Are you searching for the best Cartoon Pictures App for Android which helps to Cartoonize yourself? If yes, then you are exactly at the same place. Here, I am going to provide you some of the top performing Cartoon Pics apps that will turn yourself into a sketch Image and you can save that Photo for later purposes.

As of now, there are tons of Apps available on Playstore which can perform the same action. In this case, How to choose the best suitable one? For providing you a perfect answer to this question, Here I am providing you my list of best iOS and Android applications which helps you to create a sketch, portrait and a funny cartoon picture of yours.


Best Apps for Android that can Turn Yourself into a Cartoon Picture

So friend, let’s move on to the main content – Best Cartoonize Apps for Android. Note that the compatibility depends from Phone to Phone. So, please check your device model once 🙂



BobbleFirst on this list is Bobble for Android. It is one of my most favorite app that will not only turn your face into a kind of Vectorise and make it cartoonish, but along with that, you will also get some stickers on which you can fit your face on any of the Character [well, can also be done automatically, but you can change that manually though].

Basically, you will get stickers of the latest trend. Means if any time any particular thing is trending, you can fix your animated character pic on that and share it with other too on a social platform.

The UI of this Application is super smooth and straight. If you are an iOS user, then this App is also available on that. You should try it once.



Cartoon Yourself

Cartoon YourselfCartoon yourself app is one of the most popular cartoon maker apps for both Android and iOS platform. You can easily make a sketch kind of profile of any of your desired photograph. This App will help you to turn your normal looking photo into a cartoon sketch. This Application also has some more unique features like – Drawing, Black and White Sketch, etc.

The only con of This Application is – you need a continuous Internet connection. Without a proper Internet connection, this Application will not process your picture. Just open this App, select your desired pic from the gallery and you are good to go.




MomentCam lets you create Emoticons and  Cartoons from all your pictures.  It has some modification features and functions too which lets you convert a normal picture into an interesting cartoonize and sketch kind of photo which is kind of funny, but at the same time, elegant too.

This funny app also allows you to share the final pics with family and friends!



Animojis Android

Animojis AndroidWell, the name suggests everything, but there is something which differentiates it from Animoji on iOS. It is an App which can turn your face, your expressions into an Emoji. Animoji Android has a set of Unique Emojis which allows you to change your face structure without removing your expressions.

Not only that, but this app also has a feature through which you can create and use custom 3D based facial expressions and also share them using any social media platform. You can also edit emojis or add your desired photo from gallery or camera.

If you really want to experience Animoji which is exclusively available for iOS users, you should try this on your Android device.


ArtistA Cartoon & Sketch Cam

ArtistA Cartoon & Sketch Cam

Artista will not only help you to create cartoon picture of yourself but along with that, you can also create your amazing sketches without spending a single penny. This app will be very useful if you want to create your own sketch. Just open this app, browse your desired pic and then you can convert it into any pre-set form or convert it yourself by modifying it.

This useful application also has some several tools for editing any photo including effects, filters, and much more which will help you to convert a simple looking picture into a masterpiece.




WeeMee AvatarWeemee is not only a cartoon maker android App, but it hs lot more than this. Basically, from this app, you can create your own Avatar and customize it heavily according to your need. This App is available for Both Android and iOS.

This app has a very nice collection of free tools which will help you to customize your avatar. You can change hair style, use any fashion, perform a make-up, change skin tone, etc. just by tapping and toggling some settings.

After your avatar is fully created, you can save it on your device or directly share it with others easily. If you are a fond of customizing anything and want to create your own cartoon character, you should try this App. You will love this.



My Cartoon

This is a free cartoon yourself App for Android and iOS users. It can easily convert your usual looking picture into a sketch as well as a cartoon of yourself. You can edit and create some amazing Animations through this App which will be sensible, but at the same time, looks different too.

Just click your picture, upload, edit and save, it is much easy and straightforward to handle. If you are not a kind of “techy” guy and just want everything to be minimal with no loss in overall output, then this application will prove to be the best suit for you.


Some Basics – What is “Cartoon Pictures App” for Android and iOS?

Today’s world is going digital day by day. Mostly everything can be turned into a digital platform and we can change it according to our desire. We can see that on a daily basis, any new feature is going to be launched on any device.

Recently we saw that Apple launched their new feature in iPhones [basically iOS devices], and that is Animoji. They promoted Animoji heavily. Why? Because it is a new feature and it is using some main parts of hardware [camera and Mic]. So, a new feature is everything which we can look for in future.

Same is the case with Android devices. We saw many innovations and new features Introduction in many of the Android phones. Now, coming on to the main point – what are these cartoon pics App for Android? So, here’s your answer:- “there are some apps which can automatically convert your face into some kind of Cartoonish kind of picture, and this process uses a particular kind of intelligence. So, Apps which can turn yourself into a cartoon, animation or even in a sketch are the Cartoon pictures App.


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So, friend, above are the best cartoon pictures App for Android and iOS. I hope you liked my choice and try any one of them. If you are using any other application for converting your pic into a cartoon character, then please let us know your choice through the comments section provided below and also share yur experience with it so that it might help others.

Well, did you use any one of the above-provided photos to cartoon App before? If yes, then please share your opinion regarding that through comments. Liked it? Then please share it with your friends and groups. Will meet in our next article, till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.


Hi friends, Kunal Gola Here. A simple tech geek from New Delhi who loves exploring tech and going deep into its software and hardware part. Yes, I have some targets and one of them is to provide original and High-quality content to you. Mainly focusing on PC and Android devices, Here, at BuildMeBest, I am providing you some of the best how to tutorials, tips and tricks, facts, and top tech lists.

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