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The world of MMO is getting wider and wider with more games in that type to play in which Clash of Kings latest APK 4.08.0 (2019) is one of them. The so-called mobile platform is also somewhat affected by the MMO hype in which there are more MMO games to try. This game is actually available for both the Android platform and iOS platform which means that more players can enjoy the game at the same time since it is an MMO game. The basic things in the game include empire-building as well as conquest in a continuous state to be able to really be the best in the game.

Clash of Kings File Information

Developer: Elex Wireless
Version: 4.08.0 (2019)
File size: 96.7 MB
Uploaded: November 9, 2018 at 10:15AM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 2.3.3 and up
MD5: 81fdef4e4de1c02d3fb9cacc382029c0
SHA1: a8b12f78f26e623878a8052228e6092ef5af4244

Download Clash of Kings APK 4.08.0

Clash of Kings review

Building and gathering a powerful army is the key to the advancement of Clash of Kings for Android. Monsters are out there waiting to be eliminated by the army that has been trained properly. Moreover the building of the headquarters should also be given attention in making sure that no one will attack and do some damages there. The game will start from the effort of a leader of an army in the middle of a siege. The goal of that siege is to take over a castle in which later on it will be the base of operation throughout the game.

Following that occasion, ELEX Wireless delivers the tutorial of the game in many aspects. The tutorial includes building things, upgrading structures, collecting resources, training troops, performing research, as well as heading into combats. Those who have been playing Game of War will find it a bit similar to that game in term of the gameplay. There is the so-called RPG-style Hero along with its full ability of equipping armor to help it in battles. There is also an Alliance system which is pretty robust to be able to create a band of troops together in getting a better outcome of the game. Yet, it turns out to be having no relation to the famous Clash of Clans.

Some of the things to notice from this particular MMO game of ELEX Wireless can be seen as follows:


  • Real-time gameplay when building and doing things with active threats
  • Alliance creation for the better outcome of the game
  • Research trees to build
  • Gearing up the hero for more powerful one


  • Not much of new things to expect

How to Play

It is not that hard for sure to play this game, especially for those who have been so familiar with the idea of MMO game. Despite of the fact that it has a rather similar title to another game in the MMO field, it is a standalone game with pretty decent gameplay. It is always crucial to pay attention to researches so that new and better things can then be used later on in the game. Joining the alliance with other players as soon as possible will also be very helpful in playing the game since by making an alliance then the strength will be higher within this game.


  • Changed the appearance of the hero: Thorn Flower
  • Changed the appearance of the farm in the world map
  • Changed the appearance of the Campsite
  • Changed the background picture of the hero interface

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