Best Free Mobile Number Tracker Apps to Track Phone No. Live Location

Are you searching for some of the best Phone number tracker Application through which you can track the live location through a mobile number for free? If yes, then this is a right place for you. Here, I am going to provide you some best phone number tracker with location access.

Tracking any Mobile Number is one of the toughest yet an effective working way to get the information about the owner and some more details such as activation date, location access, and many more. Suppose if you got a call from an anonymous number whose info can’t be traced on truecaller or any other apps like it, then, in this case, it is needed to give a chance to these phone number tracker apps.


So how to track mobile number location and that also for free?

Well, if you just go to the internet and search for some of the best Mobile no tracker, then you will get thousands of websites and software which are assuring you to work as a handset number locator, but in actual, they will just collect your data and share it with others, which is kinda risky.

So, here, you need the trusted and actually working sites and software to track cell phone location. Now, How you can select the best one? So, providing you an exact answer to this question, here, I am providing you the best free cell phone tracker apps which will live up to its motive.


Best Free Mobile Number Tracker Apps for Live Location Access

Below, I am providing you the best Applications of free Mobile Number Trackers which will help you to provide you location and extra information about a particular cellphone Number which is beneficial for recognizing the Mobile No. owner.


Find My Friends

Yet another application that will remarkably track the location of your handset and that is free of cost. The application is available only on Android platforms and requires jelly bean and higher versions to perform. The application will track the location of your loved ones with an utmost accuracy. Some of the features of this application are:-

  • Tracks real-time location of your loved ones on the map
  • Allows chatting with your loved ones
  • Provides emergency SOS services

Hence, the application readily tracks the location of your loved ones.


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Glympse – Real-time Mobile Number Location Tracker App

If you are an Android user and finding the best Android phone tracker, then I think you already heard about this Application, Glympse. Glympse is one of the best application to track your friend or any other person whose number is saved on your device.

Through this app, you can get the real-time location of any person along with the registrant info and details, leading to provide you approx. accurate details.

This App is totally free of cost and doesn’t have any hidden charges. An easy to set up for an Android user, leading to making it easier for newbies also. You should try this app to know about its services. Worth a try!


Mobile Number Call Tracker

This app named “mobile number call tracker” is specially made for Indian users, as this app provides the detailed location details in this country.

Download from Playstore

It is basically a caller location tracker Android App which will help you to detect the details of cellphone numbers of India which have an extension of +91 code. You just need to open the app, enter the number and just hit enter, rest of the work will be done automatically.

When you enter the no. call tracker just searches and provide you all the details like number registration state, city, service provider as well as the type of network it is using currently. This Application can work offline too means you can do everything without any kind of internet connection. A worth-to-try App.

Family locater – GPS tracker

The family locator is an effective handset tracking application that is absolutely free of cost. The application is available only on Android platform and requires jelly bean and higher versions in order to perform. The application performs a number of features such as;

  • Tracks the cellphone number location on a map
  • Also notifies the user if the person being track leaves or enters a chosen place

Well, to spy anyone, I think it is a nice application to try. Overall the app is very useful for the people out there who want to track the location of the other person.


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Family GPS tracker

This is another tracking application that efficiently tracks the location of the cellphone. As the name suggests, the application can track the location of your friends and family member. Just like the previous application, Family GPS Tracker is free to use and runs on jelly bean and higher versions. Some of the features of this application are:-

  • Tracks the mobile number location of your family members
  • Allows the user to chat with their family members
  • Offers various customizable options

All in all, Family GPS tracker effectively tracks the location of your friends and family members and that too for free so that you can always be in touch with your family members.



Why do we need a Mobile Number Tracker to locate live location?

Tracking a mobile number location now has become a relatively easy task for the people out there, Whether you want to track your lost handset or your child’s cellphone or your partner’s phone, every phone number is now possible to track. With a touch of a finger, one can instantly get the location of the person they wish to know.

Suppose your friend is as usually late and you want to know where he/she has reached, you can easily do that with the help of handset trackers. Suppose your guests are arriving at your place and you want to know their exact location so that you can finish up your task in that manner, use mobile trackers to know the exact place and location of your guests.

Whereas, apart from trivial use, handset trackers can be useful in some serious situations too. Let’s assume that your child is supposed to come back from school at 2 but yet has not arrived. You wait for more than half an hour, now you’re panicking, you don’t whom to reach and call. With cell tracker, you can easily track the location of your children just by sitting at home.

Also if you’ve lost your phone, these type of trackers come handy in such situations too. You can easily track your lost phone with the help of the mobile trackers and determine the exact location of the phone.


But How does Mobile Tracking works through Tracer Apps and Sites?

Mobile tracking is done with the help of software, applications, and websites. They take help of the GPS (Global Positioning System) in order to track the phone.  With the help of GPS, they provide an effective and accurate tracking of your phone.

In case the GPS is not activated, they will use their own algorithm which helps to get the last location of cell phone user, leading to giving you some kind of approximate location, helping further to know about the user.


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So friend, above are some f the top mobile no tracker applications which you can try to find the live location and user details on the go. Well, I hope that you will use it for positive purposes only and use it when needed extremely. In case if you had encountered any kind of error or problem while using any phone no. tracker, then I will recommend you to get the support from their customer service team. I hope they will try to solve errors efficiently and effectively.

You can also track your lost handset with the help of mobile trackers. We, by far learned about the websites, which are easy to use and user-friendly and on the other hand, we also looked upon applications that apart from tracking the phone provides various other functions as well. Hence, one can choose whichever options that suits him well.


Well, did you use any phone number tracker? If yes, then please share your experience with us through the comments section provided below. Liked it? Then please share it with others too so that they can also get this useful information. Will meet in our next article, till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.


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