Best Icon Packs for Android – Free Best Icon Pack apps of 2018

Searching for the Best free icon Packs for Android? If yes, then here I will help you. Today I will provide you the list of best Icon packs for android. You can use these icon packs with tons of Android launchers such as Nova launcher, apex launcher, etc. So, let’s take a look at some of the best Icon packs for Android.


What are icon packs and what will they do?

Well, I hope whoever is reading this article are using an android device. If you unlock your Android device and tap the app drawer icon, you will see many apps which are distinguished by their own icon/logo ass well as text [of their name] Right? Yes.

So, the logo of that app which is showing in App drawer is called as “icon” as it gives specialty to that particular App.

Why do we need to change Android icon pack?

Everyone wants to customize everything in their own way s that it suits with style. This same motto can be applied to Android too. We all want to customize each and everything available on your Phone in our way so that everything will match with each other.

We can change the wallpaper, font style, launcher, theme, etc. easily on our mobile, but the thing is:- in most of the cases, icons seem different and can’t be matched according to the theme because all logo have their own colors which break the style. So, for this, Android developers developed and provided us a set of best icon pack so that we can use them according to their match.

So, let’s move on and take a lo at some of the best Icon packs for an Android phone.


Best Icon packs for Android phone

So friend, below are your answer. Here, I want to say that some of them are paid but on the other hand, some packs are the best free icon packs. So, please verify it when you want to grab anything 🙂



Want some retro kind of icon pack? If es, then you should go for this one. Retrorika will provide you a complete retro kind of feel when you use it in real-time. The smooth vector graphics make it smoother as well as something special, leading to providing a set of unique design.

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You can match these icons with almost every kind of wallpaper, and it has the support of all big Android theme apps. The best thing about this icon pack is their uniqueness+originality. Every single icon is looking different in nature and has their perfect icon coated with a smoke of material design. Over the time, continuous updates take care of support with Android versions and over 3940 icons inspired by material design leads to providing us a great platform for selection.


Stealth Icon Pack

This is one of the icon application which is complete in its own way. In case you don’t know, this app is developed by stealthychief, who have currently 16 Apps which contains icons. From all of them, one is Stealth icon pack.

Currently, it contains more than 2,250+ Icons which are HD in nature. The main thing which leads it to our list is its continuous updates. The developer mentioned that they are providing you weekly updates and adding more features to it continuously.

Stealthychief has many icon apps like an agent, live, soul, etc. packs, but I choose this one as it has a set of some different looking icons which are really gorgeous. Coming with a support for mostly all launchers and keyboards, you should try it.


Click UI

If you want some special shadow effects behind our application icons, then you should go for this one. Here the fact is:- this was the first icon pack which introduced the trend of 3d shadow effect beneath app icons on Android so that it seems real and have some weight.

Launched way back in 2016, it is one of the smoothest icon packs. The continuous updates increase the support with other launchers and now, we can use it with almost every best Android launchers available as of now.

There are many icon packs out there that look similar to Click UI, but this one has a fair claim to being one of the first to introduce icons with subtle long shadows that give them a sense of gentle motion. You can customize it according to your need through 2045+ pixel perfect icons. It will be suitable according to your style and Android theme customization. Along with that, you will also get the set of wallpapers too for better matching.



Fourth on our list of best icon packs for Android is Candycons. It is one of the oldest icon packs, and ill now it is topping that charts, thanks to its support and updates. This app is coming with more than 1070 icons which will give you a variety of styles and customizations. You can surely select any of them according to your desire and apply them.

The main thing is that it is compatible with hundreds of Android launchers which helps to make overall support more comfortable and cozy. Just choose your favorite launcher, check for its compatibility and done. Coming with the material design icons, you can also make a request regarding icons if you are not able to find desired one occasionally. You should also consider this one if you want.



If you want an icon pack which is free but loaded with customization options and a vast variety of icons, then polycon icon pack is only for you.

Yes, officially developers said that they officially discontinued this, but trust me, the set which they are providing is listed on one of the best icon packs available for Android. Mostly every big website covered this pack. Coming with more than 800 icons, it sets a platform to choose the best suitable for our android device.

Mostly for every single style, you will have a pack of icons available in this. The vector design of icons working as an icing on a cake to make it something new. If you want a stock Android feel, this will help you to get it, no matter on which ROM or custom UI on you are. Just install an icon pack, search for the best suitable set and apply it. You should give it a shot if you want.




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So friends, above are the best icon packs for an Android phone. I hope you will like these applications and try any of these provided above.  By the Way, which icon pack are you currently using? Please leave your opinion below. In case if you using any other icon application and want to share it with us, you can do it by dropping a comment below in comments section.

If you liked it, then please hit the share button and provide this best icon pack to your friends and groups. Will meet in our next article, Till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.


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