Best Instagram Names Ideas- How to create a Unique Instagram Name

Are you searching for a best Instagram name for your Profile? Why not should you create it instead of choosing a name which had been used by thousands of IG users? Here I will provide you some best Instagram name ideas which help you to create a cool and Unique Name which had not been used earlier. Here we go.


Why you should create an Insta username on Your Own

A username plays a vital role when came to Instagram because it defines you. Yes, I accepted the fact that there are some cool Instagram Names available on the internet for every category, either you are a boy or a girl, but did you think that how much Instagram Names are using that same alias? As the content will be same for everyone, it is possible that thousands of users are having that same name.

A big “No” to Instagram Names Generator

If you try to use Instagram name generator for generating names, then Here, I will tell you that they have a limit of usernames saved in their database. So, that will be not unique. If you really want to make an impact on your social media profile, then you have to use a cool, unique and best username for Instagram which defines you.

How to create a name for Best Instagram Names Ideas

So, I provided you some info which motivates you to create your own alias for yourself. But how? Are there any ideas for that? Yes, I have some points which you should Consider before creating/ Choosing a perfect IG name.


It must be catchy, short and Cool

An Instagram name must be cool and catchy. Means that you have to use an alias which will be short [according to analysis, it should contain 2 words with a total of 10-15 letters] and remain in the head of viewers for a long period of time. It will be beneficial for your profile’s future.


It should be Unique and something Different

Yes, I accepted the fact that natural is Best, But here comes a big beast – Uniqueness. Do you know that everything which is successful as of now [not only on Instagram but on everything] contains a unique name or word which differ them with others? If you have 2 storybooks- One contains a title which kind of common, and another one have a catchy title with some unique words, then which one will you choose for reading?

instagram name

Absolutely, a second one. Because now you are being curious to know that what different you will get in that story. The same thing goes for your Instagram Profile. A unique name tells a viewer that “there is something special in your profile” which leads them to click on your Instagram Profile and cool! you will get a follower if your content is Top Notch.


An Instagram name Idea relates to your original name

I will highly recommend you to use at least your first name as original in Instagram Profile. Yes, you can use any other word too which attract other users to follow you, but if you use your original Name in your profile, it will be a treat.


It defines your nature, character, and profession

A name is everything as it defines you. Everything which is related to you can be recognized by an IG name if anyone wants to connect with you on Instagram. So, In this case, do you don’t think that the best Instagram Names which you are going to create or choose must define everything about you, your character, nature and what you are doing in a real life? Yes, you have to consider all of them while choosing a perfect username.


A best Instagram name always seems Natural

A good Instagram Name is that name which relates to this real world. Why? Because everyone loves one thing in common – Natural and Original Output. Your IG name should not contain that words which do not seem to be natural and looking like “it is impossible in this world”.

The natural thing is always the best option when nothing works. Yes, Uniqueness is important but up to that extent till that natural side won’t be hurt. And if you really want that people recognize you instead of your IG profile, then this point will be a must factor for you 🙂


How to Change Instagram Name In your Profile

Just In case you already created your IG profile and Now, want to change some details Including username and display Name and you don’t know how to do that, here’s the process to edit Instagram Profile Details:-

  • Log in to your Instagram Account and Go to your profile
  • You will be able to see an option which says “Edit Profile”. Just click/tap on it.
  • Now, you will get a new page on which a form will be displayed. Just edit your details which you want to edit. You can change and choose a new name, website details, Bio, Mobile Number, etc.
  • When you completely Changed them, Simply hit on “save” button and Done 🙂


Video Tutorial for Changing Instagram Username

Below I am providing you the Video tutorial which guides you to change the Insta Username through an Easy Way.


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So friend, above is the complete tutorial which helps you to choose a perfect Best Instagram Name. I hope now some good Instagram name ideas are popping up in your mind. If not, then friend, a set of cool Instagram names will be available on the internet for both boys and girls, but note one thing:- anything which is not created by you will not be perfect from your side. So, I will always prefer you to create a new one instead of selecting an alias from the internet or from Instagram Name generator.

Well, which one is a most powerful social Media Weapon for you? Please leave your opinion in the comments box provided below. Liked it? Then please share it with your friends and groups. Will meet in our next article, till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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