DNS Probe Finished No Internet Fix – Solve Bad Config, Nxdomain Issue

Are you searching for the best way to solve DNS probe finished no internet problem? If yes, then you are at a right place. Today I will provide you dns_probe_finished_no_internet fix for android and windows in a very easy and working way.  This fix will also solve DNS probe finished Bad config error. I personally tried these ways and Fixed it every time when I get this no internet error.


Exactly What is DNS problem no internet error?

Suppose you are browsing the internet and enter a specific URL or a search term. Just after tapping “enter”, you got a web page which is saying:-






Then yes, you are having the same issue. If you are simply thinking that this is an Internet connectivity issue, then friend, you are little confused and wrong here. Yes, it is possible that there are some internet connectivity issues, but it is not a complete case. Have you analyzed that is it an actually caused due to No Internet or a bad connection? Or there is any other reason behind it? How to fix these types of no DNS no internet, nxdomain and bad config issue?

So, for finding a perfect answer for these 3 above-described questions, it’s time to get deep into it and find a “DNS probe finished no internet solution” and “DNS probe finished nxdomain fix”.

Best ways to fix DNS probe finished no internet error

So friends, let’s get the best way to fix Nxdomain and No Internet error in DNS. We will start from the Basic thing and end to Advanced Settings.


Step 1 – Basic Activity- “Contact your ISP”

Firstly, you have to contact your Internet Service Provider and discuss them regarding this issue. It is possible that there is any kind of problem incurred in their main server. Hope that it’s there responsibility. If there is everything perfect there, then you have to fix it yourself. Now, let’s move on to the second step.

Step 2 – Check your Router, Modem and Cable Connectivity

If you are connected wirelessly to the internet using a router, then yes, maybe a culprit is hidden between your Modem, Router, and Cable which leads to error. In this case, you have to Fix DNS PROBE FINISHED NO INTERNET manually.

You have to check 3 things:-

1.) Check the complete wire which connects the main repeater to your modem and router. It is possible that the pin becomes loose and not connected properly. [If you found any cut on a wire, then it’s a server issue. Just contact your ISP and tell them to change the cable completely :)]

2.) Check your router – Verify that the light which is beneath an “internet” text written should be blinking continuously. In case, if it is not blinking, it means that internet connection is stable as there is a DNS connectivity issue.

2.) Check your Modem:- If you are using a popular and widely accepted network, then normally, there are two lights that you should focus on whenever you face this kind of error. A DSL light should always stable, If it’s not, then the issue is with your Internet line or cable connectivity. Contact your Internet service provider and tell them about this issue.

Fix DNS problem no internet- Check the complete cable and restart both modem and router with a gap of at least 15 minutes. It’s normal that when any machine is on continuously for days and even months, some issues can be generated automatically.

If you tried all these things and got no results, then it’s a software issue. If you are using chrome, UC browser or any other app an android device, then you have to re-connect your wifi and restart your Android Phone. There are 100% chances that DNS Probe finished no internet error on your Android phone problem will be solved. If you are on a Windows PC and using windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10, then we will move on to the computer for a better fix. Let’s move on to our third step.


Step 3 – Tweak some Google Public DNS settings

Now, before changing anything in these settings, you have to first confirm that DNS probe finished bad config problem is with your PC only. For that, you only have to use any other device which is connected to the same network [any device]. Just try to open google.com. If it loads to another device, then please move ahead together 🙂

Now, we are going to replace any specific server settings with Google Public DNS. This means that all things will be confirmed from Google side instead of your ISP. For doing this, you have to follow provided Steps:-

Step 1 – Tap on Window icon available in the bottom left corner of your screen and type “Network and sharing center”. After that, you have to click on first search result having the same name.

Step 2 – Now, you have to click on “change adapter settings” In new menu, you have to right click on your preferred network. If you are on a wireless network, you have to select “wireless network connection”. After right-clicking on it you will get a new window, in that you just have to click on properties.

Step- 3 When network/WiFi properties window appears, you have to single click on TCP/IPV4 and then click on properties. On IPV4 properties window, select “use the following DNS address” and then type the following DNS and select OK for all window.


Follow the same method for IPV6 and replace it with the following Google DNS Address.

  • 2001:4860:4860::8888
  • 2001:4860:4860::8844

After changing the address, just restart your modem or re-connect your ethernet cable with PC. Hope dns_probe_finished_no_internet OR dns_probe_finished_nxdomain problem will be solved. If not, then the last step will surely help you. Let’s move on to last possible step:-


Step 4 – Play with your Browser to fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet error

If you are using windows 10, 8.1, 8 or 7, and the last step did not work out for you, then this last step will help you. Before following this step, keep this thing in mind that all saved passwords, cache data, history, and cookies will be lost from Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or any other browser which you use primarily. So, before doing this thing, try to install any other browser for testing purposes and try to open google on that. In case if official Google website was opened properly without having “DNS problem no internet error”, then you have to follow these steps:-

Clear Chrome, Mozilla, opera or any other Browser’s Cache Data

Step 1 – Clean cache data of your Browser – You have to clear all cache data which covers your recently saved passwords, history, tabs and cookies from chrome, firefox or any other Browser. For that, Press Ctrl+H keys and history page will be opened.

Step 2 – Left click on “clear browsing data” option and clear all recent history and cookies. It will take few minutes to accomplish the process, just wait and watch my friend 🙂

Uninstall and Disable recently Installed and Unused Extensions

Step 1 – I hope all cache data will be cleared. Now, you have to uninstall all recently installed extensions. For that, just type “Chrome://extensions” on your Chrome Browser [i am taking an example of chrome browser here. If you are using any other browser primarily, then you have to open extensions menu on that browser]. Now, uninstall those extensions which you recently installed on your browser.

Step 2 – Along with that, disable those extensions which you are not using. That will not only help to fix DNS probe finished bad config issue, but also it is beneficial for your PC performance too 🙂


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So friend, above is the best solution to any of the problems regarding DNS probe finished no internet or DNS probe finished Nxdomain. I hope that your all problems regarding N Internet will be soled permanently. But in case you were not able to fix this problem, then you can contact your ISP to take this case seriously and tell them to sed any expert to solve it.

If you had encountered this error and solved it using any other method except the above-described ways, then please help us and our viewers by leaving your precious comment regarding the process. Liked it? Then please share it with your friends and groups and help them regarding this error. Will Meet in our Next Article, Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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