Evergreen Tips to Choose Cool Group Names or Create Group Chat Name

Are you searching for a perfect group name which will suit your group’s environment and be cool, catchy and attractive? If yes, yes, this is a right place for you. Here, I am going to provide you some of the best ways and tips to choose a perfect chat name which will suit your need. So, here we go.

Yes, here, I am going to provide you some ways and tips which you can consider while choosing or creating a nice looking and attractive cool group names.



Cool Group Names – Some Interesting tips for Choosing a Group Chat Name

So friend, let’s move on to our main content and find out how you can create a nice Group chat name in a very easy way:-


1.) It should match the Nature of Members

While creating a group chat name of WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social Media Platform, keep this thing in mind that it should match the nature of your gathering. Means suppose if you have a college team in which all of your college friends have been added, then it means the age group and nature will be kind of refreshing as it consists of all youngsters.

Try to choose the title according to overall members information so that it can suit everyone, not just you or some other friends. As this is a group, it’s your responsibility to consider and take care of each and every member while choosing from a bunch of cool group names available on the internet.


2.) A group name should be Attractive and Catchy

Your team chat name should be attractive enough which force each and every member to click on it and stay active. If a chat name was not catchy and refreshing enough, it will lead members to think before tapping and updating it time to time and your WhatsApp group will be dead after a particular period of time.

Suppose if you want to create a society online in which you are going to update some kind of best deals or tricks, then you have to choose an attractive name for it so that everyone can share the currently running deal, not you.


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3.) It defines the purpose of Chats

Everything which is happening in this universe has a purpose behind it which is hidden somewhere. Same is the case with your desired chat name. Let’s understand this with a case – If you have a Whatsapp group in which you and all other members are sharing jokes and quotes time to time and your group name is – Tech Dose [for e.g. purposes only]. Then, will it lead to making your members active and rememberable? Of course, No. They will lose their interest time to time.

According to the purpose of the example provided above, the name should be related to jokes and quotes only or chose from a set of funny group chat names. So, before choosing a cool group name, clear the main purpose of your crew chat.


4.) Group Chat name should be short, Creative and Unique

Try to create or choose a name for WhatsApp group or any other social medium which is short and unique. I will recommend you to use a name which has 2-5 words [3 is a sweet spot according to my side]. The name should be unique also. It will lead your team looking different and creative for external visitors only.

If you are browsing for any nice group on Facebook in any particular category and find that there are 20 groups. Among all of them, suppose 15 of them have a normal name which is usual in nature and remaining ones have a unique name and among remaining, 2 of them are completely active and sharing high-quality content. So, will you join a group which is coming in those first 10 ones or unique and active ones? Of course, later one will be a perfect answer for that. So, be wise and unique.


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5.) Avoid special Characters and Emojis to make it New

Try to use words only in Whatsapp or facebook group Names. Try not to use any kind of emoji or special character. If you take a deep look at some of the names, you will notice that those names which are using any special character or emoji are looking little weird which doesn’t suit a gathering chat name ethics actually.

Yes, you can use a dash, oblique, etc. symbols [-, /, &, etc.] which are very common and defines something, but characters like @, #, $, etc. should be avoided [according to my frank opinion]. Emojis should be strictly prohibited from my side as they are not made for use in chat names. I hope you get my point, friend.


Basics – Why do we need a Group Chat Name?

Today, everything is going digital. We all know those days when we use to meet with our best friends and plans to meet and greet. But today, we all create a group chat on WhatsApp, telegram, etc and move on with our conversation. But sometimes, when any special event happens we want to celebrate it and at that time, we want to create a team chat name according to that current event’s mood and nature.

We have to choose our group name effectively and with details, so that it will define the motive behind the creation of group as well as link with each and every member.

At that time, we don’t have any kind of idea regarding “how to choose or create a crew and friends gathering chat name”. So, we normally search on google “funny group chat names” or “group names list”. Instead of copying and pasting any chat name, why not you should create one on your own? Just try the above-provided tips and instead of choosing from thousands of best group names for WhatsApp or any other social media group which are available on the internet, create your own awesome team name which will be unique, interesting, catchy and the main thing- made by you 🙂


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So friend, above are some of the best tips to select cool group names. I hope you will like it and create it on your own instead of choosing from group names list. If you created it, then please share your group name in the comments section provided below [only a name, no links please] and provide us some of the reasons regarding – “why you chose or created it”.

Want any kind of suggestions regarding an awesome group chat name? Please leave your group nature below and I will try to give you it for free. Liked it? Then please hit that share button and share it with your friends and groups. Will meet in our next article, till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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