Best Custom ROMs for Oneplus 5T for battery & Speed

Want the best custom ROM for oneplus 5T which will provide you over-the-top performance and maximum battery life too? If yes, then you are at a right place. Today I will provide you Best custom ROMs for Oneplus 5T, just have a look at this article:-

First of all, Congrats for your new Oneplus 5T. Now, let’s move on to our main content. Normally, oneplus 5T performance leads to make it one of the best smartphones available in the market, and its battery life is also great. But Do you want it to be more? I know your answer, YES.

So, for providing you the best available answer to your question, Today I will provide You some hand-picked best custom ROMs for Oneplus 5T.


Best Custom ROMs for Oneplus 5T- Performance OR battery OR Both

So friend, below are the current best ROM for oneplus 5T, here you go:-

Omni ROM 8.0

If you want a Best Custom ROM for Oneplus 5T which has Android 8.0 and 8.1 support, then Omni ROM is the best custom ROM for you.

Omni ROM - best custom ROM for Oneplus 5T
Omni ROM – best custom ROM for Oneplus 5T

Through this ROM, you will get android 8.0+more customisation options through which you can change complete looks of your device. The main thing is that all major features of Oneplus 5T like:- 18:9 display, face unlock, etc. are working properly. Yes, it has few bugs too, but in daily usage, you will not any problem.

The things which I mostly liked in Omni ROM builds are:-

You can Choose Your Own Google Apps Build – Yes, you can choose which google app you should install and which shouldn’t. You can choose your own apps from google android apps [gapps] and download their package [mostly, I used nano package, it mostly covers all major Google apps and services]

Customize Your Launcher And Use Voice Controls- You can completely customize the default launcher you will get on your device. IYou can set app drawer to scroll fro up to down, make app drawer background transparent, change a theme, change the text format, icons, etc. Just in one tap. easy and Helpful!

LineageOS 15.0 Oneplus 5T ROM

If you want a Custom ROM which focuses on performance and stability, then you can flash Lineage OS ROM on oneplus 5T. In this ROM, you will get Android 8.0 version which is a nice factor here.

Lineage os - best custom ROM for oneplus 5T
Lineage os – best custom ROM for oneplus 5T

Well, for your information about LineOS background, it is based on an Android Open Source Project [AOSP] n which, you can get all android basic apps along with all latest updates.

LineageOS 15.0 Custom ROM features:-

  • A complete Customizable Theme Engine- You can customize each and everything you want according to your need.
  • A picture in Picture Mode- You will get PIP mode which will be only supported for Android 8.0 as of now.
  • A completely new UI- You will get a completely new UI which is nice for a change, and you will easily get used to it in few days. Simple but loaded with features.
  • Improved battery life – Yes, here, the battery life of your mobile will be improved than the original version, but the main focus is on performance.
  • Stable with very fewer bugs- Everything is not 100% perfect. All have some flaws hidden in it. This Custom ROM is one of the most stable custom ROM as of now which is available for Oneplus 5T. Yes, some bugs are there but in a very minimal quantity.



Freedom OS 2.1

Freedom OS is one of the unique custom ROMS available current in Custom ROM community and the reason for its uniqueness is:- it’s UI.  You will get a complete refurbished UI which is mesmerizing, but little complicated too. If you are a new user, you will get used to it in 2-3 weeks max.

freedom OS - best custom ROMs for Oneplus 5T.
freedom OS – best custom ROMs for Oneplus 5T.

In this ROM, everything can be customizable. In this ROM, you will get the completely untouched stock ROM, but added a load of features which you will experience after using it for some time. As a default, you will get Sony music player as a music app which is nice, a complete audio quality as well as stability.

The overall performance had been beefed up, which helps to make your smartphone smoother than ever.


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So friends, above are the best custom ROMs for Oneplus 5T. I hope you will get the best possible answer to your question. Yes, I accepted the fact that some big ROMs are not on this list. But the fact is:- they are still in development and take some time. That’s why they become “best”. As of now, above provided best Custom ROMs for Oneplus 5T are most stable custom ROMs which will not “crash” or give you an “error”. So friend, don’ worry. I am continuously working on updating this list, and when any other perfect latest custom ROM for Oneplus 5T releases, I will definitely cover that. Just be patient!

Still, have some queries left regarding this? Please leave your query below in the comments section and I will try to answer your question in the best and fastest way. In case if you want “how to install Custom ROM on Oneplus 5T”, then you can leave your comment below and I will make it as fast as possible.

If you liked it, then please hit your desired sharing platform button and share it with your friends and family. Till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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