Best Upcoming Smartwatches of 2018 – New Awesome Wearable Added

upcoming smartwatches 2018

Smartwatch is becoming a trend as of now because most of the best smartwatches are handy, lightweight and fully functional like an android phone. If you are looking for the best smartwatches which are going to launch in 2018, then you are at right place. Here, I will provide you some best upcoming smartwatches of 2018.


Why Are Smartwatches Becoming a new trend?

Well, I think you already knew that what are smart watches and what they can do. In case if you don’t know, here I will provide you when a normal watch will be called as a smartwatch and what are the functions and benefits of them. If you directly want to move to the main content, You can get the list of best smartwatches below. Just scroll down friend and you will get there.

What is Smartwatch?

We all know and use wristwatch at least one time in our life which can show date, time, day and in some cases alarms, reminder and powered by a backlight. Right? In this case, just think that f that wristwatch got some new advanced features like- a camera, SIM support, connectivity options with Bluetooth and WiFi, some sensors like a pedometer, heart rate sensor, etc. Then what will you call it? Yes, you caught it right, a smartwatch. A smartwatch can perform most all basic tasks which your smartphone can do except gaming ūüôā

What are the benefits of a smartwatch?

Ok, let’s talk about some advantages of smartwatches which you can understand:-

  • It is full of features and you don’t need any extra gadget to handle this device.
  • It is a lightweight, compact and handy device which sticks to your wrist to perform all tasks.
  • Just one touch and you can attend a call, talk with them, catch new notifications and do all things which are coming on your Android device by connecting your watch to your Android phone wirelessly.
  • Cheap, compact and provided more health-related features as compared to your smartphone.

Why is this device on trend now?

We all are using smartphones. Some are using android phones and some are on iPhones, Blackberry phones, etc. We all know that every time when we have to go through new notifications, setting up an alarm, attend calls, etc. we have to take out our smartphone, unlock it start our task, etc. to follow some more steps. For the ease, smartwatches came into a trend because it can do all these things in just one touch and as you can tie this device on your wrist, then it will become easier to operate this compact thing.

So, that’s why it is becoming a new trend as of now, and 2018 will be bigger for this device. So, let’s go through some of the best upcoming smartwatches of 2018 which you can buy.


Upcoming Smartwatches 2018 to look for:-

Below are some of the best upcoming smartwatches of 2018 which you can buy easily from online shopping websites or official offline stores.


Google Smartwatch – Anglefish and Swordfish

If you are a tech freak and love to get some leaks regarding tech gadgets, then I think you already know that Google is planning to launch their 2 new smartwatches whiches are named as Anglefish and Swordfish. We already heard many rumors and read many leaks regarding these ones.

According to some reports, both smartwatches were planned to launch in 2018, but on different dates. Well, talking about these watches, then both of them are powered by a powerful active Google assistant which helps to control smartwatch through voice itself.

Specs of Anglefish and Swordfish

Coming on its specs, then the first device named Angelfish will be 42mm and 46mm sizes. Coming to its sensors and connectivity, here this device will have an LTE network support, A GPS and a heart rate sensor which helps to analyze heart rate time to time. Some leaks said that this device will have an Android Wear 2.0 OS and have 3 buttons on its edges whose functions are not completely cleared yet.

Other device named Swordfish will have a nearly Bezel-less circular display as compared to first one, Anglefish. Coming to its physical overview, it is said that this one will be lightweight and small in size and have only one button on edge whose function is not completely cleared as of now. Other connectivity options like LTE, GPS, WiFi is not confirmed as of now, but it also has a heart rate sensor which is a nice point here.

It is said that both smartwatches will be priced higher, but angelfish will price more than swordfish. Well, as both of them are manufactured by Google, it will be worth waiting for.



