Are you searching for a best iOS Emulator for Android Device? If yes, then you are exactly at a right place. Today, I am going to provide you some of the best iPad or iPhone emulators for android which will help you to navigate and take a feel of iOS platform. So, here we go.

In this world of tech, we all love a smartphone. As it is performing basically all those features which we can see on PC, it is one of the best tech gadgets. In this segment, there are only 2 popular Operating Systems, one is Android and another one is iOS. So, if we want to try iPhone and iPad OS on an Android device, we need an emulator to perform this function. Now, let’s move on to our main point – What are some best iOS emulator apps for Android? Let’s get to our answer.


Best iOS emulator for Android Phone – Some Top Apps

Below are the best iOS emulator Apps which you can install on an Android phone. So, without wasting any further time, let’s move on to our first choice:-



iOS Emulator For Android

Cider is one of the most popular iOS emulators for an android device which is topping the charts from years in this department. Through Cider, you can install and try any iPhone Apps on your android device. The best thing about Cider is – Continuous Upgrades. App developers are continuously adding more and more features time to time which leads to making it ahead of its competitors.

Download Now

It is free to use and there are not any kind of hidden charges for an extra set of features. You will get all features for free directly after installing it. The User interface of this app is smooth and clean which gives an ease of operation. Note that before using it, try to free up at least 500MB of space and your device should be fast and smooth if you want a buttery kind of performance.


Appetize IO

Do you don’t want to download and install any particular app for iOS emulaion? If yes, then Appetize IO is the best fit for you. It is basically a website through which you can open and run any iOS-powered app directly. s it is an online platform and doesn’t need any kind of installation or Apk file, here, you can operate this through any Operating System which has a browser.

Just open your desired Browser and search for Appetize IO. Now, tap on the first search result you will get in it. I hope the homepage of Appetize IO. There, you can easily see that an iPhone will display on your screen. Just tap/Click on “tap to play” and let it load. After a successful loading, you can see a complete panel. Just use it, upload your desired app and install it to play.

Visit The Site Here

The only con here is – you should have a proper internet connection and powerful specs for better flash player performance. I hope you will like this online iOS emulator.




iEMU is one of the oldest iOS emulators for android which is lightweight and powerful for any device. The User interface is very simple and easy to use You will get all options directly on the screen and you can easily emulate it. You can easily install and play any App or game which are specially designed for iPhones.

The overall experience of this Application is great and it worth every single bit of storage and RAM. Developed by an Android specialist, you must give it a try if you really want to get an iOS experience on Android.


The process of Installation:-

1.) Firstly, download the iEMU Apk from here:- download link.

2.) Now, move on to settings >> security >> toggle up “unknown Source” option. As we are not downloading it from playstore, we need to enable it.

3.) Simply install it. After successful installation, you can see that an app named “padiod” had been shown on your device’s app drawer. Just open it and you are good to go.

4.) Padiod emulator will support only “.ipas” and “.zip” files. So, please try to add any file which has this extension only


Why do we need iOS emulator for Android?

Suppose If you want to experience anything but without using an original one, then at that time, you simply need a software which will help you to feel that particular thing. Suppose if you want to drive a car, but not in reality, at that time you need an emulator which can provide you a feel regarding that.

Simulator vs Emulator

Most of you already heard both words, but not able to differentiate them properly as both sounds nearly same. If you open playstore and type farming, airplane, etc., every time the first thing which you will be able to see is – farming simulator, airplane simulator, etc. But what does this “simulator” mean and how can we differentiate it with “emulator”? Here’s your answer:-

simulator is an environment which models everything, means it’s character development, surroundings, etc and provides you a feel of any particular thing.

An emulator is one that helps you to try any particular virtual system [in our case, it’s iOS]. Means it replicates the usage of any particular original device or system.


So, the main point – Why do we need iOS emulator for Android? Here’s your answer regarding that:-

“If you want to experience how an iOS feels in real time, but without using any official devices which are powered by Apple’s developed Operating System, then yes, here you need an iOS emulator.


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So friend, above are some of the best iOS emulators for Android. Yes, there are some of the apps like iOSEmus, gba4ios, DS Emulator, etc which are doing nearly same things as above options are, but I will refer you to go for above-provided emulators only.

Well, which one is your favorite application for iOS Emulation? Please leave your answer in the comments section provided below. I respect your opinion. Liked it? Then please share it with your friends and groups and inform them regarding this. Will meet in our next article, Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool.


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