Lyrics App for Android – Best Amazing Song Lyrics Applications

Are you searching for a best Lyrics App for Android Phone? If yes, then you are exactly at a right place. Here, I am going to provide you some of the best Lyrics Applications through which you will get complete wordings of your desired song in a text format. All apps are free to use and lightweight. So, here we go.


Why are lyrics App Recommended?

Lyrics are the soul of music. If you love listening songs then I think you already knew that what is the power of verse. It will give you a tremendous feel. We can identify a particular song either with a rhythm or its wordings. If any song has no words, either they had been made for parties or they will be extremely emotional. But a song which has a nice set of lyrics has a powerful touch to connect with our heart and reality.

That’s why, if we want to sing any particular song, a nice set of words must available there. For that, we need a lyrics app which automatically identifies and display those wors on your Android Phone’s screen. Yes, this thing should be noticed that most of the popular Music Player for Android have inbuilt words system but they will provide that feature in their paid/premium version and mostly, they are not completely accurate.

So, it’s always recommended to use any other dedicated verse Application for Android. It will give you better and accurate results which are nice in its own way. So, what are those Best lyrics App for Android devices? Let’s find its answer by moving on together 🙂


Best Lyrics Apps for Android – 5 top Song Lyrics Applications

So friend, below are some of the most popular and best lyrics application for an Android Phone.


MusixMatch is one of the oldest music apps with lyrics which is topping the chart from years. The best thing which I liked about this app is – it will sync automatically and gives you the proper set of lyrics of what’s playing currently on your Android device. It will catch currently playing a song automatically and give you the results on your screen at the same time.

Along with that, it also has a widget named “floating Lyrics” which will help you to see that verse any time, regardless what was opened on your device and what you are doing. If you want to translate those same words into any other language, then yes, you can easily do so but languages will be limited. It is compatible with every popular Android Music Players, but Spotify is the best match for MusixMatch. You should give it a try.



Second on our list of Best Lyrics app for Android is Genius Application. If you are a lyrics freak and find lyrics of any song online, then I think you already knew what genius is. It is one of the oldest Song lyrics websites in this world. It is not only a place to view and share words but along with that, it is also a platform where song artists can interact with their fans and listeners.

Now, those same website developers created an Android App also which is a great thing. You just have to single tap and everything will be done automatically. As it is very old, their database contains lyrics of tons of thousands of songs which gives an idea about their quality and productivity. If you love listening songs and humm them, then you should checkout verse of that particular song on Genius.



Well, the name suggests everything here. It is the most lightweight app for Android which grabs almost nothing regarding your Phone’s storage, but the performance of this Application is amazing. It is a lyrics-display app which helps you to display words of any particular song.

This Application is compatible with almost every popular Music player and you will get awesome results from it. The only con which I found in this app is – sync. Sometimes, it will not able to sync lyrics properly with a particular song, but the verse is perfect and accurate. I think it is only a bug and developers will surely fix it as fast as possible by throwing up an update for it. It is a very simple app and if you are searching for an app whose purpose is “only showing lyrics”, then you should give it a try.



TuneWiki – Lyrics for Music

This app is not that great, but their huge database is the key to their success. TuneWiki is an app through which you can identify lyrics of any particular song easily without any hassle. It supports songs sung in 40+langusages which is really a great thing here.

Yes, the overall User experience of this App is kind of “average”, but the main soul [lyrics] are perfect and accurate. You have to scroll manually for reading it as it does not that “synchronization” feature. You will get tons of advertisements in-between the app, but their huge database of songs motivates me to keep it and use it.



It is a newly launched app [aleast new in this list] which will provide you a great experience regarding lyrics of any desired song. It is a very simple looking app which will help you to just provide verse of any particular song in the easiest way.

Well, for the sake of an extra set of information, lyrically is powered by which is already a great website. You just have to install and enable it. After then, you just have to give it a single tap and it will give you words of any desired song in real-time. According to me, it is a nice android app and you should try it.


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So friend, above are the best lyrics app for android. I hope you will like it and try any of them provided above. If you are using any other music player with verse app, then please leave a name f that particular app below and I will surely recommend it to everyone. If you had encountered any kind of error while installing and using any of the application provided above, then you can leave your query below in the comments section or contact their customer support.
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