The Boat Bassheads 225 Review – Something different here

boat bassheads 225 review

Boat bassheads 225 review – The boat is an Indian company which is manufacturing the audio systems and accessories related to audio. The best thing about this company is:- they’re providing quality products at a very competitive and aggressive price. That’s why I go through their products lineup. This year, an Indian Company “Boat” released their new earphones named Boat bassheads 225 which is kind of a successor of Popular Boat bassheads 220 earphones. Well, during amazon festival sale, luckily I am able to purchase the boat Bassheds 225 Red version in 469rs. only, so the full review of boat bassheads 225 is the first priority for me.

It’s more than a month ago till I purchased these earphones, so, as a real-time user, I think to share my boat bassheads 225 full review along with its design, build quality, Boat bassheads 225 audio quality, the difference between boat bassheads 225 vs 220 and my final verdict. So, let’s move on.

Boat Bassheads 225 review – Best earphones under 550rs.?

Friend, before reviewing it, I used Sennheiser cx180 and I used it for 7 months. While moving on the train, the wire of Sennheiser cx180 got broken and it became unusable, then I purchase earphones. So, I think, now you can get a rough idea that how I can review boat bassheads 225. So, let’s jump to its review.

Boat bassheads 225 review – in the box contents

boat bassheads 225 review- in box contents
boat bassheads 225 – in  the box contents

In the box, first, you will get the warranty card. Yes, you will get 1-year onsite warranty along with these earphones which you can claim just by making a call to the number available on the warranty card. After that, you will get the earphones itself which are nicely rolled and packed. Along with this, you will get the pouch in which you get the set of earbuds, a clip, and ear holders. You will get a total of 6 set of earbuds [total of 12 earbuds] having 2 bud sets each having bud size for small, medium and large ears.

Boat bassheads 225 review – build quality and physical overview

If you take a first look at the Boat bass heads 225 earphones, you can feel that these earphones are little bulky and heavyweight, but you will get used to it in a week or two. If you are using earphones while working out or playing games, then it may be a negative point for you.

boat bassheads 225 review- build quality
boat bassheads 225 – build quality

Wire quality

These earphones are coming with the flat untangled cable which is a very strong positive point in build quality. The wire hs nice quality and kind of rigid as the wire is thick and flexible. All joints have strong protection so that wire can’t break through joint points.

Earpiece quality

The build quality of earpiece is very tough as the earpieces of these earphones are made up of metal which is very strong and nicely build and finished. It has the kind of oval shaped design containing the color line on it which is giving it a very deep detail.

3.5 mm jack quality

The 3.5 mm jack is 90 degrees angled which is nice as it fits best to the jeans pocket and the wire is more protected if the jack is angled at 0 degrees.


Boat bassheads 225 review – Comfortability

While opening the box and taking out the earphones, the earbuds you will get already plugged in are the medium size one which fits perfectly in my ears. As he earpieces are little bulky [as they are made up of metal], the earphones are slipping out slightly while I am walking or running, that’s why they provide earpiece holders in the box. When I used it in the first week, I fell little uncomfortable, but after 3 weeks, I am friendly with it and now it’s comfortable and nice in its own way actually. Little overweight but overall nice package.

Boat Bassheads 225 audio quality review

Now we came to the main point of this review:- The boat bassheads 225 audio review, right? So, let’s get the Boat bassheads 225 bass, mids, and lows review in detail.

Boat bassheads 225 audio quality- The “extra bass”

So, along with boat bassheads 225 names, on the box, you will get these words – “extra bass”. After using it for a month, I have to say this “it is the best earphones under 500rs. if you are a bass lover”. As the audio driver available in the earpieces are of “10mm”, the boat bassheads 225 bass explodes every competitor in its range. I am the Oneplus one user, so I checked the boat bassheads 225 bass on oneplus one. The bass is deep enough to get the feel and that bass punch. Yes, the bass is not at that level of Sony MDR-EX150AP earphones, but the fact here is:- Sony’s earphones are 3 times costlier than these earphones. So, a very big thumbs up for bass in terms of boat bassheads 225 audio quality.

Boat bassheads 225 audio quality- mids and lows a.k.a. “treble”

Well in this department of audio quality, these earphones perform quite well. not that great, but suits very very well with the bass. If you listen to some coke studio songs and songs which are very light and soothing in nature, kinda romantic or sad songs genre, then you will like these earphones. Well, my favorite singer is Arijit Singh, and his songs are in these genres, I liked it very well. The lows are very hard to listen due to bass, but as it suits with earphones, I like it too.


Boat bassheads 225 review-  The final verdict

So, now we came to the end of boats bassheads 225 review. I liked the build quality of earphones and love the bass side of earphones. But on the other side, there is something which actually I didn’t like about these earphones. Here are those:-

Positive points:-

  • Build Quality is tough and of very high quality
  • Bass is of top-notch.
  • The look is stylish in nature
  • flat wire is a plus point as these ake earphones “untangled”.
  • The price- 549rs. only- big positive factor

Negative points:-

  • Heavyweight, especially of earpieces.
  • the earbuds are not that very soft in nature
  • Lows are very hard to listen

Boat bassheads 225 – Final rating:- 4 out of 5

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So friend, above is the Boat bassheads 225 review along with the boat bassheads 225 audio quality and Build Quality. What’s your opinion on these earphones? Did these earphones leave you impressed? Let’s discuss it in the comment box and share your experience with it if you are a boat bassheads 225 users. In case if you want to purchase these earphones, you can purchase it here:- Boat bassheads 225 [red].

If you want to ask anything related to boat bassheads 225, then you can leave your query below through comment quoting your question and I will try to answer you as fast as possible. Sharing is caring, Till then, Build Best, Stay Cool!


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