Android, how to tutorials and also you can contact their support team if you encountered any error or bug.

As I already said, this is very easy to use. You just have to download it, enable it and done :). It will support both rooted and Non-rooted Android phones which is also a very strong point here.



TrustGo Ad Detector

If you want the best adblock for android which is not just an ad blocker, but on the other hand it can also secure your device from any online or virus attack, then you can consider the TrustGo Ad Detector App.
TrustGo ad detector - best ad blocker for Android
Yes, this application will remove all ads from browsers, games, apps, etc. but on the other hand, it is also loaded with more unique features which most of the Adblockers not able to add till now. This application also helps you to keep your private identity details safe and prevents your personal data to be leaked.
It will take a help of Advertisement networks to remove ads from Android. It will support more than 100 ad networks which are making it a trustful. If you want the best Adblock for android which is not only a ads remover, then you can consider this one. A big thumbs up from my side 🙂

AdAway App

It is one of the Most trusted applications which is available on playstore, and the reason behind this is – their continuous success and moving with a trend. AdAway App removes ads on your phone or tablet by timely modifying their HOSTS file.

Adaway - best ad blocker for Android

This app block all advertisements which you will see in any Browser, game, websites, any app, etc. automatically. You just have to install and activate it. Rest of the things will be automatically done through this. This application is not currently available on Playstore due to its guidelines. So, you have to download it from any third party website or app store. Just download this application and install it. After opening it, you have to tap on “download files and apply ad blocking” and rest of the work will be done by itself. Only for a first time, your device needs a restart.

The only con of Adaway is – it needs root access to remove ads. As it uses a script to modify HOSTS file, it is needed. So, if you are not a Rooted android user, I will recommend you to take a look at out other recommendations. If your Android device is rooted, then Yes, you should give it a try.

For rooted Android users, I will highly recommend you to install and try Adaway rather than other options available in this article.


Why do you need to use Ad Blocker on Android Phone?

In today’s time, the world is going Digital. If we want to do everything, we will take the help of Internet so that everything which we will understand will be right and perfectly based on real Instances. If we want any opinion or messed up in something, then at that time, we just unlock our phone, open browser, search for Anything and solve it easily.

But suppose when you unlock your device, you saw an advertisement, then opened a browser and one more time, ads pop up. After moving ahead, one more time sees an ad. Then, will you trust your device anymore? You will be like – “instead of solving my query, I am only seeing advertisements only. I will move on to another device”.

So, if you don’t want to get puzzled into this kind of case, App developers tried to manage some scripts and provide you Best Ad Blocker for Android. Through Ad blocker apps, when any advertisement wants to pop up, that javascript will be activated and cutoff that annoying things, making everything perfect and smooth.

So friend, above are the Best Adblocker apps for Android which you can download and try on your device. These applications are available for both root and non-rooted devices. I hope you will like this list of adblock for android. If you want any kind of support from my side, you can just comment your query in the comments section provided below and I will try to solve it as fast as possible. Alternatively, you can get support from App developer too who can thoroughly check out the problem and find out the best possible solution.
Well, which is the best AdBlock app for Android according to your point of view? Please provide your opinion in the comments section. Liked it? Then please share it with your friends and groups. Will Meet in our next article, till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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