Create Android App Without Coding – Latest 5 Amazing Best Ways

Want to create a new Android app but without using any coding? If yes, then you are ar right place. Today I will provide you 5 best-proven ways through which you can create an android app without coding. These are the best possible ways for 2018 which you can try right now.


Why Do you need to create an Android Application without coding?

For an Android OS, the application is everything. Without any application, it is nearly impossible to use An android device efficiently. From Customisation to productivity and security, for all things, Best Apps for Android device are available on playstore and on the web.

In this competitive world, If you want to showcase your business, provide services, etc. for Mobile specific devices, then An android app is the best option. But the case is:- For a single application, there are tons of pages of coding hidden behind it which manages nearly everything on Android and provide you better results. Coding needs a lot of advanced knowledge of app development as well as lots of time which is not an easy way for most of the App Developers.

So, for your ease, today I will provide you 5 best possible ways through which you can easily create an android app without coding.


Create Android App Without Coding – 5 best-proven ways

So friends, let’s move on and get some best ways to create an android application without the use of coding.



Shoutem - Create Android App Without Coding

The ShoutEm is a custom App builder through which you can create an app and monetize it. If you want to create an app through which you can generate income by placing some ads of popular ads serving platforms like Adsense, then you can check out this one. Here you will get a CMS like WordPress, Foursquare, etc through which you can create an android app for the website. Along with that, you can connect your app from social media platforms too like facebook, twitter, etc. which helps your app to provide social Media Presence.

You can place any Adsense ads or even your own created ads [like:- you want to promote any service as a sponsorship], etc. just through one click and all thing with set automatically. After completion of creating an application, just directly publish it on Google play and done. You are good to go.



Instappy - Create Android App Without Coding

If you want to create a professional Android application, then Instappy is one of the best platforms for App creation. Why? Because it’s too easy to create an application here. Just drag and drop and done. It is a cloud-based do-it-yourself platform where you can create instant, affordable and intuitive mobile applications. The platform lets you put unlimited customization and countless updates, and you can do that with no coding skills.

The main feature is that after creating an app, you can directly publish that app on your respective app markets like google play store, 9 apps, etc in just some clicks which helps to give your app a social and organic boost. If you want to make your business popular on a digital platform, then you should go for this one.


AppMakr - Create Android App Without Coding

It is one of the easiest ways to make any android application without coding. AppMakr is a Do-it-yourself App creation platform from where you can create software for Android, ios and even as an HTML5 project too.

You will get a straight panel which defines everything related to your app. You app performance, speed, creation panel in which you will get tons of options and features which you can add features like:- add a photo gallery, send push notifications, etc. just by clicking on them. Through a dashboard, you can add or remove app functionality and add r remove content. You can also push an update to already created app easily and send them to Android Application Markets.



The App Builder - Create Android app without coding
The App Builder

If you want an app through which you can get in touch with your friends, groups and want to promote anything on a digital platform, you can check out this way for Create Android App Without Coding.

Through this platform, you can create an application for your clients and promote any service easily just by getting in touch with them. This is a complete online toolkit through which you will drag and drop features to your application and take a live preview of it. In case if you stuck on anything, you can get the help of AppBuilder employees who help to make your work faster and reliable.

Just build the complete structure of your app and done. For more security, you can add a login info to it so that when everyone installs and open your app, it will need a password for unlocking it. You will share this app on social media and publish it on playstore and done. Congrats!




AppMachine - Create Android App Without Coding

If you want a professional app which will provide direct details to your customers and want to add social media platforms on it, then you can try this platform too. Through AppMachine, you can build an android app without coding just by drag and drop features and block yo your work.

Through this way, you can also add video playback support and media files support to your app easily and preview them before saving and publishing. Not just for android but you can also create an iOS app through this one. Just drag and drop, customize your application, add looks and design to it and publish on Google Play and App store. Done, you just created an app for your business.


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So friend, above are the 5 best ways to Create Android App Without Coding. I hope you will succeed in making an Android app using any of the ways provided above. Overall services provided by all of them provided above are kind of reliable.

In case if you have any query regarding any of them, then you can visit the website and contact their support. The support of all of these websites is amazing. Well, which kind of android application do you want to create? Please leave your answer below.

If you liked it, then please hit the share button and share it with your friends and groups. Will Meet in your next article, Till Then Build Best, Stay Cool.

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