Best Android Snapchat Saver Apps – Download Videos and Stories

Are you searching for some Best way to download and save Snaps and stories on your Android Device? Is yes, then you are exactly at a right place. Here, I am going to provide you Best Snapchat Saver Apps through which you can directly save any snapchat story offline and share them with your friends.


Why Are Snapchat Saver Apps needed for Android and iOS Devices?

Snapchat is one of the most popular Social Media Sharing Platform through which you can meet with your friends but in an innovative and a completely different way. As of now, it is very popular among youngsters and it lets you create and share snaps and snap chat stories directly from your Android or iOS device. When anyone gets your story and view it, it will be automatically deleted after a short period of time.

It lets you send photos, audios, videos and share a message after editing it completely and when any recipient view it, it will be automatically deleted from his/her side.

Download Snapchat

But as you know, in this world, everything is not 100% perfect for everyone. It is possible that anything which is 100% perfect and a complete package for me seems incomplete to you. Same is the case with Snapchat Official Application. The most common feature which most of the users missing is that – they can’t able to permanently save snaps and stories directly to your device. Either you have to follow a very long complicated procedure which will take ages to save them, or you can try some best Snap Chat Saver Apps to download them on your Android Phone.

So, if you are an Android or iOS user and want a good dose of getting some of our Handpicked Apps to save snapchat story offline, then below is your perfect answer. Let’s move on and know some of the best snap chat story saver Applications.


Best Snapchat Saver Apps for Android To download Snaps and Stories

So friend, below are some of the best Snapchat Saver Apps for Android devices you can use to save stories offline without any hassle:-


Snapchat Saver app

Download Snap chat saver

First on our list is Snapchat Saver. It is one of the most flexible Applications which helps you to download snaps from stories and Chats and save them offline which is not officially available. It is very easy and free to use.

Through this App, you can download Videos and Audios from any snapchat story easily on your device and can view them offline. Not only this, but you can also enable screen recording which records everything when you are online on Snap Chat.

This App is available on playstore and requires at least Android 5.0 for better compatibility.

Features of Snapchat Saver App

1.) Save Any picture or Video from any snapchat story

2.) It’s free to use and doesn’t need any kind of login or registration to use and operate it.

3.) It lets you screen record pictures and Videos at the same time

4.) The UI of this app is super smooth and easy to Handle.



Second in this list, SaveMySnaps is also a nice Application which allows you to save snaps offline. SaveMySnaps is a Modded Application of official Snap chat App which has more features and capabilities as compared to original one. It has some amazing snap saving capabilities and provides you all official features too.
According to the developer side, this app is still in a developing phase. They are tirelessly working on it to make this App one of the best mod to official Snapchat Application for Android. Yes, it has some bugs as of now which leads to some notification delays and compatibility issues with very less lagging, but it has a potential to outdo each and every competitor of SaveMySnaps.
As I said, this is a modded/duplicate version of an original one, so, you can’t find this App on Google Playstore. But it is openly available on any other website and you can give it a try.

Features of SaveMySnaps

1.) It is an upgraded version of the official app which contains all those features which are available on original Snap chat Application for Android + Saving Capabilities.

2.) The UI of this app is very nice and you will be familiar with it. Along with that, you can share snaps and videos directly from the gallery.

3.) You can add captions and draw anything on your snap manually before sharing it and creating a new story.


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So friend, above are the Best Snapchat Story Application for Android devices. I hope you will like these Applications and try any one of them in real time. If you are using any other App which is not listed above or used any of the App provided above previously, then please share the name of the App and share your experience with them respectively.

Well, which Social Media platform is best for you? Please leave your opinion in the comments section provided below. Liked it? Then please share this articles with others too. Will meet in our next article, till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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