How to change app icon on Android phone and customize – Easy Way

Want to change Android app icon? If yes, then you are at right place. Today, I will provide you the best way to change app icon android and completely customize it. I will provide you 2 ways, one is through Icon changer and icon packs, and another one through which you can create your own icon.


Why do we need to change App icons on an Android device?

Well, I think you already know that an Icon is a way to recognize anything, which will give that thing a different status and uniqueness so that we can easily separate everything from each other for faster response. So, every App developer made and provided their own Application symbols which will make it different from other ones which are instaled on your device and provide them a copyright.

But sometimes, we want to edit those symbols. There are many scenarios in which we have to edit that default app icon on Android. I accepted the fact that if we change Android Application icons, then the way to recognize it will be changed for others.

Let’s take a look at some of the scenarios where we want to change App icons on Android:-

  • When we want to hide any app from others:- App icons are the fastest way to choosing the right app. Like- if we want that no one can see that I installed facebook, then I will create an app con for it and replace with the default one. When we want an application to be retained on our phone but don’t want others to see it, we have to edit app icons.
  • When we want to match icons style with a theme and wallpaper- there are some situations where the wallpaper or theme we applied is not matching with App symbols, degrading the complete styling. At that time, we have to use the way of “Android app icon customize” and change it completely for better styling.

Now, we understand some facts that why there is a need to changing them. But how? How to change app icons on Android? Let’s understand it and get the best possible answer.


How to change icons of Applications on Android Device

Now, let’s take a look at some best ways. Here, I will provide you 2 ways. One is creating App icon manually and another one is using App symbols through icon changer and icon packs.

Firstly, let’s understand the easiest way:- 

Change App icons through Icon Pack

Below is the complete described way to use new icon for apps:-

Step 1 – Open playstore and install any popular desired best Android launcher [if you don’t have any favorite launcher, then I will recommend you to use Nove Launcher]. Along with that, install any icon pack [if you want some best icon packs for android, you can get it from here.  I hope you installed both of them.

Step 2 – Now, open and set that launcher which you installed by complete redesigning it [you can also set it to default].

Step 3 – Now, go to app drawer and select your desired app for which you want to edit a symbol. Long press on tap app and take it to a top right side where an “edit option” is written.

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Step 4 – Now, you can see that here, you can set a new icon and edit name. In that tap on the default one, you will get a new menu in which you have to select that icon pack app which you recently installed.

Step 5 – From that, you can select a new icon for that Application. I recommend you to use that symbol which is nearly as same as a default one.

After selecting it, just you have to apply it and done ). You set a new icon for an application through an icon pack app for Android congrats. Now, let’s move on to our second way through which you can create your own favorite icon.


Create App icon yourself and apply them

Well, I think you already knew that how to create an image. Right? If no, then you can use any website to create your own image [i recommend you to use fotojet]. Or if you don’t want to create an image, you can download your favorite one from Google too.

Now, let’s see how to set an image as an icon. Here, as I am using Nova launcher on my device, I will provide you a way to set a new icon from Nova Launcher.

Step 1 – I hope you installed nova launcher. Now, firstly, set it completely according to your need.

Step 2 – Go to an app drawer and select your favorite Application. Simply long-tap it and move it to the top right corner where an “edit” option is written.

Step 3 –  hope you get a new menu in which you can see a default symbol and an option to edit the name. Simply tap on an icon and after that, you will get a new menu. In that, you have to tap on “gallery Apps”.

Step 4 – Now select gallery and choose that image which you had created/downloaded. After selecting, you will get an option to crop an image. If you want to remove extra parts of that picture, then crop it. Otherwise, leave it as default and tap on “done”.

After that, a new symbol is created and set for the particular App. Now, if you want that no one can recognize that application, simply rename it.


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Wrapping things up

So friend, above is the complete way to change app icon on Android phone and customize it according to your own way. In case if you encountered any problem while applying a new icon for app, then you can leave your comment below quoting your query and I will try to resolve it as fast as possible.

According to you, should we change App symbols? Please justify your answer along with a reason and drop it to our comments section. Liked it? Then please hit that share button and share it with your friends and groups. Will meet in our next article. Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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