HTC HalfBeak

HTC is a well-known brand which is popular in Mid-range to flagship smartphones category. 2017 was kind of above average for this brand because of very limited launches, but this year they planned to make a powerful comeback through their upcoming HTC Halfbeak smartwatch. This device will be an Android wear, means it will be running on Android.

htc halfbeak smartwatch

If we look at some of the leaked images, one thing which we have to say it looks. Leaks suggesting that it will be a very stylish smartwatch which has an OLED screen containing 360 x 360 pixels as a resolution.

At the back side, we will get the Heartrate sensor and we are hoping that it will have a corning gorilla glass protection just above a display panel. Along with that, the HTC branding on the back side confirms that this watch is provided by HTC. Armor branding on top rear side suggests that this device will be manufactured by both of them as an agreement. The overall looks of this device seem to be a stylish watch, but overall build quality will be analyzed when we use it for the first time. The main thing which we liked that it’s round display choice. Hope for the best.


Microsoft Surface Watch

If we take a flashback of Microsoft, then 2017 was one of the best years of them. The main reason behind their immediate success is Microsoft Surface series Laptops which are the high-end laptops with a sleek design, powerful performance and powered by Intel processor and windows support.

So, Microsft is going to vast their own series be adding a new range of Smartwatches in it. According to some leaks, Microsoft is working on a smartwatch which is handling by the Surface team. They also have some other projects like surface series laptops upgraded versions, a new set of accessories and more, and in this case, smartwatches are also added in this list which will be a good step.

As this smartwatch is provided by Microsoft, one thing which is confirmed is that this device will run on a Windows Operating system. I am curious to know how Windows looks in a watch. Hope that this smartwatch will launch at an aggressive price and will be successful. When Nokia broke up with Microsoft, then at that time their series of Smartphones took them to an end, but they are going to make a comeback through smartwatch.



Sony Smartwatch 4

Sony is already a perfect competitor in smartwatches category and a king in Display and Audio Accessories too. Their latest smartwatch Sony smartwatch 3 is already a huge success and the main reason behind this is:- quality and competitive price. It was priced lower as compared to other flagship smartwatches.

Well, every next year, Sony tries to do something new and provide us an upgraded version of the smartwatch, this year too all rumor are saying that they will launch a new smartwatch. According to some reports, this one was going to launch at the end of 2017, but a date was pushed, it is now targeted to be launch in 2018.

Some powerful leaks are saying that this new upgrade will be focused on accuracy. More accurate GPS and heart rate sensor improvements were tossed up. Along with that, some display and looks improvements are also in the talk. Let’s see what this package is all about. Hope for the best.



Oneplus Smartwatch

Previously, Oneplus planned to manufacture and launch a smartwatch back in 2017, but at that time, due to some issues, they denied to manufacture that smartwatch. But this year, there are very high chances that they will launch a smartwatch. Why? because last year, they planned to manufacture them and they already set a complete prototype regarding this.

oneplus smartwatch

Above is the blueprint which they designed to use it for their upcoming device. Last year due to Oneplus 5 series development, they ditched this idea. But I think that as they have some time period remaining for Oneplus 6 launch, there are very high chances of this device launch. We are expecting that this one will launch in 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2018 if all things will go well regarding this.

If they will launch a smartwatch, 2 things which will be confirmed that first, the pricing will be very competitive and low as compared to other ones because this brand is already a master in providing powerful specs in half of it’s market price. And second thing is that it will look very stylish and new as every smartphone manufactured by Oneplus has awesome looks and design. As this market is very dynamic and flexible, we are expecting that this watch should launch this year. If this year Oneplus smartwatch will launch then it will be one of the best competitors of all big brands.



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So friends, above are the list of Best upcoming smartwatches of 2018. We hope that all of them will launch this year and provide us an exceptional performance more than our expectations. Well for which smartwatch are you waiting for? Please leave your opinion below.

If you have any new leaks, rumor or any details regarding other smartwatches which are going to be launch this year in 2018, then you can comment below and I will try to cover it also in our article. Liked It? Then please hit the share button and share it with your friends and groups. Will Meet in Our next article, Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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